Guard Charged With Smuggling Heroin Into Prison

BOSTON — A guard at MCI-Norfolk has been charged with smuggling heroin into the prison, with intent to distribute. Acting on a tip from another guard at the jail that someone was selling heroin to inmates, the FBI set up a sting. An undercover agent met with guard Ronald McGinn Jr., who said he wanted $2,500 to smuggle the drug into MCI-Norfolk.

In court documents, agents say McGinn — of Bridgewater — also talked about bringing heroin into the prison in the past.

Prosecutors say when McGinn was arrested Tuesday he had 28 grams of heroin in his possession. The Department of Correction said McGinn has been placed on leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

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    Every American prison should be able to guarantee that no inmate will be able to obtain any illegal substance in any amount. Wardens should be required to enforce a no-drugs policy and must, absolutely must have the authority to fire prison workers at any level for a second violation of this policy. It is embarrassing to realize that secure facilities cannot maintain a drug-free existence. Every prison should be a drug rehabilitation facility, with an active and professional program available to every inmate. America does not have a good record of rehabilitating offenders at any level, but if we had this one area of endeavor in place we might strike a significant blow at the drug industry and lifestyle. As i look back on my 70 years I believe I can see a line across American society beyond which our society became deeply dysfunctional and disorganized, not to mention more psychologically fractionated, and that line is at the time when drugs became important as a form of recreation, basically in the 1960s. We have been morphing into a very different culture since then, and the drug lords who produce hard core drugs have funneled chunks of the Nation’s financial resources into either providing or battling drugs. We need to end that, and one of the gentlest mass detox programs could be accomplished in our prisons. It will take a lot of hands-on management of DOC facilities and personnel, but it has to begin before it can be effective, and the time to do that is now.

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