WBUR Poll: Undeclared Elizabeth Warren 9 Points Behind Sen. Brown

BOSTON — She may be an undeclared candidate, but potential Democratic U.S. Senate contender Elizabeth Warren appears to be gaining support among Massachusetts voters. A WBUR Poll (PDF) released Tuesday puts the Harvard law professor the closest of four Democrats to incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown.

When paired in a hypothetical contest, 44 percent of 500 likely voters said they’d vote for Brown, compared to 35 percent who said they would vote for Elizabeth Warren. In similar hypothetical match-ups, Brown topped City Year co-founder Alan Khazei (45 percent to 30 percent), activist Bob Massie (45 percent to 29 percent) and Newton Mayor Setti Warren (no relation to Elizabeth) (46 percent to 28 percent).

PDF: Click for the full WBUR/MassINC poll results.

PDF: Click for the full WBUR/MassINC poll results.

Across all head-to-head contests, between 20 percent and 27 percent of voters were undecided or had no candidate preference.

The poll did not include three other declared Democrats because they did not meet a threshold in previous polls. Those other three are: Wayland state Rep. Tom Conroy, engineer Herb Robinson and lawyer Marisa DeFranco.

None of the Democrats had either the favorability rating or the name recognition of Brown, who swept the 2010 special election to take the seat long held by the late Democratic Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. Brown had a 54 percent favorable rating and 25 percent unfavorable rating. Elizabeth Warren followed behind with a 17 percent favorable rating and 13 percent unfavorable rating. Just 5 percent of voters surveyed had never heard of Brown, compared to 44 percent who had never heard of Elizabeth Warren.

“[Brown] actually still is viewed favorably by a considerable number of voters, but [Elizabeth] Warren is, especially for someone who just appeared on the scene and hasn’t even formally begun her campaign yet, really making a strong showing at this point,” said Steve Koczela, president of the MassINC Polling Group, which conducted the survey.

The poll also asked voters about what issues Congress should focus on over the next several years, and an overwhelming majority said the economy and creating jobs. The next issues were putting Social Security and Medicare on solid financial footing and ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The voters questioned are considered a representative sample of those who will likely cast ballots in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate contest next year: 52 percent were independent or unenrolled voters, 36 percent were registered Democrats and 12 percent were registered Republicans.

The telephone poll, conducted Aug. 30 to Sept. 1, has a margin of error of 4.4 percent.

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  • Annie03

    I’d expect this from Texas, but not Massachusettians.

  • libertyfreedom

    Voters in Massachusetts are sick to death of the Champagne Socialism the Democrats have been pushing.
    GO, SCOTT, GO!!!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3T5GLERQI7KD7RJV7BH64WJ37A sportsman885

      Umm, this isn’t a good poll for Scott Brown.

      He’s had much bigger margins in previous polls, and the fact Warren is only down 9 points and 44% of the electorate don’t know her yet in such a Democratic state.  It’s going to be very tough for Brown to overcome the Democratic lean of this state especially in a Presidential year.

    • pj ipswich

      Look up the definition of “socialism”… and make sure you don’t ask for any government services!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-P-McDonough/727713107 Richard P. McDonough

        Speaking of EVIL GOVERNMENT SERVICES, the addle minded Rick Perry who wants Texas to secede, has asked for Federal Aid for his burning state.  Why not ask Wall Street??? I think the empathic private sector would rush forward, don’t you??!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Linus-Pedersen/1374578921 Michael Linus Pedersen

      Are you from Massachusetts libertyfreedom, or a shady troll who conceals his identity on behalf of your corporate masters?  If you have something to say, say it as yourself.  I,  for one, being not from that state do not propose to speak for them, but she is an incredible candidate who would be an incredible Senator, and worthy of the great tradition of that seat which was lost to big oil, big business, big pharma through the propaganda mill of hate radio and faux news.

    • Liberally Liberal

      I am amazed everyday at the amount of ignorance this country breeds!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Fraud-Carry/687622744 Jon Fraud Carry

    Scott Brown has done a great job as Senator. I just don’t see how an angry Liberal moonbat like Elizabeth Warren could appeal to anyone. 

    • Kolyo

      “Moonbat” is apparently what you guys call liberals who use  ideas too complicated for you to understand.  Also, liberal is spelled with a small ‘l’.  This isn’t Canada…

  • Vic L’Esperance

    How did Brown do against an unnamed opponent?  That is the key number since the Democrats have relatively low name recognition.  Also, Brown’s favorability is low (at 54) which is barely above the halfway mark.  He seems more vulnerable than I thought. 

    The problem is that $10 million (and counting) buys a whole lot of favorability! 

  • AR

    Psyched!  Just do it EW!  And, those who support her, get ready to work and donate.  Change could be coming.

  • AR

    Psyched!  Just do it EW!  And, those who support her, get ready to work and donate.  Change could be coming.

  • pj Ipswich

    Noone asked me… another vote for the terrific Elizabeth Warren.

  • Hmagee48

    I’ll be voting for consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren!

  • Lew Louthean

    Elizabeth Warren is a true fighter and patriot for all US consumers and  justice for all – her integrity is unquestioned and she cannot be captured by corrupt corporate America


    • libertyfreedom

      There is nothing more corporately corrupt in America than a Democrat from Massachusetts!
      The pestilence has travelled directly from Frank Hague to Papa Kennedy to Barney Frank spreading to all the Dems from Beacon Hill/Cambridge/Harvard……the same corrupt Leftist/Socialist garbage for over sixty years!

