Do-It-Yourself Scorecard – Who Won The Debate, Scott Brown Or Elizabeth Warren?

Debates rarely produce a clear winner. After the debate there’s a fight between partisans, with most arguing that their candidate “won”… or at least didn’t lose.

Thursday night is the first debate between Prof. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Scott Brown, and if you take exception to my calling the Democrat “Prof.” or mentioning the Republican incumbent second instead of first, you are ready to grumble… I mean, rumble.

If you would like to more objectively evaluate how the candidates perform — perhaps imagining that you are an undecided voter — try this do-it-yourself debate scorecard.

After the debate, rate each candidate from 1 to 10 on these 10 criteria, then add them and see if the higher number corresponds with your overall impression of who “won.”

PERSONALITY: Who did you like in terms of sincerity, affability and charm?

CHARACTER: Who seemed honest and trustworthy?

INTELLIGENCE: Who was reassuringly smart — in knowledge, savvy, wisdom?

APPEARANCE: Who projected a good image?

RHETORIC: Who had memorable lines – clever, convincing soundbites?

ISSUES: Who made the most effective arguments about policy?

MESSAGE: Who had a compelling, consistent theme?

MASSACHUSETTS: Who seemed most dedicated to serving the people of this state?

LEADERSHIP: Who had the aura, stature and inspiration of a genuine leader?

PERFORMANCE: Who beat your expectations?

Sometimes a “winner” isn’t apparent for a day or two. Indeed, the winner is often the candidate who wins the battle of soundbites in news coverage… because those can sway the biggest audience of all: people who didn’t watch the debate.

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  • Jeffreyhardman

    Oh Boy this is great! I am going to get all my Scott Brown Flags, signage and Scott’s centerfold  memorabilia and surround myself with them…Then, a bowl of Popcorn (an true American treat) and sit crosslegged (in respect for the Indians) and watch! I will use the Domke Scorecard..and see how it goes… I will say however, I’m not as opened minded as some but once I see past a woman who looks like a Shaker, but pretends to be Native American, and wants to take more of my money…I’m sure I will be as fair as her party is, in ruining the country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathy-Wnuk/100000450245663 Kathy Wnuk

    This is meant to be satirical, right?

  • John O’Briant

    Shouldn’t we be measuring what characteristics would make the best Senator?  I don’t care what *image* their on-camera appearance projects, or who had the most clever soundbites, or who was the most charming.  I want someone who is brilliant and trustworthy, a policy wonk who really understands policy implications both for Massachusetts and for the nation as a whole.  

    Judging who “won” the debate by any other terms kind of misses the point, doesn’t it?  It’s not about who made for the best television–it’s much more important than that. 

  • Steve

    Scott Brown crushed Warren. She had nothing to offer except wild accusations and some good ol’ Obama buttkissing.

    • arlocrescent

      His own voting record is a “wild accusation?”

  • Jake

    Warren seemed nervous…..  Scott was focused and believable. You’d think Warren with all her high priced education would be a better speaker. But I guess it is easier when you’re telling the truth, like Scott was.

    • http://www.facebook.com/suzanne.smith.31586 Suzanne Smith

       Scott is a good liar

  • http://www.facebook.com/suzanne.smith.31586 Suzanne Smith

    Warren crushed Scott Brown.  He talks one way and votes another

    • Latresha4856

      Obama did great romey talk to damn much

  • Joe

    That was embarrassing for Ms Warren.   Lamb to slaughter comes to mind.

  • catkk7

    Brown, by far.    Warren should be at Obama’s campaign headquarters instead of debating to win the Mass senate race.   All she could argue about is Obama should be elected again and Democrats should control the senate so they can raise taxes instead of balancing a budget.

    • Potter

      She brought up her support for Obama to try to get Brown to say he was supporting Romney. Did you notice how he did not??

  • WCF

    Warren was superior…Brown continued to try to hide the fact that he supports Romney and votes Republican

    • Jaybo1

      I am a woman – a progressive – hammered -rigged- vote for me

  • Screenfems

    Scott Brown had Elizabeth Warren for dinner!  

