Menino Withdraws Support For Controversial Immigration Program

BOSTON — After initially defending it, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is now threatening to withdraw Boston from a controversial federal immigration plan.

Menino says he will opt out of the Secure Communities program unless federal officials focus only on immigrants who have committed serious crimes.

“Deporting people for minor crimes is not the way the executive order’s written. It’s for the major crimes, and some people in the federal government are taking this on as a crusade,” Menino said.

A federal official says the program will be implemented nationwide by 2013, regardless of whether state or local leaders approve.

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  • xray

    This is not an “Immigration Program”; it is project to report and identify illegal immigrates living in our midst. The Mayor doesn’t want to do that, apparently because they are a part of his voter base.

  • MMR

    The Mayor’s decision is not about his voter base; its about human decency, its about profiling, and its about fairness. Many “illegal” Bay State residents came here decades ago when they arrived as students and professionals that the US welcomed and needed. They are the doctor next door and the teacher across the street. Many are homeowners who pay taxes,  parents with strong religious and family values, and people who made one mistake. They didn’t apply for citizenship when they should have. They haven’t murdered 19 people,  burned down businesses, or broken any other laws.

    Instead of singling them out for deportation, how about we make it a level playing field. Everyone: citizens, illegals, and people with family dating back to the pilgrims can stay – until they break the law.
    And then, whether they have been here 6 weeks or 16 generations, the offense will not be jail – but deportation to THEIR country of origin.  Convicted of not paying your taxes ? Back to Finland. Convicted of hitting your spouse ? Back to Portugal.  Convicted of murdering someone ? Back to Singapore.

    Does my suggestions sound extreme ? Sure. But how would you like it if running a red light meant losing your home, your school, the people that you love ? How would you like it if one mistake meant your children had to go back to a language & culture they didn’t know ?  Did these people do something wrong ? Sure. But everyone is allowed one mistake as long as they do not take the life or interfere with the rights of their neighbor.

    America encouraged the students, professionals, and illegals when it benefited the nation. Now some Americans want to discard the very people we welcomed when it was convenient. I applaud Mayor Menino for re-examining the proposal and having the courage to publicly change his mind.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yes, all illegals are doctors and teachers.  You have absolutely no understanding of the issue.

  • Makrausz

    Certainly this prograam should not be implemented where no serious crime has been committed. 

    • Follow the Law

      The CRIME was committed when they entered the country illegally. It’s that simple. Then you add the fact that they didn’t bother to get their papers while living, illegally, within this States, shows their lack of understanding, at least. Return ALL illegals to their country of origin. That’s what the legal citizens within these United States want. THAT’S THE LAW.
      There is a process for immigrating to the United States and it needs to be followed!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is about the right not twisting the meaning of legislation and using repuaable programs to go after immigrants.

  • Covellie

    Are u kidding me???? What part of “Illegal” does Menino not understand!!!! According to him grand theft auto is no longer a serious/major crime in the city if Boston. So why go to the Automile to get a car. Come to Boston if your in the market for a free vehicle just don’t forget your slimjim and screwdriver!!!!
    Get a clue Mumbles!!
    Chris – S.Boston

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