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Document Links Warren To Cherokees

BOSTON — A genealogist has uncovered evidence that Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren does have Native American heritage as she claims.

Christopher Child of the New England Historic and Genealogy Society said Monday he found an 1894 document in which Warren’s great-great-great grandmother is listed as Cherokee, which would make the Harvard Law School professor 1/32nd American Indian. Child says more research is needed.

Warren is the likely challenger to Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown.

Questions have arisen over whether Warren has represented herself as a minority during her academic career. She says she does not remember doing so.

Warren says she wasn’t aware that Harvard had listed her as a Native American faculty member in the 1990s.

Brown’s campaign manager says the situation “raises serious questions” about Warren’s credibility.

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  • gardenia

    Scott Brown is a somewhat ignorant pretty boy who used to pose nude for low grade magazines.  Elizabeth Warren is a brilliant scholar and a gentlewoman besides  being a Native American.  There is no comparisson whatsoever.  Plus she is a loyal Democrat.  Get that silly man out of Washington and vote for Elizabeth Warren.  Brown is pretty darn tricky, always voting the Republican party line.

    • Mokyd

      She lied she tried to get overDeal with it

      • Gwenb

        Lying Lizzie

  • Iceman

    People criticizing her are  not American citizens.

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