  • Potter

    Warren won because she was focussed, informed, and her intelligent responses were on message throughout but especially at the end where she stresses that Brown is a Republican and if he gets in to make  or to help make a majority in the Senate, it will be the Republicans that prevail across the board because of  chairmanships of committees as well as  probable votes for Supreme Court justices and lower court justices. 

    By the way Elizabeth Warren was not mean-spirited in her responses and a lot more likable, I found, than Scott despite his reputation for being likable. His likability  is a thin surface hiding his core values which are Republican. By now we should all know what that means… not your old Republican party.

    By the way Brown was talking about how much it cost him to fill up his pick-up. Why is he driving around in one of those– delivering wood?

    • Jaybo1

      what debate did you watch?

    • M40

       Warren lectures us about the evils of Wall Street while raking in more than 6 million in campaign contributions direct from Wall Street (and refuses to open her books to show the exact numbers).

      She lectures us about the high costs of college educations, while trying to hide the fact that she’s making  a HALF MILLION a year from her Harvard salary.

      She lectures us about the poor and downtrodden, while dragging around a long history of sleazing benefits and promotions that should have gone to ACTUAL poor and downtrodden Cherokees.

      She claims to support the ‘little guy’, but when the money was right, she testified on behalf of insurance companies (and against victims of asbestos).

      Remind me who is Liz Warren REALLY supporting?

  • Juliesavage

    Brown all the way!!

  • Jsumac

    Remember what Elizabeth Warren said…it’s not only about this election….it’s about control of the Senate…..Do we want Jim Imoufe in charge of environment ?  Warren is for the working people of Mass and we need her vote in the Senate …to help President Obama

    • Jaybo1

      I thought she was running for the little guy? oh now its for control of the Senate
      Now she really knows the meaning of hammered.

    • Edunion

      That is important –4 repubicans more will take over the senate.  we don’t want that !!

      • Kate

        yes we do.

      • blub blubber

        You’ve got to be Filibuster-proof these days to pass almost anything at all and there’s only ~ two budget reconciliation bills possible per year, but these could be big big votes and the Dems won’t pick up the House (they’d need all the 22 toss-ups and some Repub-leaning seates….not gonna happen) like resinstating the Bush tax cuts for the middle class, which is imperative for the economy to recover and repealing the Bush tax cuts for the rich is imperative for the debt to get smaller. If the Dems have to bargain you wont get the debt reduction. So if you want the Bush Taxcuts repealed but the middle class ones reinstated, the only way is to pressure the House from the Senate side… So – strangely – Democrat Warren or your taxes will go up. (The banks, who finance Brown, like deficits (they get the taxes) and don’t need the domestic economy to flourish. They can invest in Brasil and China…).

    • Kate

      She’s terrible, didn’t answer a single question head on and danced the issues. Come on, why be on a party bandwagon, does that mean you can’t smell the bs the candidate is selling you just because you’re a dem. Forget the party, there platform is no longer just left wing and liberal but socialist and borderline communistic. Obama is turning us into a third world country. Go ahead vote for Ms.Warren if you don’t value the constitution, what our forefathers fought for……what we will see in 4 years with more Obama is a worse economy and way more poverty. Do your research, don’t be dumb.

  • M40

    Brown ate her for breakfast and then crapped her dishonest corpse by lunchtime. Warren dodged, weaved and basically attempted to tap-dance around her own record of dishonest behavior. 

     - She refused to release any records from the Cherokee scam.
     - She wouldn’t comment on the fact that she testified (for big money) on behalf of insurance companies to keep asbestos victims from getting settlements.
     - She had no answer for the fact that she’s making MILLIONS in her cushy Harvard teaching role while whining about the ‘high cost of education’.
     - She can’t deny that she’d be the among the most partisan senators, and thus 100% unable to accomplish any meaningful legislation.
     - She can’t deny that Brown is a respected BIPARTISAN legislator who has accomplished more in his partial term as senator than many senators accomplish in a whole career.
     - She made several provably false accusations based on newspaper hit pieces.
     - She kept hitting Brown about voting against bogus bills that even most of the Democrats voted against (proving yet again that she’d be USELESS and accomplish NOTHING as a senator).

    The Boston Glob may like Warren, but she’s a real loser of a candidate. Is this Cambridge socialist the best the Democrats could come up with to oppose Brown? Many old school Democrats are fully backing Brown, and even some of the elite left in Massachusetts are snubbing Warren. I smell a tidal wave coming, and it ain’t gonna be pretty for Warren in November.

