Fatal Car Accident Sparks Debate Over Illegal Immigration

MILFORD, Mass. — Six communities around the state have asked to join a controversial federal fingerprinting program aimed at deporting illegal immigrants who have been charged with crimes. These jurisdictions want to join the program, called Secure Communities, before it becomes mandatory for all states in 2013. But one city isn’t waiting.

The town of Milford is small. The latest Census says 25,000 people live in this community off Interstate 495 near Hopkinton. Town officials estimate 2,000 of them are from Ecuador. The men work in roofing, the women in service jobs.

After A Fatal Car Accident, A Crackdown On Illegal Immigration

In the decade since they started coming here, these immigrants have lived more or less peacefully. But last month, an illegal immigrant from Ecuador was charged for allegedly driving drunk and killing a motorcyclist. Since then, Ecuadorians have been the target of a campaign to crack down on illegal immigrants.

“We have tremendous pain. It’s a situation in Milford that really has to change,” said Dino DeBartolomeis, the chairman of the Board of Selectman in Milford.

“After the accident, I fear going outside on the street, because people yell insults, throw things at us from their cars.”
– Ecuadorian immigrant

“The attitudes. The behavior,” continued DeBartolomeis. “And we’re talking about illegal immigration. If someone’s a bad person, committed something wrong, they’ve got to go. And we need your help to do that.”

When he says “your help,” he’s reaching out to a surprising group of people: the government of Ecuador. Beatriz Almeida de Stein is Ecuador’s consul in Boston. Last week, she met with DeBartolomeis and other officials at Milford Town Hall.

‘Educating’ Ecuadorians

“I think it’s very important just to let them understand about here, about the laws,” Almeida de Stein said. “They’re here and they have to respect the laws.”

De Stein said it would take time, but she would “educate” Ecuadorians living in Milford. That didn’t seem to satisfy DeBartolomeis. He gave the consul one month to submit a report on what she’s doing to fix the problem.

The problem, to some people, is a classic cultural clash.

Pablo Calle is the spokesman for the Ecuadorian National Secretariat of Migrants. He says these immigrants are indigenous, speak Spanish as a second language, and they face huge cultural obstacles. That’s something he says other Milford residents don’t get.

“They don’t understand the settings they’re from,” Calle said. “Often times from rural settings, where they don’t have the sophistication. They haven’t even gone to the cities in their own countries, so it’s very hard for them to understand how to behave in ways that are accepted where they live.”

Still, no one at the meeting questions how a drunk driving accident — horrific as it was — became an argument against illegal immigration.

I ask DeBartolomeis after the meeting.

“I think that population of the Ecuadorian population in Milford, from what I’ve seen, from what I’ve been told, there’s a problem with excessive drinking. There’s a problem of driving without licenses,” DeBartolomeis said.

Complaints Of Excessive Drinking, Driving Without Licenses

Milford’s chief of police, Thomas O’Laughlin, said the perception of “excessive drinking” is likely based on complaints from residents about neighbors disturbing the peace. Many times those complaints are traced to homes of Ecuadorians after they’ve thrown a party. He said it’s true that many are arrested for driving without licenses. But Ecuadorians are not arrested for drinking and driving any more than the rest of the population, according to O’Laughlin.

The night after the town hall meeting, Ecuador’s consul in Boston met with about 100 men and women from Milford’s Ecuadorian community. Speaking in Spanish, she told them to “behave,” not to drink, not to drive without a license, to stay home.

Some men here had already considered giving up the bottle, but not drive? That’s almost impossible, they say.

A 25-year-old single mother of two agreed. She doesn’t want to use her name because she’s here illegally, is afraid of losing her job and being harassed. She works at a hotel 30 minutes from Milford.

“Necessity obligates us to drive,” she said. “If we don’t drive, how do we work? How do we feed our kids?”

Still, she’s ashamed of the alleged drunk driver who caused these problems for her and other Ecuadorians.

“There needs to be justice for the murderer. But they already have him. They shouldn’t go after all immigrants. We’re immigrants but we’re not all murderers,” she said. “So I ask for their forgiveness.”

Another Ecuadorian in Milford said life here has become hostile. He doesn’t want to use his name, because he’s here illegally.

