Gingrich Talks Immigration, Campaign Finance In Manchester

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Newt Gingrich held a post-debate town hall meeting in Manchester that had all the trappings of a candidate looking ahead to primaries in South Carolina, Nevada, and Florida as he watches his New Hampshire poll numbers sink.

The town hall, held at Don Quijote’s, a restaurant just off I-295, began with Gingrich’s daughter Cathy. She introduced her father in Spanish and said that as a resident of Miami, the Latino community was especially important to her and her father.

Gingrich has been attacked by fellow GOP candidates for his proposed immigration policy that would provide a path to residency illegal immigrants who’ve been living in the U.S. for 20 years or more. Gingrich elaborated on the policy today, proposing a “local citizens certification board” that would have the power to grant residency to undocumented immigrants who satisfied certain criteria. Gingrich did not specify the criteria, but did say the boards would not be able to confer citizenship on immigrants. “The American people are not heartless,” Gingrich said. “We want to end people being forced to live in the shadows.”

Occupy protesters gathered outside the restaurant as Gingrich spoke. Several protesters attended the town hall and interrupted Gingrich as he took questions about the influence of money in politics.

“The practical reality is that people who want to influence politics with money can,” Gingrich said. “I would like to see a simple change in election law where anyone could give as much money to any candidate as they wanted, as long as it is reported on the Internet that day.”

Newt went on to say that such a policy would help “normal people get elected, not just millionaires.”

Gingrich did not comment on the legalization of super PACs, organizations unaffiliated with candidates that can spend unlimited sums on election advertising. Gingrich has been a vocal supporter of the Supreme Court decision that authorized such spending.

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  • Dave Francis

    Unexpected last few nights were the ABC television, NBC Facebook
    debates with no questions about a major issue, a complete disinterest in the
    issue of illegal immigration which cannot be disregarded? It is important today
    as any other ardent situation that is wrecking the economic recovery in
    America. This problem has been seen as gathering momentum since the beginning
    of the race to the White House, yet only certain social and foreign policy
    issues were bounced towards the candidates by the Narrators? Like millions of
    Americans and certainly the teeming members of the TEA Party want to know, what
    each contender will do about this gathering storm? We hear rhetoric everyday
    from the Liberal press, edged on by the hard left, but all the other side has
    done is divide the country. Nobody believes there is a slowing down of this foreign
    occupation, whether they appear here from airline flights or across our
    insignificant border.


    Illegal immigration is far from insignificant—it is very
    significant and costing taxpayers billions of dollars. In the last few years
    according to the Hermitage Foundation, costs have risen to $113 Billion dollars
    a year, with $64 Billion dollars in illegal workers currency transferred to
    foreign banks. Each state is unfairly committed by the federal courts to subsidize
    their illegal residents; health care, children’s education must be paid for by
    taxpayers. This is average outlay to legal-natives and resident households of
    $1,117 annually. Since the burdens of illegal immigration are not equally dispersed,
    the costs are much higher in states with large illegal alien populations. Even
    with this major problem with this invasion, for decades the different
    administrations have been pouring in at least just over a MILLION LEGAL
    IMMIGRANTS per year. This should be reduced to the top occupations, based on
    ability and skills at the highest level. But the Dept of Labor is still
    allowing corporations, placing work permits on medium skilled, that should be
    unacceptable when there are 22 million Americans jobless?


    The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) States: 

    1. Education: for the children of illegal aliens represents
    the single largest public expenditure at an annual cost of $52 billion. Nearly
    all of that cost is absorbed by state and local governments.

    2. The federal government recoups about one-third of its share
    of the costs of illegal immigration in the form of taxes collected. States,
    which bear a much greater share of the costs, recoup a mere 5 percent of their
    expenditures from taxes paid by illegal aliens.

    3. Granting amnesty to illegal aliens, as President Obama
    and others propose, would not significantly increase tax revenues generated by
    current illegal aliens. However, over time, amnesty would dramatically increase
    public costs as newly-legalized aliens become eligible for all means-tested
    government programs.

