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Transgender Rights Bill To Go Into Effect

BOSTON — A new law anti-discrimination law protecting transgender individuals in Massachusetts is coming into force.

The Transgender Equal Rights Bill will take effect Sunday – just over seven months after Gov. Deval Patrick signed it into law.

The law adds gender identity to the state’s existing anti-discrimination laws as a protected category. Now, transgender Massachusetts residents will be protected against discrimination from employment, housing, public education as well as credit and lending.

Gender identity will also be added to the protected categories under the state’s hate crimes law.

Attorney General Martha Coakley called the law a “much needed update,” saying it will help ensure that transgender individuals feel secure at home, work and in their communities.

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  • BostonPeng

    This is an idea whose time is long overdue. We should have had discrimination against trannies codified into law years ago. The trannies I know say it’s still hard to prove, especially when looking for work, but it’s nice to finally have the Commonwealth say, “Don’t even think about going there.”

  • Ben Jackson

    I’m pretty proud to live in a state which is able to provide recognition, dignity, and honor to all individuals regardless of their socialized identities.  We have a set of liberal social policies, including the equal rights listed above and near universal healthcare,  and yet give more into the federal government financially than we take out of it.  This clearly shows that social liberalism is *not* the downfall to economic prosperity that many make it out to be in the conservative media.

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