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Rose Kennedy Greenway Wants Removal Of Occupy Boston Camp

BOSTON — The nonprofit organization that oversees the site of the Occupy Boston encampment wants the protesters out.

The chairwoman of the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy’s board said in a Tuesday letter to Mayor Thomas Menino that demonstrators have prevented the general public from enjoying Dewey Square Park and forced the cancelation of other events scheduled for the site, including an Oct. 15 food festival.

The Boston Globe reports that Chairwoman Georgia Murray also wrote that sanitary conditions have worsened, farmers selling food in the area have seen sales decline because of “noise, odors, and interference” from demonstrators, and the camp has shown “disturbing signs of drug dealing.”

A spokeswoman for the mayor says the administration is monitoring the situation and there are no current plans to forcibly evict the protesters.

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  • Shirley Kressel

    It is the Greenway Conservancy, which is nothing more than a corporate lobby for downtown real estate and other business interest, that has “occupied” our public space — and grabbed up millions of public dollars while pretending to be a “non-profit” steward of the park.  I’ve been trying to oust the Conservancy ever since it formed, knowing that it would divert millions of dollars from public services while it privatizes this state land for the benefit of its corporate members and the “nice” clientele it prefers to see in its front yard.  The Occupy movement, representing the interests of the 99%, is the rightful user of this space.  This is truly an example of the warped society Occupy is exposing — the theft by the 1% of the assets and rights of the rest of us.

    • Stop Representing My Interests

      You remind me of a Futurama quote from The Problem With Popplers…
      members of an animal rights group have setup camp in front of the Planet Express delivery building–

      Farnsworth: “Hey! Unless this is a nude love-in… get the hell off my property!”

      Free Waterfall Junior: “You can’t own property, man.”

      Farnsworth: “I can. But that’s because I’m not a penniless hippie.”

      Shirley, you said:
      “The Occupy movement, representing the interests of the 99%”

      I work a regular job, I’m in debt, my house is probably underwater, I
      would be in serious trouble if I was unemployed longer than a couple of

      By your standards I am in the 99%, but you do NOT represent my interests. 

      In that regard you are no better than these supposed 1%.  You are deciding what YOU think is good for ME and then pushing YOUR agenda. 

      Please do not do ANYTHING else “in my interest”.

      • T. Ferguson

        Maybe if you do become unemployed for a couple months you’d better understand, or perhaps have different interests.   I’d hazard a guess you haven’t even set foot in Dewey Square in order to make an informed decision, because it’s easier to sit on the sidelines and throw stones.

        • JP

          How are these two concepts related? 

          I was unemployed last year for 5 months and the year before for 3 months, and while I am in agreement with much of what the Occupy Movement is saying, I still do not want them speaking on my behalf.

          Who is Shirley to decide who is the “rightful user” of this or any other public space?  At the very least, this contradicts the meaning of the word “public.”  A space that is designed for everyone to use should not be overtaken by one group to the exclusion of others.

          The Occupy Movement has every right to voice their opinions and concerns; however, the occupation needs to have some kind of planned end – not just because they are monopolizing public space, but because the movement needs to move forward.  I think that if they continue to fight to stay there, their message will be diluted.  I don’t think their mission is to hold the world record for the most people living in tents in an urban environment.  And at worst, folks may just lose interest altogether, and that would be a shame.

          • DDGII

            I’m as sorry as you are that you fit the description of the people we hope to defend and improve the lives of. We didn’t choose to have you in the group that would benefit from the success of this movement. In fact, hearing you speak, I should regret that you would. You are so offended by the notion of us “speaking on your behalf”, why should you have any improvement to your life? 
            Because you are a person, and you deserve to have a life that improves as society progresses, not the contrary. If you don’t want to exert effort to improve the system that makes your life so much more difficult so that others can skim off the top of the fruits of your efforts, that is fine. We will work harder to make up for it. And when we win, which we will, you, too, will reap benefits. 
            The planned end is when the broken system is fixed. We aren’t moving because we have no other tools to force the improvements we want to see. We can afford no lobbyists, no campaign contributions. Have you some other non-violent method we should utilize?  If you want it to end, make that happen. If not, at least get out of the way.

          • JP

            Wow.  I did not think my remarks would attract so much venom.

