Capuano: Obama’s Tax Plan Won’t Stabilize The Middle Class

BOSTON — The battle over whether to extend tax cuts for all Americans is far from over.

President Obama Tuesday defended a tentative deal with Republicans to renew the tax breaks for the next two years. In exchange, Republicans agreed to extend unemployment benefits for 13 months, among other tax initiatives.

The deal has raised some Democratic eyebrows, especially among members of the Massachusetts congressional delegation. Rep. Michael Capuano is among those still deciding whether to support the agreement.

“From a distance, it certainly seems as though the president just called the Republicans in and said, ‘What is it that you want?’” Capuano said while speaking to WBUR before the president’s Tuesday address. “I don’t know anybody that has ever bought an automobile or a home, or anything else that you’re supposed to negotiate and walks in and just says, ‘What do you want before I walk out of the room?’ It doesn’t feel as though there was any fight put into it.

“I think if we’re going to be reducing taxes, I think we should be doing more for the middle class and for those people trying to get into the middle class,” he said.

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  • ron

    Capuano, you have had your chance and the American people – except for the clowns in Cambridge – said no to your policies.
    How about the idea of not making running the government so expensive and spending money you do not have.
    Two years in a row you have spent a trillion dollars more than you have!
    By the way, these are not tax cuts, they are tax rates that are kept the same. You are not reducing, you want to increase.

  • http://web.me.com/evamedzorian Eva Medzorian

    I agree with Rep. Michael Capuano’s statement 100%.. Every single person with whom I have recently spoken with since our President announced his tax cut proposal is dead set against it! And with no hesitation.

    It is very sad that he has not kept his word on a number of important issues. This one tope’s the cake, frosting and all. He didn’t even make a proper fight for a proper tax reform. This is a very serious issue which affects every single one of us and the survival of our wonderful country.

    I was an ardent supporter during Obama’s campaign but now am deeply disappointed with his poor judgement and lack of wisdom. I am very deeply worried with the dangerous direction our country is being taken.

    I am shocked and disgusted with the selfish, self serving statements and decisions coming from the Republican party. Sounds Unamerican to me. We are supposed to be “The land of the free and the home of the brave”. A country divided will fall. Where are the real patriots of this great country of ours?

    There is so much greed, corruption, ignorance and illiterate grandstanding making the airwaves which is disgusting. I think that practically all of the news networks are partly responsible for giving such people a soap box.

    I would love to see and hear more from all of our wonderful statesmen Where are they?

  • Elizabeth Marsh

    I support Rep. Capuano’s sentiments. As for “expensive” government, easy to say, very difficult to define. How about cutting the defense budget, full of waste but loved by states who benefit when defense contract companies employ their state’s citizens. Is it expensive to provide a safety net for citizens, or is it only expensive if those citizens don’t meet a definition of useful (who gets to define useful?). What about disaster relief? Why provide it? I’ll take the clowns, thanks, less knee-jerk, more thought, and a little humor make the world a little more human. As for the election, voting for lies is not an “election”. The GOP crying “deficit” did not stop them from backing a shameful tax bill that adds to the deficit, but more importantly, moves us further down the road to insuring the unequal, undemocractic, entrenched power of a few over the many.

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