“After the accident, I fear going outside on the street,” he said in Spanish. “Because people yell insults, throw things at us from their cars. I can’t go out at night. If I do, I’m afraid they’ll attack me and hurt me or my family.”

This man said he will wait and see if the situation calms down. If it doesn’t, he may join many of the other Ecuadorians who have left town. In which case, it seems Milford may cut down on the number of illegal immigrants without even changing a law or policy. Now, they’re working on meeting with authorities from the Brazilian Embassy to talk about the large population of Brazilians living in Milford.

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  • Soapbox1984

    Forget the drinking and driving. You cant tell them to “behave,” because they are misbehaving just by being here.
    When did we forget the definitiin of “illegal” in the phrase “illegal immigrant?”
    I’m about as liberal as they come, but my ancestors all did it the appropriate way, through proper channels…and I dont care if you’re from Ecuador or Mars, you need to as well.

  • http://bit.ly/d2n5i7 Forums4Justice
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gregory-Jones/1383957241 Gregory Jones

    The only people who think the Secure Communties law is “controversial” are the are RAZA RACISTS.

    First, this is not a right versus left issue. It is a right versus wrong issue.
    Second, do you think the majority of Americans do not see right through your ploys? You are advocating for the behavior of illegal activity (where minor or major does not matter).
    You can print all the hyper-emotional nonsense all you want, but the truth is the truth: Illegal immigration is hurting America.
    Third, the “tone” changed, because the numbers of illegal foreign nationals had FAR EXCEEDED what was reasonable and acceptable to the American People. We are a generous nation, but we are not fools.

    In New Mexico where 67 percent of Hispanics want an end to driver’s licenses for illegal foreign nationals, you cannot hide behind the false claims of racism. NM is a very liberal, Hispanic majority state. Are these Hispancis “racist” too for not wanting anarchy?
    Here is a quote from a RAZA who supports the notion that it is OK to call others racist as means to an end:
    “We call things racism just to get attention. We reduce complicated problems to racism, not because it is racism, but because it works.”
    - Alfredo Gutierrez

    There is no “racism” coming from Americans against illegal foreign nationals except from the very racist RAZA groups, such as your own I believe, who will not listen to the WILL of the People in the USA. To be for things like DL’s for illegal foreign nationals, especially Hispanics (lets be honest, Latin countries such as Mexico are the largest sending nations) is the height of PURE racism. If in Arizona or New Mexico, those who enter illegally were Chinese or Europeans creating the tensions that are created by illegal immigration, no RAZA RACIST groups would be out marching in the streets to advocate for them. It is vile that you and yours will not heed the call of restraint. Instead favoring an ethnically induced plan to bring more illegal foreign nationals into an already jobs poor, cash strapped nation.
    Grow up! You are like children who refuse to heed the final answer which is NO. No more, we’ve done all we are going to do.

  • http://bit.ly/d2n5i7 Forums4Justice

    step #1  http://bit.ly/oBuTUd Border Issues

     E-Verify http://bit.ly/gO6lYf

  • Ann

    The victim of this unspeakably horrible accident was my son’s best friend.  Matt was an amazing young man on his way to a bright future after putting himself through college.  He was mowed down on a perfectly beautiful Saturday evening and dragged to his death near the center of town with no regard to onlookers chasing the driver on foot and pleading him to stop.  This is a small town that has a long history of welcoming legal immigrants but people are fed up with the growing numbers of illegal immigrants with  total disregard of laws concerning getting behind the wheel with no  license let alone driving drunk.   This accident/ murder has ignited a small town’s call to action.  We owe it to Matt to continue pressure on all town , state and federal officials to stop the epidemic of illegal immigration.  Small business employers- please use E-Verify!  Homeowners please check to see that you hire contractors who use E-Verify!  

    • Guest

       A friends 15 y/o niece was kidnapped ,tortured, raped repeatedly for days and killed by 3 mexican illegals. They burned that little girl alive. The POSs even video taped a lot of it. One was caught and was killed in prison. The other 2 made it back to the shithole they came from. Probably back in the states now. We need to shut our borders down NOW!

  • http://bit.ly/d2n5i7 Forums4Justice

     Illegal Immigration Contract With America http://bit.ly/qesF0B

  • http://bit.ly/d2n5i7 Forums4Justice

    Secure Communities – 287(g) http://bit.ly/h5QQhQ

  • VAlady748

    How many are going to die before they are stopped!!

