Meet The Democratic U.S. Senate Candidates

Here’s a primer on the seven six five four three two remaining candidates running in the U.S. Senate Democratic primary. Click a candidate’s name for their information.

Marisa DeFranco (AP)

Marisa DeFranco

Salem immigration lawyer (See her full biography)

Candidate Resources:

Issues Excerpt: On jobs (See all of her issue stances):

  • Incentives for Small Businesses
  • Close loopholes for Corporations shipping American jobs overseas
  • Real Finance Reform
  • Equitable Earnings — fair pay for hard work

Featured Media Report: “Dems take shots at Brown” (Worcester Telegram & Gazette)

In Her Own Words:

Elizabeth Warren (AP)

Elizabeth Warren

Cambridge Harvard Law School professor

Also: Consumer advocate; White House adviser (See her full biography)

Candidate Resources:

Issues Excerpt: On rebuilding the middle class (See all of her issue stances):

… We need a 21st century manufacturing base and expanded service capacity. We need a set of workable rules that don’t tangle up those who are trying to create something new. We need to be able to invent things, make things, and sell things to the rest of the world. …

Featured Media Report: “Warren’s Winding Path Leads To A Senate Run” (WBUR)

In Her Own Words:

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  • gardenia

    I love Elizabeth Warren, Bob Massie and Alan Khazei and pray that whoever wins the nomination can beat Scott Brown, glad handing pretty boy.

  • Anonymous

    Only Warren can beat Brown. 

  • Libermanj

    Is the debate being broadcast on TV or rdio?

  • Bgandrl

    My vote will go to Warren, but the election of any one of the best of this field will be a gain for the Senate, and we also need an infusion of liberal (i. e. Democratic) policy in the House, to clear out the knee-jerk “no” crowd and get some action in Washington and get SOMETHING passed that will turn this ship of state away from the rocks.  I count on Massachusetts voters to point the way, as we have before, and pray that the rest of the USA will follow.

  • Anonymous

    Herb Robinson wants to “lowering the capital gains tax” to stimulate jobs.
    That proves he doesn’t get it and rules him out.  Perhaps he ought
    to challenge Scott Brown in a Republican primary.

  • Anonymous

    Elizabeth Warren thinks “We need to be able to invent things, make things,
    and sell things to the rest of the world.”  She gets this aspect of the
    problem, 1 point for her.

    As she has said and needs to be quoted here, companies need customers for them to
    want to invent things, make things,  and sell thing.  Capital gains taxes are not the problem.

  • John Magill

    I liked Elizabeth Warren’s comment that “either we all go to war, or none of us goes to war”.  The war in Iraq  happened because the ‘patriotic’ cheerleaders with Support our Troops ribbons on their cars had nothing on the line. Masses cheered on leaders who sent other peoples’ children to war.  We can’t make good decisions in a democratic society unless we all bear the weight of our decisions.    

  • http://twitter.com/cdevers Chris Devers

    Wait, did @bobmass really say “America invented electricity” in his closing remarks in the #masen #umldebate?And then he rattled off a bunch of other things (actual inventions, thankfully) that weren’t necessarily American, but I was too confused by the “invented electricity” thing to catch them all.

     Is there a transcript?

  • Anonymous

    I am a Warren supporter, but sitting in the audience for the debate, I thought that Marisa DeFranco had more good answers to more questions than just about anybody else.

    Elizabeth Warren was not that impressive. 

    For the format of this “debate”, the skill you need is to quickly come up with a short answer to a surprise question that finds the pithiest reflection of your deepest beliefs.

    I was having a hard time thinking about how I would answer those questions.  DeFranco’s answers surprised me in a positive way.  She was able to come up with an answer that I would not have thought of, but one that hit the mark almost every time.

  • Marisa DeFranco

    Hello Steve–I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your feedback on my answers at the “debate”.  I like the way you describe the format…that sentence perfectly encapsulates it.  Thank you, Marisa DeFranco

  • Anonymous


    I just listened to the sound bite they have for you on this web page.  You say it exactly as I believe it.  Show me you have fighting chance in this campaign and I will switch my allegiance to you.

  • David

    Are you realizing that the ideal of jobs for everyone is not feasible? Not feasible unless we recognize that with one hand we are crying for automation to pay less for jobs and on the other we want to have jobs for everyone.  I consider that the only way out is to start moving to a healthier society, decrease the number of hours. Give tax credits to companies that start enforcing a 32 hour week. This will give you all the jobs we need, but we need to be serious about this problem. It is not just to improve manufacturing… In the times that we are producing 3d products with printers, it is clear that jobs will become more an more scarce.

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