‘Occupy Boston’ Plans March For Jobs

BOSTON — The “Occupy Boston” movement continues to grow and on Monday demonstrators will focus on job creation.

Hundreds are expected to take part in the march, from Dewey Square to the Charlestown bridge, in support of President Obama’s jobs bill.  Students from 10 area colleges are planning to join the march through downtown Boston. The protesters plan to gather Monday at 1:30 p.m. on Boston Common.

Organizers say the jobs bill in Washington would free up desperately needed funds to fix the country’s roads and bridges deemed structurally deficient — which includes the Charlestown bridge. If passed, Massachusetts would get  $850 million to fix those structures and supporters say the plan would also create 11,000 jobs in the state.

Student protesters also cited anger with an education industry they say mimics what they call the “irresponsible, unaccountable, and unethical financial practices” of Wall Street as a catalyst for their march. They point to what they say are university presidents earning hundreds of thousands of dollars while other university workers struggle to make ends meet.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement, which began with a small knot of protesters in Manhattan’s financial district, has grown steadily. Last week about 300 members of the Massachusetts Nurses Association also joined the rally for the first time.  Similar protests have sprung up in other cities.

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  • Astecker09

    This is the first i’ve heard that today’s march has anything to do with Obama or his job’s bill. I was down in Dewey Square thursday night, and it is clear that OccupyBoston is quite strongly anti-Obama. This story doesn’t actually name any sources, so I’m very suspicious as to just who these “organizers” are…

  • Millerz

    Astecker…good point.  Let the attempt to co-opt begin, huh?

  • NHPeacePioneer

    The media is portraying this completely in the wrong light. Unless you go down to Dewey Square and check it out you will not understand. It is not a bunch unemployable spoon fed college students…. You have everything from nurses, union workers, laywers, doctors, teachers, and any other blue collar field you can think of down there doing nothing more than showing they want change.

  • Anonymous

    Please reference the organizer who gave you such information. 

    From my understanding, the occupy camp sees Obama and his legislature  as a continuation of the financial, social and military policies that caused our current dire situation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Brown/1227104716 Tim Brown

    Yeah, that sounds supect. My guess is the march was organized in order to advocate for the jobs bill and that it is leaving from Dewey Sq. to pick up additional supporters. I highly doubt this is somthing approved by the general assembly.

    • guest

      Yes, this movement has been suspect for awhile. Neither was allowing the support of multiple unions up for vote in the GA’s. Our whole family removed ourselves from this left wing agenda. Just follow the supporters and people invited to speak. It doesn’t take a PhD to see it. We have seen first hand people booed/or hurried off the GA stage if someone had close to anything other then a liberal view. Very sad for the rest of the 99% who still aren’t being heard!

    • guest
  • Anonymous

    “Organizers say”

    Weasel words.

    • guest

      Occupy Boston has received endorsements from the following unions:Greater Boston Labor CouncilAFL-CIOLocal 7 Iron WorkersMTA (Teachers)Boston School Bus Drivers L#8751Nurses AssociationIBEW 103 (electricians)SEIU 1199SUIU 615Just this list posted on the OB Website is enough to know where this movement is heading. Also, none of these were put up for a vote!

    • guest
  • guest

    From the horses mouth in case you don’t believe this article:


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