    • Conchfritters

      Brown is Bipartisan, HAHAHAHAHAHA!  He is a TeaParty/Romney and Lyin’ Ryan Republican.  Speaking of scams, 68% of Americans are waiting on RobMe’s tax returns.

  • M40

     Yes, but Warren wouldn’t be in the senate until January, and by then Obama will be gone…

    • Guest

       Are you watching the news? Obama isn’t going to be gone. That’s crazy.

      Enjoy smoking whatever you are smoking…I think it’s called crazy weed.

      • M40

         Sure I’ve watched the shills in the media… doesn’t matter.

        Thirty-two years ago at this moment in time, Reagan was losing by 9 points to Carter. Romney is right now running even in polls. So why do most pollsters give Obama the edge? Well… it’s simple… they’re lying shills for the Democrat party  trying to portray a close election to get people to show up and vote. Problem is, they WILL NOT get that huge turnout they enjoyed last time around. The excitement with Obama is GONE.

        FACT – There’s not a single American who voted for McCain 4 years ago that is going to suddenly switch to Obama. Obama is everything they voted against back then… and MUCH more!

        FACT – Tens of millions of people who DID vote for a relatively unknown Obama 4 years ago will NOT vote for him again. They have become angry, disillusioned, and even scared about our future. Voters know Obama now- and that is bad for his chances at reelection.

        FACT – The simple question “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?” is answered with a resounding ‘NO WAY’ by most Americans. This bodes poorly for Democrats across the board.

        FACT – Polls that look only at ‘tossup’ states and thus assume that Obama will win the same states he won strongly 4 years ago are making a TERRIBLE and MISLEADING assumption. We may well be looking at a Reagan vs. Mondale repeat, (where Reagan won every state except one).

        • Guest

           Now i KNOW  you are smoking something wacky when you claim your statements are FACTs. Seriously, I’m laughing.

          Yes, I AM better off then 4 years ago.

          • M40

            Well then, you can be that guy who votes Obama, and you can trust the media.  Media Polling has been all over the place for years and many have
            been shown to be outright scams… paid pollsters finding the results
            they were hired to find.

            In contrast, University of Colorado’s Poli-Sci department has been using an advanced algorithm for decades that has correctly picked the winner of every presidential contest since 1980. They are not only picking Romney, but hinting at a landslide victory. They are calling states for Romney that are supposed to be ‘in the bag’ for Obama.

            Your candidate is in serious trouble with the economy, with foreign policy, with domestic policy, all his broken campaign promises, and pretty much every aspect that counts come election time. unless he’s got a serious ace up his sleeve, his proverbial goose is COOKED.

        • Bill

           M40, I wholeheartedly agree with your point on the Lamestream media. Can someone just please report the news and tell the Truth without skewing the Facts. Elizabeth Warren would be nothing more than a sad puppet in the Senate with the Dems pulling her strings. I pray you are right with your assessment of the upcoming election. We cannot afford another four years of this Socialistic regimes scams and schemes! Now that is what I call “a rabbit hole”.

  • Jgreynolds123

    This was a totally meaningless performance. The format did not allow time for thoughtful presentation of the issues, and neither candidate was astute enough to command the debate and lay out a cohesive argument for their qualifications for the position of US Senator.  Simply another mud fest … invective and hyperbole coming fast and furiously, signifying nothing.
    Is this the best that our society has to offer for those who would make policy and define our laws?

  • Guest

    I am pulling for Warren.   Brown seemed uncomfortable and not accurate on the details. The Senate needs Warren much more than Brown or we will be forced down that rabbit hole and who wants that. Obama needs Warren, as well as, the USA.

    • M40

       Which ‘rabbit hole’ are you referring to? Prosperity? If you’ve ever studied civics you know that the president has next to nothing to do with the economy. Civics 101… CONGRESS controls the purse strings of the nation. Let’s look at the results:

      Carter years – Democrat president, house and senate bring economic DISASTER.

      Reagan years – Republican president and senate manage to bully some reforms past Democrat house and usher in some prosperity, but house deficit spending by Democrats goes largely unchecked.

