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Prosecutors Seek 25-Year Sentence For Mehanna

BOSTON — Federal prosecutors are recommending a 25-year prison sentence for a Massachusetts man convicted of conspiring to help al-Qaida.

Tarek Mehanna of Sudbury was convicted in December of traveling to Yemen to seek training in a terrorist camp with the intention of going on to Iraq to fight U.S. soldiers there.

He is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday.

In a sentencing recommendation filed in court Tuesday, prosecutors said that although Mehanna was not successful in getting terrorist training, he attempted to engage in violent actions himself and worked to recruit others to do so.

Mehanna’s lawyers say he should not be sentenced to more than 6.5 years in prison. They say he never ended up receiving terrorist training, never provided any funds or weapons to al-Qaida and never actually threatened U.S. security interests.

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  • Dee

    What an injustice and drummed up charges by Federal agents and prosecutors against this man .
    It is shameful that anyone in public service or indeed in the judiary would sign their name to such charges . This man he did nothing wrong as his lawyers pointed out and no one was harmed.  This confirms the absurdity of the FBI’s charges….and what it seems is happening to Muslims in America—as this retired New York Lawyer found out when he follow a FBI sting operation in New Jersey area.Waiting for Mercy Still, i cannot understand why Mehanna’s defense team  and especially the Muslim Community isn’t coming together and denouncing the FBI targeting of Muslim men  and Racial Profiling by the  FBI…This would put a stop to the FBI’s abuse of the law and Muslim rights….

  • Dee


    Here is Ralph Nadar and Bruce Fein talking about the Government’s abuse on American civil liberties and the Constitution at Harvard law School in 2012

  • Dee

    Oops here is Ralph Nadar and Bruce Fein

  • gardenia

    If Mehanna is so innocent what was he doing?  In my opinion, he was up to bad business.  He is an adult and terrorism is not child’s play.  This is a very sensitive issue for we Americans.  Do not forget 9/11.  6.5 year sentence is a joke.  Somebody suggested 65 years.  Maybe 75 would be better.  Put him where he cannot aid al-Quaida ever again.

  • Gardenia

    Plus Dee, whose side are you on?

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