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Palmer Boy Charged With Bringing Toy Gun On Bus

PALMER, Mass. — Police say a 9-year-old elementary school student from Palmer will be summoned to juvenile court to face charges for bringing a toy handgun on the school bus.

Chief Robert Frydryk says the school district has a “zero tolerance policy” regarding weapons. Even though the gun was a toy, it is considered a weapon because it shoots soft plastic projectiles.

Frydryk says there is no indication the Old Mill Pond Elementary School student wanted to hurt anyone. The student’s name was not made public.

The incident occurred May 5. The boy told police he forgot he had it in his jacket when he got on the bus.

Superintendent Gerald Fournier tells The Republican of Springfield that the school took appropriate action “based on the policies and procedures we have in place.”

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  • TiredOfItAll

     This is pretty sick and I for one am sick and tired of all these PC correct people ??? who feel justified in terrorizing a 9 year old kid.  Did they put him in handcuffs?? did they put him in a jail cell.This crap is really getting out of hand, no one can do anything, the PC people?? are dictating how we should act and lead or lives.  No ones happy about how we bring our kids up but no one questions big brother and DSS terrorizing parents so they are afraid to control their kids.  You so called good people have created a horrendous problem with out of control kids because you took parenting away from the parents.  Glad I was born in the 40′s and had no problem bringing up my 3 kids who turned out just fine because I didn’t have big brother and DSS in my butt.

  • Shanna

    This story is so disturbing on so many levels. That poor child to have to go through all of this because he forgot to take a toy out of his pocket. Make this little boy feel like a criminal. I have a nine year old son that loves to play with Nerf and he’s always forgetting to take toys out of his pockets (I know because I wash them daily) and to think about this little boy and how he must feel… horrible.

  • Suzannem72

    what ever happened to johnny, leave your toy at home next time and you will get it back at the end of the school day? Your plastic, orange and yellow, nerf “gun”…

    • Xuixien

      Because liberal idiots read some pseudo-psychological stuff in an Oprah magazine and now think that if they ban toy guns from schools, disenfranchised children won’t bring real guns later on.

  • James

     This is disturbing on many levels for sure.  To have a 9 year old child put through the court system because of a non-violent toy gun action is insane.  I think our court systems time is better spent focusing on real crime.  I wouldn’t even care if the boy took the toy gun to school on purpose.   These ridiculous rules and procedures are not working and are focusing on the wrong things.   It wastes a boys future possibly, the school and boy’s familys time and a lot of money.   People need to find better things to focus their efforts on.  Our country is headed for trouble by these types of rules and procedures.  Hunters, cops, military, sportsman, home protection, frail people, strong people all legally carry guns for numerous reasons.  I hope one day the whole bus of kids goes to school with Nerf guns.  It’s a toy and children are in a stage in their lives when they play.  Let them.

  • Roger Mulligan

    Oh, two years ago. No use to comment.

  • AC

    Rubber bands ‘shoot soft rubber projectiles’, too.

    Let’s outlaw newspapers!

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