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Inmate Seeking Sex Change Eligible For Legal Fees

BOSTON — A federal judge who ruled that a Massachusetts prison inmate is eligible for a state-funded sex change operation has determined that the inmate is also eligible for public reimbursement of legal fees.

Although the ruling issued by U. S. District Court Chief Judge Mark Wolf does not say exactly how much Michelle Kosilek is eligible for, the case dates back years and the amount “is likely to be large.”

The judge ruled earlier this month that the state prisons department violated Kosilek’s rights by refusing to pay for a sex change.

Kosilek was born male but lives as a woman in an all-male prison. Kosilek was named Robert when he was married to Cheryl Kosilek and was convicted of murdering her in 1990. Kosilek is serving a life term.

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  • jefe68

    What? This case is getting more absurd as it goes on.
    So this man did not have the money for a lawyer and somehow
    he has use of some kind of inmate legal credit card for this?

    I thought there were legal aid and pro bono avenues for inmates with financial problems?
    How is that I have to hire a lawyer and pay for them out my pocket and this convicted murder gets to charge law abiding citizens for his legal fees?

    Something is not right here, if the lawyers who took on this case knew he did not have the money, and they were not prepared to do this pro bono, why did they?
    Why should the tax payers of Massachusetts foot the bill for this?
    Does every inmate get this kind legal assistance? If so somethings broken here.
    Law abiding folks pay and convicted criminals don’t?

  • distractedriver

    Just give the man a box cutter razor blade and some gauze.  Problem solved.

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