Menino Seeks State Inquiry Into Stalled Teacher Talks

BOSTON — Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is questioning whether the city’s teachers union is negotiating in good faith with school administrators.

Menino, who says two years is too long for contract negotiations to drag on, wants the state Department of Labor Relations to investigate the talks.

“I’m asking them to open up the sessions, make sure there’s transparency there, that the public can see actually what’s on the table, from the teachers’ side and also from the City of Boston side,” he said.

A state labor mediator is already participating in the stalled contract talks.

The mayor says the union president recently told him only three issues remain to be settled. Then, Menino said, “when we get back to the table, he comes up with 33 issues. Is that sincerity in negotiations? It sure isn’t to me.”

Union leaders deny trying to hold up negotiations. They’re taking no position yet on the request for state intervention.

Two more bargaining sessions are currently scheduled for next week.

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  • jonshore

    I am tempted to tell people to “consider the source” but I
    am a respectful person, and Thomas Menino is the Mayor of Boston, and the Citizens
    of Boston voted for him.  For the
    past two years, Dr. Johnson has been a virtual “no show” a negotiations.  That has been the hold up.  Now Mayor Menino is showing up in her
    place, and is pontificating and playing the victim card.  I have never known the Mayor to show up
    at the BPS/BTU negotiations!  Mayor Menino is not a victim here; he is trying to
    deflect this mess made by Dr. Johnson. 
    After all he the hired her, and she has demonstrated that she not up for this part of the job.  After the Memphis
    financial fiasco, I was very concerned when I heard that Michael Gore showed up
    to negotiations to represent her.   


    Boston Public Schools is the most improved urban school
    system in the United States, that happened because of the work done in the
    classroom by Boston Teachers, not by administrators at Court Street. Boston
    Teachers expect to be evaluated, but given the threats Mayor Menino made in the
    Boston Globe, and the teacher demonization by Dr. Johnson, and her
    administration, have made in the press for the past two years, our Union is trying to
    make sure evaluations are done fairly and on a level playing field!  All teachers are asking for is a fair
    and equitable resolution to our contract, that is good for children, the City
    of Boston, and Boston Teachers.

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