Menino To Occupy Protesters: Clear Out By Midnight

BOSTON — (New story is here.)

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has a warning for Occupy Boston protesters: clear Dewey Square by midnight.

Menino spokeswoman Dot Joyce said if they refuse to leave police would take “necessary and appropriate” action to remove the encampment.

“The court order’s very specific that they’re breaking the regulations of the [Greenway] conservancy and they don’t have the right to be there,” Menino said early Thursday.

Menino says the reason for the midnight deadline is the public’s interest.

“I’ve always said from day one if you listen that we are not going to tolerate any violation of public safety and there are some concerns down there about public safety,” he said.

Following the mayor’s deadline, Occupy Boston tweeted: “If you can come to Dewey Sq now, we need your help packing up and moving valuable tents and equipment offsite. We need all hands on deck!”

The director of the Massachusetts ACLU, Carol Rose, says midnight is not enough time for people who want to leave. She also says police shouldn’t converge on protesters in the middle of the night.

“We can do better than that here in Boston,” Rose said. “We don’t have to do it just because they did it in places like Oakland and New York.”

The move comes a day after Suffolk Superior Court Judge Frances McIntyre rejected the protesters’ request to ban the city from removing them.

The judge said the protesters have no First Amendment right “to seize and hold” the park where they are camping, and must abide by city regulations.

A lawyer representing the protesters, Jeffrey Feuer, said he would hold off filing a motion with the judge to stay her ruling until after protesters hold an evening meeting.

“There is a reason for a movement like that, but they never came down with a specific issue or one specific reason and they changed every day and I think it’s important that we try to carry those issues forward, but not on Dewey Square,” Menino said.

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  • 99percent

    If Mayor Menino was really that concerned with public safety, how come he’s not ordering the police to arrest the scumbags that have tanked our economy and caused millions of people financial distress.  I would think having a big chunk of your population all of a sudden penniless would be a public safety concern.

    Apparently not.  We can all be homeless vagrants and Menino will be gleaming at how well he’s keeping the public safe!  Pass the sick bag please…

  • 99percent

    One more thing, it’s clearly in the public’s interest for the Occupiers to REMAIN in occupation.  They are after all speaking for the 99% of Americans WITH NO VOICE!  They do in fact represent the public’s interest. 

    How can Mayor Menino, one man, decide what’s in the public’s interest?  His comment is a bold faced lie.  The midnight deadline is in the CORPORATE interest…please don’t get fooled.

  • outraged

    The mayor shows his true colors with his “clear out”  warning to protesters. I agree with the previous writer–the protesters represent the 99% outraged public and shame on the mayor 
    for failing to protect their rights over the 1 % percent. How quickly he seems to forget Bos-
    ton was where the fist shot for liberty and freedom were heard around the world Shame on

  • Tax payer

    Let’s put Mayor Menino in the Corporate category after his appalling warning to the protesters.

    Disgusted Tax payer of Massachusetts 

  • Yeah!

    The protesters may think they represent the 99% outraged public, but the public does not support these protesters anymore.  According to a new survey by Public Policy Polling, the appeal of the protests seems to be wearing thin with Americans. Their favorability has only decreased slightly in the poll, from 35% in October to 33% now, but those opposed to OWS have increased from 36% to 45% in that time. (http://www.mediaite.com/online/new-poll-shows-occupy-wall-street-protests-waning-in-popularity/)

    • 99percent

      Please don’t forget the effect Media has on public opinion.  The ONLY thing Polls are a good measure of, is the effectiveness of Media influence on public opinion. The reason the poll results are what they are is because the Media portrayal of the Occupy Movement has successfully DIVIDED the 99%.

      If the Media portrayed the movement in a UNIFYING manner then I can assure you the poll results would be quite different!

      To help explain this point, I provide an example of this in action by a CNN reporter at a Tea Party Rally.  Both movements are really fighting for the same thing.  The Media would like to tell you that one movement is “Conservative” and the other is “Liberal”…successfully dividing people with a serious common interest! Shame on you Journalists and Reporters that continue to divide the 99%!

      Here’s the link to example:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6xWGvdRQ9Q

      Please listen carefully to the women who speaks out at about 2:20 minutes.

  • 99percent

    Quote:  “There is a reason for a movement like that, but they never came down
    with a specific issue or one specific reason and they changed every day
    and I think it’s important that we try to carry those issues forward,
    but not on Dewey Square,” Menino said.

    Menino wants his cake AND eat it too!?

    Sounds like a fishhead to me:  http://www.fisheadmovie.com/

  • Beantown Johnny

    Hey Mr. Menino: Have you forgotten your working class roots? Do you really think you are part of the 1% that controls the wealth and the power? If that is the case, you have overstayed your welcome as mayor of this town.

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