  • http://bit.ly/d2n5i7 Forums4Justice


    step #1 http://bit.ly/oBuTUd Border Issues

  • Don

    The town of Milford’s prosperity came from Italian immigrants who worked in the local quarries and factories.  Although many came and were processed through Ellis Island, a great deal came to join their families and were not here legally.  They had their parties and flings at the local Sons of Italy and other clubs.

    Not many people owned cars back then, so they noisily stumbled home in the wee hours within their established neighborhoods.  When not at a club, they drank (often excessively) their own homemade wine, at home.

    Today some, who are descendants of these Italian Americans in Milford, are trying to force the current immigrant population to leave.  Sounds like “Gangs of New York” gone legal.

    Note: The town of Milford is not “small” as reported by WBUR.  It’s actually larger in population than the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


    • Anonymous

      That old complaint about Italian or Irish immigrants coming here undocumented and behaving drunkenly is: 1. Not documented and open to wild speculation and exaggeration; and 2. A matter of PAST history. There are vast differences between the overwhelmingly legal immigration of the PAST and the vast illegal immigration of today.  There are huge differences in the characteristics and needs of this nation of the past, and  the characteristics and needs of this nation today.  Additionally, no one is trying to make lawfully present immigrants leave.  (A common lie told by the open-borders and pro-illegality folks.)  The truth is that the majority of Americans want illegal aliens to leave, regardless of where they are in this country.  And if they won’t voluntarily leave, we want them forcibly deported and our borders secured, and a dependable way of detecting and locating those who overstay their visas. Their presence in this country is, after all, unlawful. They have no right to be here, much less to drive or work here.

      What remains immutable is that this is a NATION OF LAWS.  Our laws must secure the best interests of this nation. We must enforce them.

      • Anonymous

        Everyone talks around the fact that the US has been invaded by hispanics, particularly Mexicans, within the past 10 years!!! This is unprecedented in the history of our nation, or of any modern nation that I know of…especially when no war has been declared.

        This is insane! To keep us from discussing this, they call us racist, bigots and xenophobes! No nation in the world would put up with this influx of poor, uneducated, welfare grabbing people! To look at this any other way is to fool yourselves! All of these laws giving special privileges (instate tuition), and our lack of enforcement only serve to encourage more!

        Somewhere in the back of my mind I can’t help but think that something this blatant must be intentional!!!!

      • Don

        Double talk! 

        You stated that the “old complaint about Italian or Irish immigrants coming here undocumented and behaving drunkenly is not documented and open to wild speculation”.  You then state that it’s “a matter of past history”.

        How can anything be of past history; when it never happened as you claimed because it has not been “documented”?

        My description is common knowledge and eyewitness history seen in my childhood in addition to the experiences of others older than me who have sad memories of alchohol reeking through and destroying their families.  Look up the history of Alchoholics Anonymous and the era during which it was established.  Better yet, go to an Italian feast, a Portuguese feast or a St. Patrick’s Day parade and you’ll see living history brought down through cultural traditions and celebrated today laced with heavy drinking.  Nothing has changed and history is alive and brought forth.

        If you’ve been living a life segregating yourself from mainstream society, check out any college course in American Studies and/or Sociology to read what most people already know, especially 3rd and fourth generation Irish and Italian Americans.

    • Anonymous

      Source? …and your point is?

  • Bossoccer

    If all persons were licensed, regardless of their immigration status, they would then be easier to contact and communicate with, they would be required take a driving test and learn the rules of the road.  By denying folks who already live here the right to get a license, our road and streets are more dangerous.  Most public safety folks would prefer having everyone licensed.   Also, as tragic as this situation certainly is, there are “bad apples” in every community . . . let’s try and avoid race bating and stereotyping please.  Let’s also give everyone a license, so driving can be better regulated.  Do you wonder why no one would call the police if they see a bad situation developing?  Because they are afraid the police will turn them over to immigration and they will get deported, they are afraid of the police because often in their countries of origin the police are the problem, they aren’t there to help–they do more harm than good.

