Former Boston Mayor Flynn Endorses Sen. Brown

Former Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn, right, endorses Sen. Scott Brown outside Sullivan's restaurant, in South Boston Monday. (AP)

Former Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn, right, endorses Sen. Scott Brown in South Boston Monday. (AP)

BOSTON — Former Democratic Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn has endorsed Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown in his re-election campaign.

WBUR’s Fred Thys just reported for our Newscast unit:

Flynn is from South Boston, and his endorsement came at lunchtime [today] in front of a classic South Boston locale: Sullivan’s at Castle Island. Flynn endorsed George W. Bush over Al Gore in 2000, but he says that was an exception.

“It’s true that I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, and I’ve supported Democrats most of my life,” Flynn said. “I believe in the Democratic Party, but this election is very, very special. This election is about putting the United States back on the right track.”

As The Hill notes, Flynn also backed Brown when Brown beat Democrat Martha Coakley to win his Senate seat. The Springfield Republican additionally reported earlier this month that Flynn is supporting presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney in the presidential race.

Fred added that Flynn recently sided with Brown — and against President Obama — over whether Catholic hospitals and universities should have to provide employees with health coverage for contraception.

After serving as Boston’s mayor, Flynn became the United States’ ambassador to the Vatican.

The Boston Globe reports that former Worcester Mayor Konnie Lukes, another conservative Democrat, is also endorsing Brown.

Update at 4:25 p.m.: In a statement, a Massachusetts Democratic Party spokesman said the party isn’t “surprised” by the endorsements.

“Former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn and former Worcester Mayor Lukes are part of a group of Massachusetts political leaders who register as Democrats but regularly support Republican candidates and Republican policies,” the spokesman said.

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  • J__o__h__n

    Why doesn’t he leave the party?  He endorsed Bush.  He endorsed Romney.  Endorsing Republicans isn’t an exception; it gets this forgotten hack back in the headlines. 

  • lokicat3

    the old boy network transcends parties.  What a complete and utter fake.  I guess it’s anyone but a woman with Flynn.  Anyone but a progressive who cares about residents of Mass. who are struggling.  My husband and I are voting for Elizabeth Warren.  She alone has the integrity that we are seeking.  Scott Brown is a glory hound, right winger just waiting to get in for a full term to show his true colors.  I gave up on Brown when he didn’t even go after the man who tried to molest him (as a kid) in a summer camp.  The guy is probably still molesting for all we know.  He failed to Do the Right Thing. Brown has no integrity.

  • gardenia

    I am horrified by these “old dogs” playing footsie with the Republicans.  Scott Brown is cute but he is a Republican who votes with his party EVERY TIME.  Get him out of Washington.  Elizabeth Warren is a scholar, realist and with higher moral values in addition to her greater intelligence.  The next thing we know he will join the Tea Partiers.  Very Dangerous! 

  • Sheridanhugh

    I agree with almost everything Elizabeth Warren says and I disagree with Scott Brown but I am voting for Scott Brown because he believes in Religious Liberty and Elizabeth Warren doesn’t.  Religious Liberty is golden to me and most Americans

  • David King

    Gardenia, get your facts straight. do your research rather than just spread incorrect facts. If you review Scott Browns voting record, he often votes out of line with republicans such as the debt increase. Your comments are geared towards defamation rather than providing facts.
    With Elizabeth Warren using “minority status” to climb the ladder in life should not be overlooked. I as an American Indian, and yes a democrat, I am appalled that she would claim she is American Indian when she is only 1/32 according to factual documents. How many minorities lost opportunities because of her claim where she landed the job instead? This is the real question we should be asking in this election. This tells me she will be deceitful to accomplish anything. Scott Brown has helped our state in many ways and he represents the people while doing it without claiming to be something he is not. I urge you to review his voting record and be more knowledgeable on your facts.
    This Democrat, and my family are for Scott Brown.
    David King

    • PBH

       What minorities “lost opportunities because of her claim where she landed the job instead”?  You make a statement without fact.  I bet you don’t even know where her listing as Native American even was – not on a job application as you suggest.  The deceitful one, the one who chooses to defame without providing facts is you, and one should judge a man by those who keep his company, and you seem to keep the company of Senator Brown who seems to use others to sully the reputation of his opponent, rather than to do so himself, like a man.  You will lie for Scott Brown, apparently, and without compunction.  Sadly, you do no service for Mr Brown, but just add the meme that he is an empty suit, a man without substance who brags about imaginary secret meetings with kings and queens and heads of state.  Sad, that.

    • Quiran

      Really? You think the pick-up and the carhard (sp) overalls were authentic? Brown is like Romney, he blows with the wind. BTW, Warren never was hired based on her heritage or ethnic background.

  • http://twitter.com/occupyglosta occupyglosta

    And if you vote for Scott Brown, Ray will personally come by and re-light your furnace. WHETHER IT’S WINTER OR NOT.
       The Koch Brothers and Karl Rove have also endorsed Mr. Brown. And with CASH MONEY.

  • Jabv

    Ray spent too much time at the Vatican.

  • kctpac

    If he is this out of touch with the  National political scene as a Democrat ,  he needs a neuropscyh screening.           

  • PBH

    Ray Flynn – if you LIKE George W Bush, you’ll LOVE Scott Brown!  What an endorsement!  Ray Flynn sure knows how to pick ‘em. 


  • Quiran

    This is dispicable. Hopefully he will be expelled form the Democrat party.

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