Boston Teachers Union Offers Contract Concessions

BOSTON — The Boston Teachers Union has offered to make concessions to try and break a two-year stalemate in its contract talks with the city’s public school department.

Union President Richard Stutman says his members will drop demands for a pay raise in the first year of the new contract if the school district adopts the state’s protocol for teacher evaluations.

But assistant superintendent Ross Wilson says Boston Public School’s feels the state’s guidelines for handling under-performing teachers are too lenient.

“They want to protect teachers who are unsatisfactory and, in fact, want to give them a year to improve,” Wilson said. “We believe a year, that no child should be in a classroom with an ineffective teacher for a year. It is way too long”

Stutman said that in return for concessions, the union proposed that the city hire more nurses and social workers for schools in need, and reduce some class sizes.

The school department says it will comment further once it has fully reviewed the union’s proposal.

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  • http://twitter.com/DottieHigh Dottie High

    The ball is now in the City’s court.  The teachers are moving past the salary issue, and asking for more nurses, social workers, smaller class size and adoption of the state approved evaluation system.

    Time for the City negotiator to at least sit in the same room with the Union reps and get to yes.

    Let’s hope the buses can run on time this year.

  • Teacher

    The Boston Teachers Union has never suggested a one year timeframe for teachers who need to improve their practice.  The most recent proposal accepts the state language of a 30 day minimum, and even the previous BTU proposal was for 90 days.  The School Department knows that their proposal is unrealistic and insufficient, so they have resorted to spreading false information.  Shame on them; they should stick to facts.  

  • Jshore

    I taught next to a teacher that was “evaluated” out in the middle of the year, and all the school department did for us was send a parade of substitutes, who weren’t certified, and basically students lost a year! This has happened more than once in my school in the same year!  Often we had teachers decided to leave for other systems, so it isn’t an isolated case.   What is Dr. Johnson’s plan after she “evaluates out” all these “bad” teachers? Who is going to take over their classes?  

    I am very concerned if you have a principal, who has a personal agenda, being able to “evaluate out” a teacher unfairly. English High is a perfect example of this. What is Superintendent Johnson’s plan to prevent this?  This plan will prevent teachers from volunteering to participate on the School Site Council.  If you disagree, or don’t vote, with the principal you’ll be out of a job! 
    Dr. Johnson’s administration has lost all sense of ethical direction, focusing totally on the bottom line and, more egregiously falsifying that information whenever it suits their needs or demands.  It is called “lying” and I am tired of it. In 2011, she closed and consolidated all those high schools and now she is opening a new high school for what is really a DUAL LANGUAGE PROGRAM.  English High is two blocks down the street, and 66% of the students are Spanish speakers and could benefit from such a program.  Do we need another high school, and THE COST OF A FULL ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF, when we have so many empty seats in our traditional high schools? Wasn’t cost one of the reasons, Dr. Johnson closed and consolidated those high schools in 2011? 

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