Meet The Youngest Republican Delegates

Caroline Shinkle, 19, and Evan Kenney, 18, the youngest Massachusetts delegates (Lisa Tobin/WBUR)

TAMPA, Fla. — Meet the two youngest members of the delegation from Massachusetts.

Evan Kenney, 18, just barely beats out Caroline Shinkle, 19, for the honors.

The paths that the two teenagers took to wind up here in Tampa as delegates for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney could hardly be more different.

Shinkle is a lifelong Republican. A sophomore at the Sloan School of Management, studying economics and finance, she is president of the MIT Republican Club.

Kenney showed up for breakfast on Monday morning in jeans and A Tribe Called Quest T-shirt, amid a sea of suits. Fresh out of high school, he says he was turned on to conservative politics by a teacher, and came to the Republican Party through his support for Ron Paul in the primary election. He is now an enthusiastic supporter of Romney, and is happy to hear the candidate talking more about the need for accountability from the Federal Reserve.

But both delegates agree that they have a special duty here because of their age.

“I think my role here is to show that young people are invited to join the Republican Party,” Kenney said. “Spread the values in the Republican oath to the young people who think they have to register Democrat, when they don’t. The Republican Party is the party of the youth.”

Shinkle says she feels an obligation to talk to young people about why she believes Romney is the right person to lead the country forward. “As a young person, and I think I speak for a lot of young people, when we graduate from college, we want opportunity and we want jobs,” she says. “Mitt Romney is the only candidate who can make that happen.”

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  • http://twitter.com/coolintake Ahmed Chilmeran

    up and coming politicians… mammy must be real proud *eyes rolling over the horizon*

  • Nolan Sutherland

    It is really interesting to see this, being from the Greater Boston area and in my mid-twenties.  I respect their opinions, but cannot fathom how they believe that the Republican Party is “the party of the youth”.  For one, I believe that “the youth” are quickly progressing away from social conservatism, for which the majority of mainstream Republicans are still pushing.  I am interested to know how else these two align with the Republican party, besides just wanting more job opportunities.

    PS. Mitt Romney only wants to create jobs in the US because it is advantageous for him now.  Don’t you (Shinkle) want someone who has always wanted to keep/create jobs in the US?  Romney hasn’t.

  • http://twitter.com/matthew_cc matt

    It’s great to see young people involved in politics regardless of their political affiliation.

  • http://panthysgarden.tumblr.com/ Panthy’s Garden

    Take that shirt off Evan.

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