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Sen. Brown Defends Defeated Health Care Measure

BOSTON — U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is defending his support of an amendment that would have allowed employers or health insurers to deny coverage for services they say violated their moral or religious beliefs.

The Senate defeated the amendment Thursday.

The Massachusetts Republican says he believed the measure would have prevented the federal government from compelling individuals, including Catholics, from going against their religious beliefs.

Brown’s chief Democratic rival Elizabeth Warren argued that the amendment was an attack on women’s health care and would have given employers and insurers broad leeway to deny coverage for birth control.

The debate over the measure prompted a recent pair of dueling radio ads from Warren and Brown.

Democratic U.S. Sen. John Kerry also opposed the measure, calling it “a back-door dismantling of health care rights.”

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  • Trout

    The republican want to take this count6ry back to the dark ages if they  can pay for Viagra they can pay for birth control . 

  • Amckinnon27

    People are free to not use contraception based on religious beliefs. People should NOT be allowed to force their religious beliefs on others by refusing coverage based on personal religious beliefs. That is just plain wrong- and any legislation that gives people the right to force their religion on others is unconstitutional. We wouldn’t allow employers to refuse to offer ANY health care coverage on the basis that they are Christian Scientists, would we? No. Because that would be absurd. Scott Brown has demonstrated a clear failure to support both women’s rights and the separation of church and state. He is unfit to be representing anyone in Senate.

  • wareinparis

    Scott Brown does not appear to understand why supporting a law that would allow employers to impose their values on our health care is wrong. This is disturbing. What other fundamental things does he not grasp?

  • Eileen55Bonnie

    Trout- Thank you.  Birth control pills are used for many MEDICAL reasons that women might need these. 

    Viagra has no medical need for health reason. Without this medication (that most if not all plans) pay for, I do not know of a condition that will be life saving or killing if this medcation is not taken.

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