Sen. Brown Says He’d Support Reid’s Debt Plan

File photo, Sen. Scott Brown (AP)

BOSTON — The only Republican in the Massachusetts congressional delegation is supporting a Democratic plan to raise the debt ceiling.

Sen. Scott Brown told WBUR’s Monica Brady-Myerov in Washington on Friday that he would vote in favor of the proposal offered by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, should Reid bring it to the floor.

Brown said the proposal may not go as far to address the nation’s debt as many Republicans want, but it’s a good first step.

Brown, who for days has said his congressional colleagues need to work across the aisle to resolve the debt ceiling impasse, also indicated he would vote in favor of House Speaker John Boehner’s legislation, should that come up for a vote in his chamber.

The Massachusetts Republican also told Brady-Myerov that he sensed President Obama’s frustration on the contentious negotiations. In an address Friday morning, Obama said there are “plenty of ways” to amend the plans of Reid and Boehner to forge compromise.

Boehner reworked his plan Friday to add a balanced budget amendment, in an attempt to garner enough votes from his Republican caucus to pass the House.

Boehner’s measure passed in the House but failed in the Senate.

Update at 4:35 p.m.: Colin Reed, Brown’s spokesman, reiterates Brown’s position in a statement:

We are days away from default. Senator Brown will support a bill that contains spending cuts and doesn’t increase taxes and allows us to avoid default. That could be a Republican bill, or a Democrat bill – it doesn’t matter. He believes we need to set aside our party loyalties and get the job done for the people we represent.

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  • Xxx

    Senator Brown exhibits the same spineless disregard for what truly needs to be done and is no different than the Communists in disguise, namely the Democrats. What they are doing is nothing short of treason. 

    • Lisita

      Then I suppose you think that the politicians under Reagan and Bush administrations were treasonous, too, because tey voted to lift the debt ceiling numerous times? This whole crisis has been manufactured by the Republicans, pure and simple.

      • mary

        lol…too funny. Who hasn’t created a budget the last two years? Who is responsible for spending over a trillion dollars more than revenue collected the last two years.  Who refuses to create a budget plan and stop the ridiculous, out of control  spending?  Get a  clue you partisan hack.

        • Mike02130

          you’re the one that is too funny mary. what do you think has generated all that spending. could it be the need to contiinue on with and wind down two unfunded wars ! who started those wars and cut taxes at the same time turning a surplus into a runaway deficit? what about the bailout bill? an unfunded prescription drug benefit for seniors? did he invent that one too, along with medicare and medicaid..the cost overruns of which are major contributors to the deficit. aside from the stimulus (realtively peanuts and where would we be without it) what has caused the deficit to be so large?

  • teddyballbame

    A sane Republican, go figure

  • Mrmartinell

    Sen. Brown your election was the result of man democrats believing in your campaign speaches stating that you would vote with your own concience and not necessarily follow the republican line up. You have not kept that promise. The country has very been in more trouble and the republican that control the money and refuse to contribute to the common good have made a mockery of this government. The worlds perception and the middle and lower class struggling to survive. Yet you will not consider paying one cent of you tax break for the country. You are shameful, as are all the republicans, who control the money so unconcerned about our country and how this is affecting the entire world. You should be ashamed, all of you. Shame on us for believing what you campaigned for. Shame on the lot of you. If it were possible to rid our country of the 545 people that have all so at least we could start over with  reasonable , honest people that actually wanted to help this one great country be what it once was. Shame on you!!
    M.K. R.

    • jo

      What the hell are you talking about? The article is about “Brown supporting Reid’s plan”  and your comments attack the opposite.
      Like the comment below, you left wingers have lost your minds.  Try to be a little more coherent next time. You make no sense.
      No wonder this country is such a mess. The democrats do not even know who or what they are arguing about.

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