    • Anonymous

      You are spouting the LaRaza nonsense that somehow predicates its position on the absurd notion that just because someone is already here – regardless of the illegality of their presence or any additional, compounding illegal acts – that their mere presence confers on them some right to remain here.  NO!  By reason of illegal presence, there is, nor can there ever be, a right to remain in the country you have violated.  And that NO! continues even if they have family members who are legally present in this country.  NO!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Dameron/100002148614305 David Dameron

      Bossoccer, you are simply spewing La Raza propaganda. The thing that would make our roads safer is for all individuals who do not have a valid driver’s license to STAY OFF OF OUR ROADS!

    • Anonymous

      Question: How does having a driver’s license prevent drunken driving? Illegal aliens do no respect the law!!!. 

       ‘ Do you wonder why no one would call the police if they see a bad situation developing?  Because they are afraid the police will turn them over to immigration and they will get deported, they are afraid of the police because often in their countries of origin the police are the problem…
       I thought you guys has stopped using this one. Remember when you said that if we didn’t arrest them because they were here illegally they would be more cooperative toward the police, and no longer live in the shadows. Illegal aliens have always lived in the shadows,AND afraid to cooperate with police, AND IT IS NOT OUR PROBLEM!!! 

  • MdeG

    A very sad story all round. First, my sympathy and prayers for the family of the young man who died so needlessly.

    I am very saddened by the hostility that’s developing in Milford. This won’t bring Matt Denice back, nor does it do any honor to his memory.

    Why not address the problem of drunk driving? I’m all for zero tolerance there.

    As for licenses, Bossoccer is absolutely right. If you don’t have your immigration papers in order you can’t have a license. Doesn’t matter if you were an experienced professional trucker with a clean record back home. Why can’t we let drivers’ licenses certify who’s trained and capable to operate a motor vehicle safely? That’s enough of a challenge in Massachusetts!

    And I am very, very tired of the canard that someone who has come here without papers is necessarily a depraved person capable of any evil act. Matt Denice’s brother said, very fairly, that being here undocumented generally forces people into various non-legal acts, simply to live. Most of this is done without criminal intent. Most of the people who do it are just trying to survive.

    We need to reform the immigration system. We need to address the problem of drunk driving. And we need to deal with each other fairly and on the basis of truth.

    • Lcf02139

      If illegal immigrants are “forced” into non-;legal acts just to live here, then that’s just one more reason they should not be here in the first place. 

      Just trying to survive?? Isn’t that why they left their homelands?  
      It’s simple, If they’re illegal they need to go. And if they come with the proper papers, they need to obey the laws and leave any harmful, disruptive and bad habits behind…. or go back to where  they came from. 

    • Anonymous

      We simply cannot allow illegal presence in this country. If we justify it for one or a few by reason of a need to have a better life, then there can be no excuse for not justifying it for all.  This country cannot provide for, sustain, host or save the world.  No nation can. It may sound heartless, but it is the only truly viable and sustainable position. Citizens of corrupt and broken countries need to organize among themselves, in their own countries, to fix their countries. For that, there is much support.  But they cannot be allowed to come here illegally and do what ever they need to do to “survive” here.  This is NOT their country.  They need to do whatever they need to do to fix and survive in their OWN countries.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RIAGWZ65VMNBCXHHKIUKR33HKU Jasper

      MdeG wrote: “…being here undocumented generally forces people into various non-legal
      acts, simply to live. Most of this is done without criminal intent.”

      So if a person takes a purse away from a woman, as long as they do it without criminal intent, then that makes it OK?

    • Anonymous

      I have a problem with the tone of your post. It seems that you are saying that “…being here undocumented generally forces people into various non-legal act, simply to live.” and that since  they find themselves in this predicament, it’s okay. I see it as one lie causes another, and another, and another! 

      We. in our efforts of be compassionate and PC, are trying to make nice in a situation that isn’t! They are not innocent people who realize that they may have made an oops! These are people who are willing to do anything to advance their personal agendas…without a moral compass!
      Bribery and corruption are part of the culture fromwhence they came!!!

  • Anonymous

    The term “immigrant” denotes that the person is legally here.  The term “alien” denotes that the person is not legally here.  Commingling the terms of course creates a connotation of illegality for legal Latinos.  And of course it creates a connotation that illegal aliens are somehow less illegal.  Time to clear the air and enforce the law.

