Watch: Lyme Disease Panel Discussion

In conjunction with our special Lyme disease series, WBUR hosted an expert panel to discuss prevention, coping with the disease, and changing our thinking and behavior as tick-borne diseases become more prevalent. Re-watch the discussion here:

Living With Lyme

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  • Nik

    WBUR:  Is this panel discussion still on?  Now 12 minutes after start time.  We don’t mind waiting as long as it’s going to happen.  Please post an update.

  • Steph

    Come on Panel, I want to see the discussion!

  • Steph

    Great, you’re talking about prevention and Chronic Lyme Disease, and didn’t think it was important to have a LLMD.

  • Geotine1

    a little hard to hear

  • Dbenbass

    The panel needs mics!

  • Geotine1

    ut oh podcast went offline..

  • Geotine1

    I have video and no audio…is this true with anyone else?

  • Geotine1

    got it back…im good now

  • shazdancer

    Question: was the protest against the Lyme vaccine part of the distrust of the medical profession in general?

    In my opinion, NO. People in Lyme endemic areas were waiting for a vaccine. But Lymerix was giving people arthritis, and making others sick. It was the Internet that could spread this information rapidly, so that people could stear clear of it. Dr. Statlender’s comments are right on the money.

  • http://twitter.com/leahbucia Leah Bucia

    Why are they talking so much about prevention when it is living with Lyme?

  • Aunty

    Damned right Sheila!  The advocacy group were aware of the number of victims of LYMErix!  Those with the susceptible gene are said to be condemned to a lifetime of chronic Lyme symptoms,simply  from taking the shot. 

    The revelation that Alan Steere knewbeforehand,  that up to 30% of Lymerix recipients might have an “adverse reaction” smacks of a complete lack of  professional ethics.
    But when one favors personal gain over possible conflict of interest issues, one might expect that  “public health” will be jeopardized.

    I hope that NPR and PBS will not promulgate more stories designed to sway public opinion towards considering the reintroduction of Lymerix.  Scientists need to go back to the drawing board.  Let sleeping dogs lie.

  • Hil

    Will a video of this panel discussion be available in its entirety after this is over? I missed the first hour.  Thanks!!

  • shazdancer

    Tick habitat: don’t forget that ticks hitchhike on your indoor/outdoor pets and can bring them into your home, and into your bed if your pets sleep with you. Ticks also love mice, so if you have a mouse infestation you may also have ticks. Ticks also like some birds and small mammals, so avoid feeding them near the house.

  • shazdancer

    The Lone Star tick has been found as far north as Maine, so it is definitely in coastal Massachusetts already.

  • shazdancer

    My question: If nymphal ticks seem to “prefer” deer to reproduce, do they climb higher than larval ticks in order to quest for deer?

  • Aunty

    Synthetic pyrethroids are not “natural” – they contain adjuvent chemicals to make them longer-lasting, which are endocrine disrupters.  (Suspected to cause breast and prostate cancer.)

    Nevertheless these sprays are commonly used indoors for bed bug control, when a more expensive high-heat treatment is more effective, and completely without risk. 

    Synthetic pyrethrins are highly dangerous to fish and other aquatic creatures, so outdoor use, where runoff could affect a pond or lake, is contraindicated.

  • Steph

    Igenex for Western Blot is the best but still not 100% accurate.

  • Steph

    I’m disapointed with this panel and host.

  • shazdancer

    A wonderful discussion of the problems with Western Blot antibody testing. Igenex also reports more bands than other tests, which are bound by the CDC reporting criteria, do.

    But less controversially, there are doctors who will not recognize a bull’s eye rash as Lyme disease, and will do blood tests at the rash stage, when blood test accuracy is only about 50% accurate. We need more education of our doctors on the things we all can agree on about Lyme, let alone the controversial aspects. 

  • shazdancer

    Thanks, Lyme panel!

  • songberdy

    Darn I missed it!

    • benswasey

      The video of the full discussion has now been posted above. Thanks.

  • Alexander Davis

    According to people at Naushon (7.4 square miles), there are way more than 60 deer there (probably 100 or so) which no doubt accounts for the ticks found by Dr. Mather.  

    .  As reported in The
    New York Times  5/31/12, Paul Curtis,
    extension wildlife specialist at Cornell University, says that to get the tick
    population down to a reasonable level, “you need deer densities of 6-8 deer per
    square mile or less.”

  • Steve Cabana

    Physicians seeking guidance, patients seeking answers,

    I suggest you watch this recent video of Dr. Horowitz who over the last 25
    years has been the doctor of last resort for chronic lyme patients and
    has treated over 12,000 patients to date. Here is a speech he gave this
    May outlining his treatment model. This is the state of the art in Lyme
    disease treatment and most doctors are unaware of his discoveries. Here
    is the link to the speech given in May of 2012 at Skidmore College:

    Once you’ve clicked on the below link, ensure that you are on
    the thumbnail video entitled, “tick-borne Disease – Part 1 (Morning.”  Then,
    move the ticker (forward button to the video) to the 17:10 minute mark.  This is
    essentially where the introduction for Dr. Horowitz begins.

  • Steve Cabana
  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FMC567LV2V5THDC7AWDJZSZ3NM Alexander

    Dr. Mather seems to think the answer is pesticides, yet despite what he says, their long term effects are not yet known, especially regarding children.   These pesticides are heavily featured on his website. Hopefully there’s no conflict of interest.  He uses inaccurate material to dismiss deer removal which is the better solution. 

  • Lymeticktest


    I just
    wanted to let you know that there is finally an at-home tick testing kit that
    allows you to test with great accuracy the presence of the Lyme Disease bacteria
    in ticks. It is a great early warning tool! Please contact me at 1 855 TICK
    TEST, lymeticktest.com or check out the new
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