Clint Eastwood’s RNC Speech Gets Nation’s Attention

Actor Clint Eastwood speaks to an empty chair while addressed delegates during the Republican National Convention Thursday night. (AP)

Actor Clint Eastwood spoke to an empty chair while addressing delegates during the Republican National Convention Thursday night. (AP)

Update 8/31 @ 9:45 a.m.: The @InvisibleObama account was suspended by Twitter for a bit Friday morning, but is back.

Our original post continues:

Clint Eastwood, the Republican National Convention’s big surprise speaker, had a few surprises in store himself. In the most unusual appearance at this year’s convention, Eastwood had a “conversation” with President Obama, represented by an empty chair.

As NPR’s Mark Memmott described in Thursday night’s live blog, “The actor took shots at ‘Obama’ for not creating jobs, for setting a departure day for troops in Afghanistan and on other issues. He said he cried the night Obama was elected — not tears of anger or joy but because of the historic nature of the president’s election. But now the U.S., he said, needs a businessman in the Oval Office.”

The actor went on to to tell the empty chair, “You’re crazy. You’re absolutely crazy. You’re getting as bad as Biden. Of course we all know Biden is the intellect of the Democratic party, just kind of a grin with a body behind it.”

The speech immediately set the Twittersphere on fire. Within minutes an @InvisibleObama account was created and at last check (at 1:30 a.m. Friday) the account had over 33,000 followers.


Eventually, #eastwooding became a trending topic, with users posting photos of their very own empty chairs. An Eastwood/Chair 2012 campaign photo was even floating around.




And, to top it all off, Obama’s campaign joined in, tweeting from the president’s account their own version of #eastwooding:


So, on Mitt Romney’s big night, did Clint Eastwood steal the show? What did you think of Eastwood’s speech?

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  • guest1958

    Eastwood was a horrible embarassment  to himself, the GOP and  to Gov. Romney. Its is awful that the Republicans would allow anyone to belittle the office of the President of the United States.

    • Slick Hick

      That was done by Obama himself,
      There has never been a more inept president.

    • Renitz

      You mean like how the left and the media do to Bush every day????

      • durham kid

        Bush was completely incompetent – which is part of Obama’s problem (i.e., he can’t fix the mess in 4 years).

        How is one to point that out without “belittling” the office of the President?  

  • Guest

    First of all, I think it was irresponsible of the GOP to stage such a childish skit like that.  Second, I think Eastwood was embarrassing himself.  I actually switched channels briefly because it was uncomfortable to watch him stumble his way through it.  For the GOP to suggest that Obama lacks leadership or compare him to an empty chair after their last president’s attendance record is ridiculous (not to mention that Bush was more of a puppet of his party than any other president I’ve witnessed).

    • Re Nitz

      What I think you and the other liberals really mean by all of this Clint bashing is that you just didn’t like what he had to say.  Wow, he really did hit it out of the park.  So I guess all this talk about freedom of speech and standing up for what you believe in is fine unless anyone disagrees with you, right?

      • durham kid

         No, “us liberals” really mean is that we fear that the catchiness of this theatre will make this popular (which is already has) and it will get paid a lot more attention than, say, looking up a politician’s records or stands on things (which is much more boring than a catchy skit).

        I think you are being very dishonest to suggest that “we liberals” are against free speech when you know darn well that conservatives will be up in arms when the Obama camp comes up with their own catchy skit that goes viral.   

        How do you respond to that, Re Nitz?

        • Re Nitz

          Didn’t you just state that “we conservatives” will be upin arms………?  You just lumped all of us into one.  You sound a little jelous.

          • durham kid

             You avoided the question – can you please answer it?

            (And, no, I did not talk about “you conservatives” – you can re-read what I wrote it you like…)

  • Jmlorimer

    I tuned in partway through his “speech” and had no idea who it was – thought it was maybe some badly done comedy skit.  Hearing Eastwood stutter and stammer this way for almost 12 minutes was painful to listen to and I couldn’t imagine that anyone could take anything he said seriously. Eastwood needs a script and a teleprompter – otherwise he just sounds disorganized and senile.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IRRAXVLFXCTOTNKLIHIBRI6K5A MaraithM

    Ye Gods.  At some point, celebrities should realize they aren’t famous for their brains and just stay in movies.  

  • Re Nitz

    Clint hit a home run.  Liberals are all for free speech and the right to stand up for what you believe in, unless of course, you disagree with them.  They just didn’t like what Clint had to say.  So of course they stoop to bashing.  Nothing new there!

    • durham kid

       Re Nitz:  the old, tired charge that liberals are not for free speech is pure nonsense! 

      All the liberals I know believe that the more interaction and discussion we have, the better for democracy. 

      What no one – liberal or conservative – should support are the outright lies that are out there – look at what Politico had to say about so many of Paul Ryan’s comments at the convention:

      *the GM plant that he blamed Obama for closing – yet it was closed BEFORE Obama came into office;

      *the piece of legislation of Obama’s that he criticized – yet he had voted in favor of it.

      This is beyond the normal and undesirable distortions of a campaign – this is simply outright lies.

      So if free speech means outright lies – which, thanks in part to Citizens United, there are more and more of – then, no, I do not believe in free speech.  No one should.

      This was a very effective piece of political theatre – and I give Clint Eastwood high marks for his acting.  If/when the Obama camp comes out with an equally compelling piece of their own theatre, you can be sure the conservatives will be howling at that. 

      You know it – we all know it – so stop putting out nonsense about liberals not being for free speech! 

      In my experience, it is much more accurate to say that liberals can see a lot of nuances and shades of gray rather than the black and white views of conservatives.   The way these fundamentalist conservatives see the world is a very serious danger to our democracy.

      I have been disappointed in Obama in many ways but his attackers have no scruples so I am giving Obama lots of $ to defend himself.   If Romney/Ryan can lie this way BEFORE they get into office, I shudder to think of where we will be if these callous men get elected.

      I hope others see this danger and are motivated to contribute to the Obama campaign – but I fear we are grossly outgunned by the special interests of corporations, the Koch brothers, Karl Rove’s PAC, etc, etc, etc.

      • Re Nitz

        I respect your right to your opinion, even though I disagree.  I think this Administration is dangerous.

      • Maryann444

        “*the GM plant that he blamed Obama for closing – yet it was closed BEFORE Obama came into office;”

        Who’s lying and has no scruples? Look in the mirror.


  • Francisco Mucha

    Home run by Clint and time for a real change in DC. The President did not deliver on his 2008 promises and now, talks only about the future. Well, America can’t keep waiting for the future, future, future. We need help now. That seat needs to be vacated ASAP. Good luck America if all we hear or see is the same old political shopworn “pie in the sky” lingo. Bravo, Clint!!! You made “my day”. . . . .

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