MBTA Considers Selling Station Names



The cash-strapped MBTA could soon try selling naming rights to 11 prominent subway stations in Boston and Cambridge.

As the Associated Press reports:

The proposal presented on Tuesday to the finance committee of the T’s Board of Directors would allow high bidders to attach their corporate names to the existing names of subway stations.

“We’re always looking at ways to raise new revenues that aren’t at the fare box,” state Transportation Secretary Richard Davey told NECN Wednesday morning.

According to the Boston Globe, the T “could garner $18.4 million total a year if [the 11] stations found suitors. Over eight years, that would translate into $147 million.”

Mark Boyle, the MBTA’s assistant general manager for development, told the Globe that the funds could then be used for station and train upgrades.

Davey said that similar plans have been adopted in other large cities, such as Philadelphia and Chicago.

The corporate names would join, and not replace, the traditional station names. And Davey said the corporate sponsors would receive careful consideration.

“We want to be tasteful,” Davey said on NECN. He joked: “You wouldn’t see Yawkey Station sponsored by the New York Yankees, for example.”

Here, from BostInno, are the 11 stations that could get altered names under the proposal:

- Airport
- Back Bay
- Boylston
- Copley Square
- Downtown Crossing
- Harvard
- Kendall
- North Station
- Park Street
- South Station
- State Street

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  • J__o__h__n

    They wouldn’t change the names to add the BPL to Copley but are going to whore out the station names now.  What company would want to be identified with the T? 

  • Dogsweat

    now we’ll have boring names like citi and bank of america station.  turning into manhattan…

  • Light Positive

    this is fine for a quick fix but the MBTA NEED to look internally for fix it’s problems.   The money from these big companies will help for a bit but the MBTA will blow through that in no time and then we will be back to square one!  The MBTA doesn’t seem to be making any internal changes to help with their budget/spending.  They don’t seem to be owning up to their own problems… 

  • J__o__h__n

    Why not sell the naming nights for Richard Davey?  He gets a lot of press and that could be valuable branding real estate for a corporation. 

  • Peter

    The MBTA turns away customers on a daily basis, skipping bus stops and turning away passengers on the B line. How can they be having revenue problem?

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