      Bush Sr. – Democrat house and senate. Bush cannot reign in the Democrat spending spree, the economy falters, and debt soars.

      1995-1999 – Republican House and Senate bring record setting economic prosperity. They pass balanced budgets, welfare reform, and other key economic bills.

      2001-2003 – Republicans keep the house, but lose the senate. Dems manage to stall the economy with 2 years of spending sprees.

      2003-2007 – Republicans hold both house and Senate… economy BOOMS again for 4 straight years.

      2007-2011 – DISASTER – Dems take both house and senate – ECONOMY TRASHED and Dems usher in the 2nd great Depression.

      2011 – Republicans regain the house and manage to stem the economic ‘bleeding’.

      When the Republicans regain the senate in 2013, we can get this country back on track.

      • Conchfritters

        During the Clinton years the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act was passed WITHOUT a single Goper vote.  It PAID for things (something Grand Old sPenders know little about).  2001-2003 Republican Congress passed the Bush Tax Cuts which is pretty much what’s driving the deficits to this very day and laid the groundwork for the BUSH ECONOMIC COLLAPSE (2003 Housing Initiative).  The Grand Old sPenders know one thing Tax SPENDING (tax cuts without paying for them.  The History:
        Reagan raised the debt by 189%
        GWB raised the debt by 115%
        GHB raised the debt by 55%
        Clinton raised the debt by 37%
        Obama raised the debt by 16% after inheriting the worse recession since 1920′s.

    • Jjanderson

      Idiot, your an absolute example why Mass it is the pimple on the political asshole in America

  • Dalaiana

    brown came across as confident,,,poised and clearly the winner in this debate,,,,ms warren looked petrified…like the old proverbial deer in the headlights….i  was embarassed for her….she oughta stay in the classroom…..you could see her nervousness when she kept repeating the same tired phrases over and over….if she said millionaires and billionaires one more time…..sad..sad….sad

    • Nate P.

      Please. Brown was the one repeating phrases talking points all night. “She had a choice” his spiel on energy, 53%, saying “thank you for asking that” ever every freaking question. 

      He also managed to rattle off a series of  gutless attacks on Ms. Warren that turned the debate ugly from the get to. And as a someone else said above, invoking Ted Kennedy’s name was disgusting. 

      An embarrassment to have as our senator.

    • gormless

      Well, yes, but Brown is a professional politician.  Warren did very well for her first time out.

  • Mmosk52642

    Warren appears more in touch with facts, did less bumbling, made her opponent accountable for a record he had trouble defending on oil companies, equal pay, blunt amendment, etc. he seemed like a nice guy but she seemed even nicer. She seems supremely qualified and Brown was outclassed. I think we need more democrats in senate for the reasons she stated. She seems to be a remarkable candidate and I wish she had entered politics before. Brown was an interim choice. His using the memory of teddy Kennedy was disgraceful in my opinion. He couldn’t hold A candle to that public servant. Also how does a senator become a ranking member of an important committee with less than 2 yrs experience. He lacks a certain credibility.

    • Jjanderson

      Your an idiot lovin Kennedy democrat, when your ostrich head pull it out of the proverbial dems ass sand it’s been in sinces the sixties, you will have earned your right to vote again

      • Potter

        You are  to be commended for giving us an example of  what Republicans represent today. Not what they were in the 60′s.

  • Nancilb

    I can understand why women are attracted to Brown, he is nice looking although he looked a little rough tonight.  I guess men probably find him nice looking too.  He should go back to being a nude centerfold model as he is out of his league. 

  • Don

    What a tool Warren is.  Regardless of the question, her only answer is tax the rich and the oil companies.  She doesn’t care about Mass, only the Democratic Party.  

    • M40

       …especially when almost every business across the nation is classified as “the rich” by Democrats. Want to see a MUCH higher unemployment rate, just vote Democrat!

  • Greenartichokes

    Brown schooled the professor. Warren’s message of taxing the rich so government can spend more money taking care of the middle class is getting old.