    4. Arizona’s annual cost of illegal
    immigration is $2.5 billion.



     President Obama has
    persistently promised that his aim is to pass any form of Amnesty, and that he is
    accomplishing this without the consent of Congress. It is obvious that this has
    been approved for the abundant votes for President Obama’s reelection, as this
    will accommodate all those here illegally and favorable to families with roots
    here. I just want to know how the Obama administration is going to add $2.6
    Trillion dollars to arrange this covert amnesty, since Robert Rector of the
    prestigious Heritage Foundation has reported.  For decades now the majority of Americans have
    been blatantly clear, that they don’t want any amnesty and just to follow the
    law. Not only is this a key issue–but in a Rasmussen national telephone survey
    released in November  shows that 65 percent of voters oppose birth-right
    citizenship, for babies of illegal alien mothers.

    Of course now we have to depend on the new presidential candidates, to rescind
    any laws that are inherently not constitutional? We have already seen the court-forced
    appropriations of taxpayers’ money to support not only the 20 million illegal
    aliens who have arrived here and stayed, but the most deplorable judicial
    response to the 14th amendment. It’s clear that Americans are angry at having
    to pay for the smuggled babies of illegal alien mothers. These Individuals have
    violated our laws to enter the United States and in thousands of cases intentionally
    becoming pregnant, so they have a chance to override the citizenship law and
    able to stay. Once pregnant, illegal females are usually not applicable for
    deportation, so then they can take full advantage of the child’s right to
    citizenship. Owing to the massive expenditures to county and municipal
    hospitals, each year over 300–to 450.000 illegal alien mother or parent can
    ride the child’s welfare, food stamps, low income housing. That only
    ‘Birthright Citizenship Bill’ (H.R.140) can rescind this judicial misinterpreted
    assessment piece in the 14th Amendment.

    Along with ‘Legal Workforce Act,’ (H.R. 2885) or publicly known better as
    Mandatory E-Verify, we can begin to arrest and eventually halt illegal
    immigration. If our incoherent lawmakers introduce the Lamar Smith bill in the
    House, then aliens now working illegally throughout the United States will be
    unable to find work. The core problem is that businesses have ignored these laws,
    because they were able to strongly influence Congress. But with H.R.2885 passed
    in Washington, these company owners will be facing harsh penalties, including
    prison. There is relevant information for you to read at the pro-sovereignty
    and limited legal immigration at NumbersUSA web-pages.

    The liberal press and open border opponents have in desperation tried hard to asphyxiate
    these mentioned laws, explicitly Mandatory E-Verify. This is predominant policy
    of the Left wing in the Democrat party who has been incessantly pressing to
    stifle the TEA PARTY. They cannot comprehend that tens of millions of people
    are joining the TEA PARTY or that the TEA PARTY is succeeding in its
    recruitment of uncountable numbers of ordinary voters. Thousands of citizens
    and legal residents of all nationalities have been greeted and are now
    paralyzing the ‘Pro Quid pro’, or simple put “favor for a favor”; what has
    always been the established way of corruption in Congress. The TEA PARTY is
    ‘everybody’ in America, which is an every racial mix and not just white people?
    Although special interests have rotted away at our politician’s sense of
    integrity, a new hierarchy of earnest TEA PARTY leaders is overhauling the
    House, with their honest tenancy. Long term career politicians have seen the
    writing on the wall and packing their bags, already assured of a new job at the
    distasteful K street lobbyist Den. The legislator  favor-buyers have already made millions from
    their special privileges, but the door is closing and a new ‘hopefully’ honest
    tier of fresh faces are in the Senate and House, by the behest of the peoples

    Everybody is complaining about both parties in Washington, but are hesitant to
    find a few minutes to contact their Senators or Congress persons at 202-224-3121,
    demanding their lawmakers vote for both federal mandatory E-Verify and amending
    the ‘Birthright Citizenship’ Bill. These two laws must find passage before the
    offset of the 2012 election. Once enacted into law a massive exodus will
    commence, as illegal aliens and family members will return to their country of
    origin. The average American does not seem to understand they have all the
    power in their VOTE? They remain unconvinced that their angry voice can change
    the insidious direction we are facing in a Socialist inspired future, evident
    of this engorged current government who are changing the ‘Rule of Law’.


    The TEA PARTY will never relent in their determination to
    enforce all 1986 immigration laws. Tea Party politicians once they get an
    overruling number of politicians In Congress will rescind any Sanctuary City
    ordinances, Dream Act laws, 287 G federal training programs, mandate “Secure
    Communities” and anything that rewards illegal aliens, which Obama is forcing to



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