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Bulger Brothers Exchange Smiles In Court Reunion

BOSTON — William Bulger, once one of the most powerful politicians in Massachusetts, says seeing his gangster brother in court was an “unusual experience.”

Bulger says he recognized James “Whitey” Bulger, who had been on the run for 16 years, after seeing him at his first court appearance Friday in Boston.

The former Senate president has not said if he’ll help his brother pay for his defense.

When Whitey entered the courtroom, he saw his brother seated in the second row. Whitey smiled at William and mouthed the word “Hi.” His brother smiled back.

The former politician has issued a statement expressing sympathy for the “families hurt by the calamitous circumstances” of his brother’s case.

Whitey Bulger was captured Wednesday with girlfriend, Catherine Greig, in California. He is accused in 19 killings as well as other crimes.

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  • suzan

    Whitey’s brother probably did more harm overall than Whitey.    William was  a hard-nosed SOB who had no qualms squashing (not murdering) his political opponents, and he had many opponents.  Who is going to believe he had no contact with his gangster brother?

  • annoyed

    @ suzan – on what do you base your assertions about William Bulger? You do nothing to back up your statement and one is left to assume you have no real clue about the brothers Bulger. I’ve had professional dealings with the former Senate President and while he did not always agree with my point of view, he – or his people – always listened to what I had to say. I always felt I was heard and he (or they) would even take the time to explain to me why he disagreed or why he could not proceed as I would like. He’s smart, deliberative, and has a great sense of humor, which I believe is often mistaken for being mean (usually by prissy folk). As for who might believe he had no contact w/ his brother, who cares? Jimmy is his brother. William has explained that he did have contact with him in the past and that in that conversation there was no mention of anyone’s whereabouts. Just think about it… apply a little common sense. Why would the brother on the run give out information that could put his family at any kind of risk? If I were in hiding for a crime, I would want to talk to my brothers if I had the chance, but I would NEVER give them any information that would force them to lie about me. Is it so hard to believe that one can love a brother but disapprove of his – let’s say, life choices? By the way, I”m not making light of the criminal actions – and – not that i would know – but I don’t believe any of the other Bulgers do either. 

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