  • gormless

    I thought the two candidates were well matched in every respect except that Brown had the charm advantage, if that is an important criteria.   The strongest argument made by Warren was against a Republican Senate majority.  The Repub’s have pledged to overturn Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and most of Obama’s education initiatives.  We can count on Warren to fight for the Consumer Financial Protection Agency despite Republican efforts to emasculate it.  Anyone with a credit card knows that CFPA is our only protection against the predatory practices of the big banks.  Tricks and traps good-bye!

  • Andrei

    Brown recited a few memorized slogans (like the list of energy sources, etc.), he is not very good at this sort of things. He was defending women since he was 6! Pathetic…

    Warren is not that natural either, but still a lot better, ready with some facts. Brown is little league, confirming my impression of 2.5 years ago.

  • Whitgeo

    Warren is nothing more than a democratic puppet……no original thoughts that address the needs of Massachusetts. Brown showed substance and facts that truly supported his right leaning but independent ideals that address the fiscal AND social issues that are important to the silent majority….those in the middle….not the far left or right.

  • Nick Sophinos

    Warren won the debate, although I still am voting for Brown for policy reasons. 

    • CarolO

      I checked threw the list of where their campaign funds come from.  Nearly all of hers come from colleges and nearly all of his comes from the banks.

      • M40

        You checked through A list… not THE list. Stop going to blogs for info and you’ll be better served.

        Warren has taken over 6 million from Wall Street, a fact which she’s been hiding from the public. When questioned on it, she dodged and pretended that those Wall Street firms were those that wanted ‘reform’.

  • SJM

    I found both awkward at times, compelling at other times.  I agree that Mr. Brown has more charisma but Ms. Warren seemed to have more substance over all.  I have always been told that I have a fair amount of Native American in my blood as the grandmother of my great grandmother was reportedly in the trail of tears and my great great grandmother on my father’s side of the family was supposedly full blood Cherokee.  Looking at the trail of tears registry, I find no reference to an ancester on my mother’s side but am told those registries are incomplete.  Information about my father’s side of the family is purely by personal historical account.  I am light skinned and blue eyed and do not have the physical structure expected of a Native American.  Yet the pictures I have seen of my great great grandmother on my father’s side and actually knowing my great grandmother, their physical features clearly suggest strong Native American features.  Thus, I tend to think that the historical accounts are accurate.  And I think most historians agree that Native American records are not as complete as we would like, that “pass down” reports from family members are sometimes more valid.  Thus, I found Mr. Brown’s comment about Ms. Warren not looking Native American somewhat offensive.  And I would guess that some of the readers have friends with Mexican American or African American ancestry ties but who have no features to reflect the typical phenotypic traits.  I see his comments as a distraction from the fact that he is struggling to find his place in a party that is in turmoil with a candidate who’s ideas and philosophy are unclear.  As an independent who started out as a Brown supporter, I am struggling now as Mr. Brown appears to be as murcuric as Governor Romney.  I am now leaning toward Ms. Warren but look forward to the later debates to find information that will help me make a final decision.

    • Rags

      Have you checked the box representing yourself as a native American?

      • CarolO

        Her college administrators said they knew nothing about her ancestry because it was never mentioned to them.   I would tend to believe them over him since he has not seen her admission papers.



    • arlocrescent

      Well, since you wrote that in all caps, it must be true.

  • CarolO

    This was Warrens first debate ever.  Considering this was her first, I think she did very well.  Brown hit her with the Cherokee thing right off the bat as if that is the most pressing thing in the nation right now.   Who cares if her ancestors had a bit of Indian blood.    More has been made of that than Brown posing naked in centerfolds!

    She got him several times on his voting record, which is public knowledge.  He HAS BEEN called Wall Streets darling, you know.   He got her on the asbestos lawsuit and she had no answer for that.   To me, it was about an even debate.

    • razorfish

      I’m inclined to agree with you that the debate was a draw, but with respect to Elizabeth Warren’s claim of Indian ancestry, the issue is not that she has “a bit of Indian blood,” but, rather, that she only claimed Indian ancestry when she thought it would afford her an advantage in the job market. To date, neither Warren nor anyone else has presented any evidence of any kind that she has any Indian blood at all.

      • Potter

        There is no evidence that she used this ancestry to give her an advantage.
        There is evidence from her answer that this is an emotional issue with her- meaning the connection to those tribes caused discrimination against her mother.  It was Scott Brown, after Howie Carr and the Boston Herald that made this a humongous issue because they have nothing substantial. It’s a reflection of the vacuousness of Brown’s candidacy.