            Please allow me to repeat: I am in agreement with much of what the Occupy Movement is saying.  MUCH…not ALL.  So they should presume to speak on my behalf.  That’s all.

            I think it is difficult to find any group of individuals with whom I agree in whole.  This is why I am not a member of any political party, because I am uncomfortable with the notion of being labeled as something…Democrat or Republican.  Actually, I align myself most closely with the Libertarian party, but even their platform includes tenets with which I do not agree.

            I understand the value of occupation as a tool to get people to listen.  It works, and it has worked for the Occupy Movement.  That is clear.  All I was suggesting is that the actual occupation aspect of the movement should evolve so that it doesn’t draw focus away from the issues.

            Please think about re-reading my previous comment.  I think you will find that I am not the enemy after all.

          • DDGII

            Wow, let’s back up for a second here: You heard “We’re doing this thing to help this general archetype of person or people in this majority socio-economic group”, and said “Hey, I’m in that group or groups, how dare you do things aimed at me without my permission? I don’t entirely agree with every word you’ve all said!”
            News Flash!
            You aren’t the only one, it’s not all about you, please get over yourself. Narcissist. 

          • Jelun

            Venom, JP?

          • Shirley Kressel

            You and Jelun are both very concerned that Occupy, or Shirley, might be stepping on your absolute rights of decision.  But my posting was really about the Greenway Conservancy, a corporate lobby that took control over the state’s park — the whole park, not just one parcel –  and is deciding who can use it and how; this  private business group is now telling the city government to use the police to enforce its demands.  Does that worry either of you? 

          • Shirley Kressel

            Sorry, I addressed my last comment to JP and Stop Representing My Interests, not Jelun.

          • Shirley Kressel

            Well, then, I guess you are getting the government you deserve.  Unfortunately, the rest of us are getting it too.

          • JP

            I think you, too, should re-read my original comment as well as the one I just posted.

            It has become clear to me that anyone not chanting “Rah Rah Rah” to the Occupy Movement is immediately demonized.

      • Jelun

        If you are in debt you are already in serious trouble.
        I have no interest in attacking you. This movement is not about individuals, it is about the future of our society. Like it or not you are a part of that.
        We went through this decades ago when it took years for people to see the error of being involved in Viet Nam and before that when people could not face the disaster that became the depression of the ’30s.
        You don’t have to be represented, you don’t have to be active. You will reap the benefits of the foresight of those out there working for the 99% regardless of your views.

    • kate

      When you use the word “warped”, you might want to look in the mirror. As the comment below, you are representing yourself, not the rest of us.

    • Jelun

      Seems to me, Shirley, this is more of the “haves” running the lives of the “have just a littles”.
      I am not a Boston resident, I am south of Boston, but, I want the 99%ers there representing me and others like me who do not have the opportunity to make that impact.
      If there is drug dealing (and who knows) I cannot imagine this is simply because these folks are there. It would be happening in a different spot in the city.
      Would that be the decriminalized drug use that we have in this state?
      Someone should tell that woman that the protesters ARE the general public.
      It has been so long since the greenway was newsworthy that I cannot remember for sure, is it public land? Well, my quick research tells me that it is public. Why should the protesters go?
      What is more important a food festival or the future of our nation?
      Do the folks involved with the conservancy really not understand that it is discomfort that will bring about some movement?

  • Travis8588

    Yes, Greenway events are much more important than history in the making in the face of an incredibly and painfully stratified society, with huge wealth gaps. That won’t alienate the 99% more, im sure! Nothing like some wealthy horticulture society complaining about odors and drugs, when lord knows, they have the money to avoid these things…

    • Shirley Kressel

      Would that it were some wealthy horticulture society!  It is nothing but a front for the Artery Business Committee, which includes all the big real estate developers and other corporations of Boston (and the region)!  They are pretending to be protecting the petunias, when in fact they have been protecting their real estate values, and now, with Occupy, they are protecting their very claim to their vast privileges.  This really has nothing to do with gardening.  It is all about the actual 1% that Occupy is talking about, curtailing our rights to complain about their hijacking of our economy — by hijacking our public space and our first amendment rights, and pretending solicitously that they’re  doing it for us, for our lovely park experience.

  • Mario

    If you want Occupy Boston to stay,  you can sign the petition to the Conservancy and to Menino:

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