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  • Kathy

    Brown may have raised less money, but most of it is at least from Mass. I consider suspect any money coming from outside sources.

  • Jasoturner

    Although this is a state race, the fact that there are only 100 Senators means that this election has national implications.  It is interesting that Warren is receiving so much funding from out of state, since it suggests that democrats may be more motivated than people think to win.  Which means there may also be more support for Obama than is apparent in the polls.  I am surprised more big republican money has not rolled in, but then, Brown is considered a bit moderate and unpredictable by the republican mainstream.

    I am a little surprised how many more contributions (and how much more money) Warren has secured in Massachusetts.  I sort of expected Brown to be leading, or at least even, in this department.  He is, after all, a sitting Senator and purportedly popular.

    Although I had my doubts about Little Feather, it looks like she may pull it off after all.  Impressive.

  • Palsimon

    I think there is a majority of people in the U.S. in all parties who really are interested in the Consumer Protection that Elizabeth Warren advocates. I am not surprised she is getting a lot of support, probably from people on both parties, all parties.