Your Thoughts On Alzheimer’s Disease

BOSTON — Last week we devoted several stories and conversations to Alzheimer’s disease, and many of you shared your own experiences and reactions with us.

In our week-long series “Fade To Darkness: The Age Of Alzheimer’s” we looked the latest research, funding issues and early testing, among other things.

WBUR program manager Iris Adler produced the series and joined Morning Edition to talk about your thoughts on the series.


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  • Paula

    Hello, WBUR. I had a hard time listening to any of the stories (even the upbeat ones!) as my mom has advanced Alzheimer’s. The one story I heard about Tweeting was nice but my mom is way beyond that and I have a hard time putting a sweet face on the disease!

    • Anon

      I get it, nice stories of the few, don’t cut the mustard of reality

  • Lucy

    Thanks for giving time to this important topic.  The only aspect I took some issue with was regarding the funding for research.  Yes, many other diseases get more funding, and maybe that does have to do with some ageism.  I tend to think it’s more of a somewhat necessary setting of priorities when there are limited resources to go around.  My mom is 78 and has dementia but my 16 year old son has cancer.  My mom also had cancer (successfully treated) at a younger age.  A neighbor has lost 2 kids to cystic fibrosis, and a friend’s 6 year old son has cerebral palsy.  I will probably continue to support research into the problems that afflict younger folks with much more of their life ahead of them to a greater degree than those that are more predominant in older folks, and so will many of the seniors I know.

  • Schristenson

    Many many thanks to the people who consented to be interviewed for this program and share their experiences.   As uplifting as WBUR tried to make this program, it is what it is.  I admire your spirit, in getting through each day and your guts!  Listening to the program pushed me to face how my family might handle this problem should it come about. 

  • andrea

    Nope, I simply can’t do it. This whole series causes me to switch channels. For the women in my family we know what’s coming…Grandma is 96, and has had Alzheimers for awhile, but is otherwise incredibly fit and healthy. Aside from thinking I am her daughter (instead of her granddaughter), I have no problems conversing with her. We have a full time live in caretaker with her. I know what’s coming and I don’t suppose listening to these horrible stories will change anything.

  • Margaret

    Dear all — google alzheimers coconut oil.  Good news.

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