        Why is he riding around in a pick-up truck complaining about the cost of gas and not talking about conservation and riding around in a hybrid? Is he delivering wood? Does he care more about ruining the view off of Cape Cod with wind farms than clouding it with smog?

        • razorfish

          Warren credibly supports her point that people who hired her, like Charles Fried, were not influenced by her claim of Native American ancestry. That, however, does not vindicate her from making this apparently false claim in hope of advancing her employment ambitions. Of course she didn’t ask her parents for documentation when she was a little girl, but when she made this claim as an adult job seeker, when, as she has admitted, she reported her ethnicity as Native American to Penn and Harvard and allowed them to report her as such to the U.S. Department of Labor, she had an obligation to examine this more carefully. Instead, she offers lachrymose accounts of family oral history which seem after-the-fact inventions instead of genealogical documentation.

          • Potter

            I read that Scott Brown took Grover Norquist’s no tax pledge. What nerve to call himself independent!

            You assume she checked this box for the reasons that you say without any proof. Do you have such evidence in your court? NO, of course not. 
            I assume that she did not want to get derailed into this issue- which is why she avoided it in the beginning. But we can see that no amount of evidence ( if there is any paperwork about her heritage)  is going to satisfy those who want to do her in. It’s similar to the “birther” movement that insists that Obama is not a US Citizen. This takes us away from looking at the differences in the choice we have before us of who we want to represent us for 6 years in the US Senate. 

          • razorfish

            If you really want to make a logic exercise out of this, then let’s stipulate that I don’t know why she claimed Indian ancestry. But it’s a fact that she did. After a few weeks of stonewalling, she acknowledged to the Boston Globe that she had reported her ethnicity as such to Penn and Harvard. As for documentation about her or anyone’s ethnic heritage, there’s a great deal in the public domain about Elizabeth Warren and about all of us, including census records, birth records, marriage records, death records, and tribal records, but none of those records describe any of Prof. Warren’s ancestors as Indians. If she wants to continue to insist on this, she should take a DNA test. Obviously, you favor her policy positions, so you should vote for her, but her issue is in no way similar to the birther issue.

          • Potter

            I am going to stipulate that this is NOT IMPORTANT and a diversion.  As far as I am concerned she could have gotten all the advantage she might have from being native American through her mother even though she apparently did not. You are a nut to suggest she should take a DNA test and nuttier to use this as an issue. And I am nuts for arguing with you.

            I would like to know how and why Scott claims to be an independent when he signed Grover Norquist’s pledge. And I would like to know how he can talk about the environment and drive a pick-up truck for apparently no reason other than image. 

          • razorfish

            Potter: Your passion is truly touching. And thanks for keeping it civil.

  • M40

     You mean the last hundred years where republicans were marching for civil rights while Democrats stood on the steps blocking minorities from schools and defending segregation and racism?

    • Guest

      M40, History lessons are appropriate here, last i checked, President Licoln was a republican.

  • M40

     If you think presidents control the debt and you don’t look at the congressional makeup, then I shouldn’t waste too much time debating you.
    And if you think Obama has only raised the debt by 16%, you’re not worth another second of my time!

  • M40

    Though Brown continued to use the honorific ‘Professor Warren’ throughout the debate, both Warren and moderator Jon Keller apparently couldn’t be bothered to use the term ‘Senator Brown’. That is a disgusting slight by both, and reeks of partisanship, especially on the part of the so-called ‘moderator’.

    If Keller were moderating a presidential debate, would he refer to ‘Mr. Obama’, or ‘President Obama’? I think we all know the answer to that one!

    • Jodi

      I’m not sure which debate you were watching, but Elizabeth Warren called Scott Brown “Senator” throughout. He, in turn, called her “Professor Warren,” “Professor,” and for quite a while just “she.” Talk about a disgusting slight. 

      • Guest

        Jodi, when you catch a liar lying, what should you call them?  She’s going to lie to the tax payers of Mass all the way to the bank!