      • Anonymous

        you really need access to a dictionary – its a book where you look up the meaning of words

        • libertyfreedom

          You really need a lesson in editing, punctuation, and grammar.  While you are learning to write, brush up on your American political history.  Frank Hague  was one of the most corrupt political bosses in American history.  He’s Barney’s role model, and the patron saint of the  backroom Democrats/Kennedys.  Would you care to do the research?  I can give you some very good secondary source material to read.  That is, if you do read.

          • Anonymous

            I doubt very highly that you could possibly accommodate any reading needs that I may require. My post was dashed off quite quickly and, as such, I did not adhere to Standard English Grammar format.
            You, on the other hand, should probably polish your people skills which appear to be sorely lacking.    

          • libertyfreedom

            You are quick to trade insults.  Are you really a person?

          • Jcjetstree

            At least she/he is a person and not a right wing B*****

          • libertyfreedom

            Is erm65 a person, or just some blog group hired by the looney Left?

            There is direct political heritage from Tammany Hall, Frank Hague, the Kennedys, Barney Frank, and the Warren/Harvard/Cambridge types who push state capitalism, welfare, back-room corruption, and the most modern form of Champagne Socialism practiced by Kerry and Obama.  It is a “we’ll-get-ours” “if you are not with us you are against us” “step on your face” thuggery which changes in feature but not content from generation to generation.  Think consumer advocacy.

            When the Bosses from Tammany Hall and Frank Hague aspired to fight their way out of their urban slums, they used propriety and a new set of clothes to assume social acceptability.  But the raw political back-room dealings of Democratic politics was their formula, and it remains constant to this day.

            I am reminded of the bands of Irish immigrants who roved the streets of New York City at night after the Civil War terrorizing free Blacks who competed with them for manual labor jobs.  On the lower East Side a free Black was seized upon by an Irish immigrant mob who dismembered him with their bare hands and then tossed his body parts in the East River.

            Thuggery  hallmarks the evolution of the Democratic Party which continues today in the form of corrupt big government, unionism, the welfare state, and the Massachusetts Teacher’s Union, as well as other forms like the Leftist media where free thought is not tolerated.

            So in all seriousness, I ask if erm65 reads because too many are content to live on the surface of popular opinion, never reading and thinking for themselves.

          • Runtheriver2001

            What are you talking about?  Thanks for the anti-Irish bigotry.

          • Carto95

            Mission accomplished dear sir. You’ve told the people who have supported child labor laws, the minimum wage and the right to bargain to get out and vote. We have heard you and will do so. I applaud your efforts.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-P-McDonough/727713107 Richard P. McDonough

        Looney tunes and Merry melodies comes to mind when I read stuff like this.  Absolutely silly views.  

  • melvin

    Don’t we have enough hacks who care about their stupid little political party more than they do the country, state and citizens?

  • Anonymous

    Elizabeth Warren will be a great senator.  The other Democrats can’t beat Brown. 

  • Kathy

    My son and I will vote for Warren, I am a democrat , he is an independent

  • Petitemoe

    I know two hard working folks who appreciate Elizabeth Warren and her efforts for the consumers. We may not all be from the same party, but we are all consumers who should understand the skills it takes to work for us all.

  • Dpjoseph

    That over 50% of central and western Mass has not heard of Ms Warren is a sad testimony to how uninformed the public is. Over the last three years she has been in the news on an almost weekly basis. 570 channels, and almost every third person I pass on the road is “connected” and we are no better informed than we were in 1964. Everyone texting and twittering away. All hope is lost.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-P-McDonough/727713107 Richard P. McDonough

    That;s a humungous error spread.  

    My take, for what it is 3000 miles away:  She is a great abstraction but her patrician affect may not play well with Massachusetts voters.  I hope I am wrong.  I think she is terrific.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_STYPXOCC5Z2QZPZ5US5W3ISBGY Kalathia

    Run, Elizabeth, Run!

  • use421

    Elizabeth Warren must run and win because Scott Brown has proven he must be removed for the good of the country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Darren-Long/100000199174763 Darren Long

    Brown is actually pretty moderate on most issues.   He is someone who will compromise on some issues.   He is not the guy responsible for not governing and making everything a crisis for political gain.  He seems somewhat reasonable to me.  But I don’t live there so I don’t know the home situation.


  • Zzqxxq

    1.) 500 voters is too small a sample to draw ANY conclusions from.   Even Nielson uses more than that to garner TV ratings ! You would think that PBS would KNOW that.  So IMHO this poll is meaningless and even dangerous as it gives the IMPRESSION that people are satisfied with Brown’s performance in the Senate.
    2.) Can’t we get some REAL democratic candidates in there ?  Someone with name recognition perhaps – for example, do you really think the people North Adams or Springfield even know who the mayor of Newton is ? Or care for that matter?
    3.) The fact that Elizabeth Warren is leading the pack proves point 2 above.  She is the ONLY one of the democrats mentioned that holds a STATEWIDE position and therefore MIGHT be known to more than just the local yokels.  The more telling percentages are that 65% of those polled has not even heard of Setti Warren certainly I haven’t and that goes to the other 2 candidates as well.
    4.) We desperately need to elect people that have dramatically new ideas as it is painfully obvious that the “usual solutions” are not, cannot, and will not work this time around.
    5.) and lastly – no offense but if you to Washington for 6 years and you didn’t piss off at least 1/2 of your constituents then I guess you didn’t really DO anything did ya

  • Emerogork

    I wan tto move to Mass just to be able to vote for E Warren…

    • Fred54

       I’ll put you up in my garage until the election..


    I like this Lady.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cyberbuff Bob Leonard

    GO Liz GO…we need this Woman in the Senate…she knows where the bodies are buried, let’s help her exume and dispose of them, for good…..Look Out Wall St/Banks…There IS Justice, if She Wins!!!

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