Logan Launches Question-Based Security Program

BOSTON — If you’re flying out of Logan Airport, you’ll likely end up having a “casual conversation” with security agents.

Logan launched a new screening program this week, in which TSA officials ask questions of every passenger at the security checkpoint in order to observe their behavior.

The program is based on risk, according to George Naccara, Logan’s federal security director.

“Those with a low level of risk would probably have a very accelerated process through the screening check point (under the new program),” Naccara told Morning Edition’s Bob Oakes. “Those who we determine have a higher level of risk would be introduced into other elements of security that we have in place today.”

Logan is the first airport in the nation to test the approach.

“We feel that the human interaction is important,” Naccara said. “Technology is not full-proof, it doesn’t provide the complete level of assurance we’d like and I think, actually, a combination of human interaction and technology is necessary, in addition to all the layers of security we have behind it, of course.”

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  • Tyrone

    The fact is that this “behavioral analysis” has been shown to be a con job. The “analysis” is based on non-peer reviewed “research” by Paul
    Ekman, who makes a ton of money selling it to law enforcement. Yet the
    TSA’s own statistics show that more than 99% of passengers singled out
    by the technique end up being false positives. The less than 1% who are not false positives are just nervous passengers
    who are nervous for things like having a couple of joints in their
    luggage – the number of terrorists caught this way is zero.

    The National Academy of
    Sciences did a study of the technique and labeled it bunk.

  • Paul, Boston, MA

    Will we see TSA people and passengers giving each other the “Larry David Stare” as they pass through security?

  • Jjdillard52

    Tyrone, you seem to be all over the internet spreading the same misinformation about TSA’s behavior detection program.  You should tell people that thanks to a recent validation study conducted by the American Institutes for Research, TSA’s program was scientifically validated and  found to be significantly better than random selection for identifying travelers who were being deceptive. The program has successfully caught people testing the screening system and conducting surveillance at the airport….possible precursors to other, more harmful activity.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sommer.gentry Sommer Gentry

       I have nothing to say to any TSA blue-shirt pervert who takes money to fondle the genitalia of children.  These traitors do not deserve any response from a human being who actually has morals, and I will not demean myself by interacting with these thugs.  When they get their filthy molesting hands out of our pants, then perhaps we can begin a civil conversation.  Until then, I’m done with the police state that airports have become.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_76CLWZRWFWUOMDINDX5FSMYSCU UnleashtheFury

        Guess you won’t be flying anywhere!  LOL.  You probably like seeing buildings fall down too.  Yeah, I wish those “traitors” would stop protecting the airlines.

        You madam are a moron. 

      • Ian_fleming007

        Madam you are right on! UnleashtheFury is an idiot.

  • http://profiles.google.com/phyllis.craine Phyllis Craine

    Don’t the Isreali’s do this?   I seem to recall that being reported by Public Radio in the recent past.

  • Blasphemincapn

    So what’s with the million dollar security scanners?!

  • Paulagoldman20

    If only they had been some kind of security check at Logan on 9/11, we might still have our twin towers.  I say search, grope, question etc.  It is our lives at stake.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4PWZKTGX2Y7KNGH4EZ646FGNZA kid

    I travel in and out of Logan every week and have yet to be asked a single question by TSA. Was this ever implemented?

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