    • Guest

      Look, if you were a professor or a doctor or something with an initial at the beginning of it, wouldn’t you like to be referred to that way.  He was/is/and has been very respectful of her challenge to remove him as senator.  Prof Warren needs to explain herself as to why she still considers herself as an ‘indian’ even though she can’t prove it.  Lets keep bs seperate from facts.  She needs to explain herself on raising taxes on the working class, explain herself as an ‘indian’ and explain herself as to why she supports our present foreign policy.  I don’t know if she’s keeping up with current events, but our embassies are getting attacked all over the middle east; we’re losing the war in afganistan, and Iran is within months of having a nuclear weapon.   She is so out of touch and Senator Brown let her have it last night.

      • Guest

        Scott Brown ‘let her have it’?  That sounds terrible!   I think I just woke up in a time warp and it is 1954.  

    • score one for Warren

      I don’t believe he was calling her Professor Warren out of respect.  He was doing so to unconsciously remind people that she is a Harvard ‘elitist’.  Whatever that means.

      You are right though, they should have called him Senator Brown.

  • Guest

    CarolO, if you think this is her first debate, you need to stop drinking the coolaide.  You don’t become a senior vp at Harvard Law if you can’t debate.  That’s political science 101…

  • Guest

    Warren was on the defensive all night and couldn’t responde to any of the questions regarding her lying about being an indian, her $350,000/yr job, her recommended tax increases.  She is a spending ideologue and the definition of “Taxachusetts” will become more pronounced with her side by side with Kerry; who, by the way, like to pass taxes on the working class but knows all the ‘loop holes” (as Warren swiftly like to point at Brown) as he did with his $7,000,000 yacht he built and purchased in New Zealand and had shipped to RI so he didn’t have to pay any Ma excise taxes.  Of which, after 7 years of avoiding excise tax and registration taxes, he only decided to pay last years excise tax of $500,000.  What about reimbursing MA for past other 6 years of registration tax of $500,000/yr plus the initial excise tax he avoided when he shipped the boat to RI of over $1.2 million.   People, we really need to start to think which party is looking out for themselves and which is really looking out for the working class.

    • Potter

      So crucify Warren on the cross you mean for Kerry? 

      More has not been made of Scott really posing naked (ostensibly to earn money for education) than the erroneous accusation that Warren used her native American background to gain advantage for a job. Brown supporters ( as above) are quick to  use this to call her liar, trying to question her character. Brown talks about Warren’s earnings in order to introduce resentment, and as well, subtly belittling the fact that she is a professor in order to nurture resentment against intellectuals. Republicans love to use this tactic. So professors should not earn a comfortable living. Class warfare?   You be the judge.
      Brown is not the independent he claims to be. If Warren is to be judged by the company she keeps, then too, Brown.

  • Kevalyn1

    Warren clearly won the debate. She articulated that she is honest, trustworthy and for all of the citizens. She explained well how Scott Brown and the Repubs are for the super wealthy.

    • Sunrize311

      Honest and trust worthy? She is a liar and a cheat…..how’s life in that liberal bubble?

    • Christomason

      Warrens trustworthy so what about lying for weeks to the press about her Native American history. And here we go with the class warfare again Scott Brown was right the amount of taxes you would get from taxing the so call rich more would only pain to run the government for one day. One thing warren did show is that she would do what ever the dems want her to do if elected.

  • Unc194


    • Jkmcwane

      That is an important …. Comment to make …….. Are you Scott Brown ?

  • Cheshire

    Brown . . . all the way

  • Mikemo

    You liberals are clueless, lets jus keep giving money to the poor so they never have to work, an let’s tax the hell out of the so u call super wealthy so they dnt spend a nickel so the middle class can suffer evan more! It’s soon gna be rich or poor no in between so the liberals can control the votes an continue to make money an destroy this country worse than they already have.

    • Zooots999

       how about we stop giving money to banks and oil companies and bloated defense contracts too, while you’re at it?  we spend far more on them than we do on poor  people – unless you mean seniors?  is that who we should stop paying pensions too?  i don’t think the GOP can win on that ticket.    you’re easily distracted aren’t you?

    • CommonSenseChris

      Id say this guy Mikemo is a true reflection of the republican party. He had an opportunity to say something intelligent but he spend his time complaining and providing no solutions. And btw, educate yourself. Republicans and Democrats are BOTH considered Liberals. Learn your political history. 

