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Editor Of BU Paper Resigns In Wake Of Rape Spoof

BOSTON — The editor in chief of Boston University’s student newspaper has resigned following an April Fools’ story that made light of rape and drug use.

The chairwoman of The Daily Free Press’ board of directors posted on the paper’s website Tuesday that it had asked Chelsea Diana to resign and she had done so.

Monday’s print-only edition led with “seven frat dwarves” arrested for drugging and sexually assaulting a female student, “the fairest of them all,” and a picture of Snow White’s drink and a date-rape drug.

Diana wrote in an apology that the edition was “callous and ignorant.”

A university spokesman said the paper is independent and the administration does not control content.

BU recently named a commission to study its men’s hockey culture after two players were accused of assaulting women.

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  • Anonymous

    I guessed that this ‘prank’ that takes issues of date rape and date rape drugs so lightly would have been published/written by a male.  Imagine my surprise to find it was a woman!

  • Iceman

    The editor was railroaded by humorless sorts. How did they get in power? They should resign and leave life to the imaginative.

  • Gforman

    As a parent of a BU girl, I find no humor in the what the editor allowed. That being said, I am not the audience for the paper.

  • acollegetry9

    The fact that she was asked to resign was ridiculous! Sure, maybe an apology to the people who couldn’t see the satire in it, however the piece did two things, 1.) called out frat “dwarves” who think rape and subjugation of woman is an acceptable way to act/think and 2.) ridiculed the writing of authors such as Tucker Max, and how they profit from from that exact behavior. It’s satire! Somehow she got accused of “rape insensitivity” which is the exact topic she was attacking. And of course, wanting to avoid even more bad press on their part, BU asks her to resign in order to make this seem right. WHERE’S FREEDOM OF SPEECH? This is a student paper! Higher educational politics…I don’t get it. 
    The issue here isn’t rape insensitivity – it’s the fact society continually rewards and upholds hyper-masculine behavior, like the demeaning of women. This poor girl tries to address that issue and is yet again, subjugated by the system.

  • Nbel Suk

    I agree, that is a little harsh. UVM has a student run paper called the Watertower devoted to satire and they publish stories of a similar nature regularly, though hardly ever as explicit just for a laugh. An apology would have been enough, but as a result of recent events I can see how any involvement with the word ‘rape’ would lead to a drastic and harsh by those in charge.

  • Shep1313

    So much for the Daily “Free” Press huh.. Only as free and independent as BU says I guess. As a former columnist for this paper I am ashamed of he editor for such poor taste, but much more ashamed of the school for their response.

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