Romney Responds To Email Controversy

PETERBOROUGH, NH — While most of the Republican presidential candidates appeared at an event in Iowa Saturday night, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney held a town hall meeting here in Peterborough, N.H.

He addressed the controversy over email records from his administration. Romney says his staff members were allowed to buy their government-issued hard drives as a way to protect privacy.

Romney was asked why his staff bought their hard drives when no other administration before had.

“Hard drives have the information of emails,” Romney said. “They have information that can be confidential and private and can be obtained…if you’re not going to make something public you don’t make it public.”

Romney said the hard drives might well have contained privileged and medical information. He did not explain why his staff was the first to be allowed to buy back their hard drives.

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  • Anonymous

    A state’s legislature makes the laws, so I don’t know why they would approve a law allowing appointed staff to purchase their hard-disks, unless they thought it was a good idea. Perhaps someone ought to ask Massachusetts legislative leaders why they would vote to allow appointed staff to purchase the hard-disks.

    • Billy

      I guess one would have to think about your hard drive at work.  Would you like to have every personal email and every website you visited from your office computer made public?  It might not be embarassing but it could very well be very extremely sensitive in nature.  When you think about a government employee who works many long and hard hours of service there are bound to be a few personal items that in the honor of privacy should be kept from the public record.  Mitt was not trying to hide anything just respect their personal lives. 

    • Anonymous

      It’s very common to allow people to purchase their office possessions – they spend most of their waking time with those items, are used to them, and think of them as their own.

      Billy’s argument is of course inane. Public records laws have always permitted the protection of personal information.

  • Rgscrog

    Why would anyone use their government computer for personal reasons? The tax payers purchased those computers. You don’t do personal crap on public business. There’s more to it than the reasons given.

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