Answering Critics, Congressional Candidate Bielat Reveals Employer’s Name

BOSTON — Congressional candidate Sean Bielat is answering critics who say he’s keeping important information from voters. Republican Sean Bielat is running for U.S. Congress in the state’s 4th Congressional District, currently represented by Rep. Barney Frank.

After months of hiding the identity of the start-up he heads, Bielat revealed its name to WBUR.

“It’s called OneClickPolitics.com,” Bielat said. “It allows people to get in touch easily with Congress and elected officials. Got involved last summer.”

Bielat’s refusal to reveal his employer has been an issue since his main rival in the Republican primary, Elizabeth Childs, criticized him for it. Democrats then piled on as well.

Bielat explains that he wanted the website to grow and stay non-partisan before he revealed its name. But in recent days he says he realized he could harm his company more by keeping its name secret.

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  • lokicat3

    about time! I thought he’d keep pulling a Romney! 

    • SherylforSean

      What does “pulling a Romney” mean? I believe you’re comparing apples to rocks and have no idea what you’re talking about. Sean is a man of integrity and is willing to work hard for himself, his family and the people of Massachusetts. Those are qualities I trust in a candidate and we need more like him, not somebody that makes a living off the healthcare insurance system.

      • lokicat3

        I don’t see any integrity.  Uprooting his family and his wife having to find a new job and childcare while he’s off living a great life with Republican politicos grooming him for his run.  I think he’s a chump.  
        Who makes a living off the healthcare insurance system????  I could tell you things about the present insurance and what an utter waste we have with 3000 insurance companies and each with its own forms and own bureaucracy.  That’s big money and it’s not going into direct care.   

  • George

    How silly. Bielat responded in just a few days. This looks like much ado about nothing. I’m glad he didnt drag it out.

  • John

    This was a complete red herring created by a desperate primary opponent with no money, no momentum and no understanding of how businesses work “in the real world”.

  • Kathleen

    Oh is that crickets I hear from Childs campaign.   Go Sean!  

  • http://twitter.com/AndBussiere Kittens&Politics

    “Bielat explains that he wanted the website to grow and stay non-partisan before he revealed its name.” wow that’s pathetic…. get as big and rich as possible before revealing anything about it…

    that “desperate primary opponent with no money” is giving Bielat a tougher fight than Barney Frank when Frank BEAT SEAN BIELAT….

    Oh BTW… Bielats TOP TWO healthcare campaign points EXACTLY mirror Affordable Care act provisions—> http://kittensandpoliticsab.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/sean-bielats-top-2-health-care-campaign-points-mirror-obamacare/

    RINO for MA4 GOP nomination….

    • George

      Yeah right. Does “Liberal Libby” Beth Childs even show up in any polls? I’d be shocked if she cracks the single digits in the primary. She’s not giving Bielat a tougher fight than barney Frank, but she is doing what I didn’t think was possible – running an uglier and slimier campaign.

    • SherylforSean

      Did you read it??? lol

    • SherylforSean

      Listen Kitten….if you think getting “big and rich” is a part of starting a new company you are clueless. You’re post is hilarious and pathetic. Sean is by far the better candidate.

  • Tkas

    No, it’s only been an issue for people looking for an issue. You know there are plenty of them out there, but this isn’t one of them.

  • SherylforSean

    I hope Elizabeth can sleep soundly now seeing that she got herself worked up into such a frenzy over this. Especially since all the “heavy press” she claims was actually just her own whining. I hardly think rational people cared that a fine intelligent familyman, businessman and Marine is a part of a small company trying to get off the ground. She obviously doesn’t hold small business owners in very high regard. But I guess being in the medical field and having the ability to charge insurance companies through the nose for her services makes her unable to understand how us regular people feed our families.

  • Catc

    Childs is desperate and will do anything to get elected. This whole issue was ridiculous and she made a complete fool out of herself. Sean was a complete gentleman throughout this .   I am voting for Sean Bielat in the primary and the general election. 

    • SherylforSean

      I am also voting for Sean. Congressmen represent the people. I believe he is the best candidate to bring back credibility to the seat and OUR state.

  • Glenncharette

    No better friend, No worse enemy! Semper Fi !

  • http://twitter.com/ThatChristyChic Christy Waters

    Elizabeth Childs reeks of desperation. She spends more time attacking Sean Bielat than promoting herself, because she has nothing to offer. Kudos to Bielat for trying to keep his new venture non-partisan. I can’t help but notice the irony, considering Childs is the one who claims to be the most qualified to bring all sides to the table.

    It’s the innovation that Bielat has displayed in trying to connect the people with their representatives, in a non-partisan fashion, that offers further proof that HE’S the most qualified to represent the good people of the 4th district. I support Sean Bielat.

  • JDiMascio

    Wow what scandal…. We now know that Sean Bielat’s  new website  oneclickpolitics.com  sounds like a nursery rhyme.
    Big deal… This information was already available on House Ethics Disclosure Form.
    Childs knew this and more than likely looked it up, including who his investors are.
    But she wanted to trump up a “transparency issue.”  The only transparency issue in this campaign is that everyone can see through Elizabeth Childs lame attempts to cover up the fact that she’s a Democrat, running in a Republican primary.

    Childs walks and talks like a Democrat. She claims Obama-Care was the reason she left the Democrat Party. Hmm…. then why is there no record of her contributing in way shape or form to Scott Brown’s campaign? After all he ran on the promise to be the 41st vote to stop Obama-Care in the U.S. Senate. Interestingly enough she did make contributions in mid 2010, after Obama-Care was passed. But those contributions went to a hyper-liberal, tax & spend, big government State Senator named Cynthia Creem.
    And where was Elizabeth Childs during the Republican Revolution of 2010? Did she register as a Republican yet??? NO !!! Was she out there campaigning for Republican Candidates like Sean Bielat, Marty Lamb, or Gerry Dembrowski?  NO !! Did she contribute or campaign for the so-called Massachusetts Republicans like Charlie Baker? NO!! Did she help Republican women like Karyn Polito or Mary Z Connaughton? NO!!
    So when did she decide to become a Republican? Hmm… right around the time she saw an opening to run for Congress in mid 2011, a year and half after the Democrats rammed Obama-Care through the House. Gee I thought she said Obama-Care was the reason she became a Republican.

    I could go on. But instead I encourage readers to visit the following links at Vote Core Values Dot Com and you can read more about Elizabeth Childs the RIFCPA (Republican In For Convenience & Political  Ambition):



    Elizabeth should now concentrate on explaining how her views and goals differ from the other two GOP candidates and how hers are more appealing to Democrats.  If she feels the need to run a negative campaign, there’s lots to criticize about Joe Kennedy III rather than another Republican candidate.

    Sean Bielat believes a congressman should be a citizen legislator and responsive to the people he represents.  His business venture is in line with that political philosophy.

    We need congressman that will listen to the people and what they want, rather than someone who think they know better what’s good for them than they do themselves.

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