    • Guest

      Alien is the opposite of citizen; many aliens are here legally.  Immigrant is the opposite of visitor; can be illegal, a legal alien, or a naturalized citizen.  I agree that illegal (or undocumented) alien is more descriptive, and does not imply intent.  But alien by itself does not imply immigration status.

  • Guest

    Driving drunk is a crime.   Being here without a visa is not a crime.

    • TBOU812

      Last time i checked it was. Hence the words…illegal immigrant

      • John Berry

        No, entering to country once without permission IS a civil offence.
        HOWEVER, entering the country the second or subsequent times is a FELONY punishable by up to two years in prison, thousands in fines AND Deportation.
        Other things illegal aliens do “just to survive” such as ID theft, fraud and falsely representing themselves as citizens are also felonies.
        That’s the part the illegal alien advocates don’t want us to know or think about.

        • Anonymous

           Initial illegal entry is a misdemeanor; illegal re-entry is a felony. You got the rest right.

        • Don

          American citizens commit crimes, fraud, and ID theft.  They rob banks, commit Ponzi schemes, are elected to congress then get caught in sex scandals. 

          One particular American citizen was awarded the Medal of Honor as a fighter pilot in Vietnam, was elected to congress, stole from our government and is now serving time in prison.  He’s known as “Duke” Cunningham, a man who wanted to survive be emulating the weathly. 

          Lately, American citizens living in Massachusetts have been crashing into state police cruisers and killing our finest:  state troopers.

          To escape from abject poverty, to survive and to live in this country is not a crime.  Undocumented immigrants should be guided toward settling in and to become part of a community.  If a they commit a crime, they should be punished and thereafter deported.

    • Anonymous

      Illegal entry is a crime; double for illegal re-entry. Illegal presence by way of overstaying one’s visa is just as deportable a violation as is illegal entry and illegal re-entry. Being here without a visa is still unlawful and in violation of US law, sovereignty and national security. Illegal aliens have no right to be in this country, much less drive or work in this country.  How did these folks come to be in this country, anyway?  Perhaps they are unlawfully present by way of a criminal act.  Regardless of how they came to be here, they are all still deportable.  And the majority of US citizens want them GONE.

  • John Berry

    There was a time when unregistered foreigners stayed near the border because they were “migrant farm labor”. They did their jobs during the harvest or planting season and went back to their homes afterward. There were maybe a few hundred thousand of them at most and they were welcomed help. In 1986, Reagan gave the three million who were here at that time amnesty and citizenship.
    In hindsight, that has proven to have been a mistake.
    As of today, there are at least four times that number of illegal aliens in the US and they have spread out from California to Maine. And instead of asking, they are demanding that America grant them amnesty and make exclusions to the laws everyone else must follow.
    The idea behind the laws of Arizona and other states that forbid unregistered foreigners from being in their states is to make staying there difficult for them so they will leave on their own. It is intentional, just as the residents of Massachusetts making them feel unwelcome is. 
    It is not just in Milford, but several places in the state where unregistered foreigners have been responsible for numerous deaths in just recent weeks. And this is happening all across the nation, every day.
    America does not owe the citizens of any foreign country anything for coming here illegally. Least of all do we owe them our citizenship or special exemption from our laws. 
    Despite what the governments think, the people of the US feel little obligation to accept foreigners whose culture appears to include ignoring the law. Crossing the border does not impart the rights to stay, work, bring or raise a family or to ignore laws they don’t agree with.
    The nations they come from and their people need to know this in no uncertain terms. Their people are NOT welcome to come here without permission and they are not wanted. If the citizens of the various states make them feel uncomfortable and they want to leave because of it, that is actually the intention. They can go home and take their “culture” with them.

  • guest

    Its going to come down to Americans having to take matters in our own hands. Its clear our own government doesnt give a crap. Its not in their “best interest” to close our borders and deport the illegals already here. Especially with the currant administration.

    • Anonymous

      We are truly on our own!

  • Anonymous

    If the ILLEGAL had not been in the United States the young man would not have been murdered by the ILLEGAL and a family would have still been whole!
    You can thank the Elitist Politicians for their Sanctuary City and State Policies. Drugs furnished by the ILLEGALS, Drug Wars by the ILLEGALS, United States Citizens murdered by the ILLEGALS but not to worry the Sanctuary Cities and States will continue to furnish Cheap ILLEGAL Labor for the Elitist Political Contributors and Special Interest Groups of course they feel safe in their Gated Communities. If you venture out and you are murdered by an ILLEGAL Drunk Driver or you are a Police Officer murdered by an ILLEGAL during the commission of a crime or a traffic stop or a United States Citizen is in the “wrong” place (any Sanctuary City or State) and caught in the cross fire just remember Our Elitist Politicians and their Elitist Political Contributors consider those murdered as a SMALL SACRIFICE for THEIR CHEAP LABOR/potential votes.


