Cops: Lt. Gov. Murray’s Car Hit 108 MPH Before Crash

BOSTON — Police say Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray was traveling 108 miles per hour moments before his car hit a ledge and overturned last November.

State police ticketed Murray on Tuesday for speeding, not wearing a seat belt and a lane violation in the pre-dawn highway crash.

The police report shows Murray may have briefly fallen asleep. Murray says that he believes he fell asleep.

“I was not on the phone, I was not emailing, I was not texting, I know that I can tell you that,” he said Tuesday. “I had nothing to drink.”

Murray said he takes responsibility for the Nov. 2 accident on Interstate 190 in Sterling. He escaped with scrapes and bruises.

Murray initially told reporters he was driving around the speed limit, wearing his seat belt and that his car hit black ice.

On Tuesday, Murray said he accepts the police version of the accident, and conceded he should have been more careful. He says he’s lucky he wasn’t injured.

He said he’ll pay the $555 fine and reimburse the state for the car.

With reporting by The Associated Press and the WBUR Newsroom

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  • mel

    So now he’s caught lying and  says he thinks he fell asleep driving.

    But first he said he left his house just moments earlier because he couldn’d sleep and went out to view storm damage. And now we are supposed to believe he fell asleep driving after leaving his house because he couldn’t sleep. Yea ok.

  • RobN

    This guy is a lying sack of crap. Just another democrat in Massachusetts that the left wing sheep accommodate.

  • Zandeerae

    A wonderful example for all of us!  Politicians!

  • Chaslo

    I think we have yet to hear the real story.   Why would he first report that he had his seat belt on and hit a patch of ice, when it now appears that neither was true?  Why did he feel it necessary to drive at 100 mph?  How could anyone fall asleep while driving at 100 mph?  If he had been driving at the speed limit (65 mph?) at the time he fell asleep, how could he then continue to drive asleep for the time and distance required for the car to reach 100 mph before finally  going off the road and hitting something?  

  • Anonymous

    Why did the State Police only issue a $555 ticket.  I know someone that ‘fell asleep’ and crashed just like Murray – They got ‘Driving to Endanger’ and loss of License for 9 month.  No prior driving violations ever, it was after working a double shift and 4am in the morning.
    Seems like discrimination to me.  Perhaps my friend should sue the State Police for Discrimination.  Murray and the responding officer can be subpenaed  as witnesses.

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