  • Posman

    At the very end of the debate when asked about their favorite supreme court justice, it was clear to me that Scott Brown didn’t really have a sense of what he was talking about.  By picking such different justices, he showed his lack of knowledge about their points of view and styles.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UPRQJI5HEAHDLPUYJN5FRQVTLY Dave

    warren all the way!

  • TR

    good piece…I think that is the way it happens; all spin. And that’s where they money comes in. Citizens United paved the way. No democracy…..The 1% get to buy everything

    • Patrick

      We’re not a democracy. We are a republic. The mobs do NOT rule.

  • Pjeanmitchell

    President Obama

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MATICFNFGAWUGKXMJIOGB5I2UQ Trevor Turnbow

    President Obama did terrible! 
    Has our President turned over? He didn’t fight that debate at all. He did awful!

    I’m voting for Romney! He has much a better strategy!

  • Metalic_nomad

    ROMNEY is the man and will replace a liar

    • Billy

      Bush was already replaced

    • Mnharbourt

      It is unbelievable to me that someone would call the President of the United States a liar.  Maybe you disagree with his decisions, but you cannot disagree that he makes decisions based upon what he believes to be the best for the country. There are certainly good reasons to disagree on approaches, but please, at least try for a modicum of respect.

      • Argo3399

        The president brought up facts that were not true. Obama tried to hammer home that mitt had a 5 billion dollar tax in place. Mitt refuted that three times . Then finally told Obama ” just because you say something enough times , does not make it true”. Go Mitt

  • http://twitter.com/BetsySapienza Betsy Sapienza

    Romney clearly won!! Obama had cotton in his mouth.  He was struggling for answers.
    Romney demonstrated more leadership and knowledge.

    • Calijim

      Obama just needs a TelePrompTer and a pupetmaster

  • Kim From California

    As a Middle class ( barely at the bottom of the middle) I am taxes 40% of my paycheck already. I am barely above the low income state. Obama wants to raise MY taxes!? Force me to take on a GOVERNMENT run healthcare? is this a joke? 

    ROMNEY all day!

  • jdeck

    Finally, the media couldn’t distort everything Romney has been saying. Romney was able to show his true self. His knowledge and experience are far superior to Obama. It time for you to go Obama!

  • THauana06

    Obama might have not done very well this first debate but I am sure there is much better things coming on the next one. I stringly believe that we should not make our decision on who to vote based on debates. We must weight in every knowledge and info given about our candidates and honestly Mitt is not prepared well enough. If he wins we will be allowing another Bush era to ruin our country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1411033620 Dennis Cossiboon

    This is why your vote is necessary: Vote Obama
    if you want rich to stay rich and the middle class being reduced to
    poor, paying tithe to the eurostyle government which will control the
    media, the money, the vote and you. You will have no rights, because
    you will have no money, you will control nothing, but what the
    government can afford to dole out to you. And when the loans to the
    federal government stop from all its vast
    sources of credit, and there is a margin call, and believe me, CHINA
    will call a margin, the government checks will stop, and all the support
    you enjoy not working for will become your demise. There will be
    riots, desperation, enormous crime rates, what we have now is but a
    taste of whats to come if you vote this 0 in. IF you vote Romney, you
    will have opportunities to achieve your dreams, not by handout but by
    hard work. Hard work that pays off when you retire both in wealth and
    stature. Nothing better than earning it for yourself, having something
    to show for it. Romeny will pass legislation that will make your
    ability to get a job, go to school, and become an innovator, an
    entrepreneur a man/woman of stature. Easy money never made it easy.
    Just makes you happy on the short term, but the consequence of more of
    the same by the big 0 will result in the demise of the middle class and
    all that we stand for morally, emotionally, socially, legally, and of
    natural born right. You will suffer, and your children will suffer more
    if you vote 0bama. A big zero, who will do nothing but squander and
    ruin your life and the lives of the people you love. Make the realistic
    choice, sane choice, logical choice. Vote ROMNEY/RYAN.  Tonight’s
    Debate was a clear message of this very thing.  Be strong, vote for the
    right thing, even if you don’t like the party.  Romney is the right
    person for the job.

  • Calijim

    We need real change not chump change.

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