  • Anonymous

    Notice how the libs make up excuses for these murderers?

    • Guest

      That depends, if you group all illegal aliens as murderers, of course we are.  If you count only those who kill someone, of course not.

      Unrelated to immigration status, I consider lucky drunk drivers who don’t kill someone to be just as guilty as unlucky ones who happen to kill someone.  The crime is risking other peoples lives by driving drunk.

      • Anonymous

        You’re saying that a drunk driver who hasn’t killed anyone is as quilty as a drunk driver who killed?

        There’s a big difference.  Death.

  • http://bit.ly/d2n5i7 Forums4Justice

    FIGHT BACK http://bit.ly/oBuTUd 

  • Anonymous

    They are here ILLEGALY!  So what is this nonsense about teaching them about what is expected in the US?  Teach them that rule of law is something we take very, very seriously in this country, in which they have no right to be.  Teach them that they can expect to be punished for all unlawful acts, starting with their unlawful presence in the US.  Teach them to repatriate themselves.  Teach them that they have no right to be here and that Americans will not accept them because of their unlawfulness and want them deported.  Being “indigenous” is no excuse. They can be indigenous in their own country. Look at the attitude on the illegal alien who insists on unlawfully driving without a license so that she can continue to unlawfully work in the country in which she is unlawfully present.  She and all the others like here need to find a way to support their families in their own countries. They need to get out of ours!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Dameron/100002148614305 David Dameron

    — “She doesn’t want to use her name because she’s here illegally, is afraid
    of losing her job and being harassed. She works at a hotel 30 minutes
    from Milford.” —

    By working here, she has committed at least one crime and probably more.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RR4G4RPT5I27QULJM3FWILX4RQ Snow

    Jeez.. you know it was a trajic accident, but every Damn time something happens immigration is brought up. Our world is getting smaller and smaller and people in different countries have different problems.. you never know, we just might need another country to crash one day. How bland this country would be if it were all full of the same color people that do the same exact thing.  I am actualy planning on moving to Mexico (again) because this country is going down hill fast..My family can live very well there.

    • Anonymous


    • guest

      Shall we help you pack? You will live very well until you get raped and your family slaughtered by the cartels over there. If that is a pic of you then you should be pretty popular. Good luck with that.

    • Anonymous

      Move to Mexico? Don’t lose your head!
      Say HI to the cartel leaders while you are down there!


    It is said that a nation or a state, deserves the leader it elects.  You (MA) elected your democratic Governor, whom is clearly supporting and even encouraging lawlessness (illegal aliens), and now the entire state has to live with the consequences.  Maybe next time you go to the Voting ballot, you will be more concious with your vote.

  • Anonymous

    “This man said he will wait and see if the situation calms down. If it doesn’t, he may join many of the other Ecuadorians who have left town.” 

    Seems to  work every time!  

    • Afagan

      I would like to understand HOW illegals arrive here and then remain in Massachusetts.  Is it really because certain people rent to them?  How are these landlords able to do this?   Is it really necessary for our businesses to hire these illegals in order to turn a profit? 

  • Anonymous

    I’ll tell you what they need to do  when it comes to driving and needing to work. They need to either enter the country LEGALLY or don’t come at all. It is really that simple. It is way past time for our police,politicians and corporations to begin enforcing and following the law. These people while working are taking jobs from American Citizens whilst those same Americans are being asked to fund their invasion. Talk about NUTS! Those opposed to this INVASION need to join NUMBERSUSA.ORG and call Thursday the judiciary  to demand they pass the everify bill and STOP this INVASION. It is exactly an invasion and they are costing this country BILLIONS!

  • Shqmus

    Hopefully everyone saw the news today. The illegal escaped????

  • Rjharrisx9

    i hate immagrints they should not be here if they do not belong. i don’t care what country your from if your illegal get OUTTTTTTT.

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