Warren Bests Repetitive Brown In 1st Debate

If you like your debater to be condescending, snide, repetitive, off topic, rote, eager to get personal, willing to toss out extraneous comments and charges, and full of phony manners (thanking the host for every question), then Sen. Scott Brown is your man.

His dark, hyperkinetic style in the first U.S. Senate debate revealed that he thinks he’s in trouble and needed to commit hard fouls on “Professor” Warren, who looked calm, reasonable, thoughtful and authentic. She didn’t wag her finger once.

Her theme was it’s not what you say, it’s how you vote that matters. Judging from the number of times he said it, his theme was “thank you.”

I scored each of seven host questions:

Q1, on character, went to Warren. Brown must’ve thought she wouldn’t be ready to answer on her Native American heritage right out of the box, because he whacked her for not being truthful with the first words out of his mouth. After calling him “a nice guy,” she said firmly it’s her family and she can’t change that and the Republican who hired her at Harvard Law School didn’t know about it. Brown monotonously said four times she should “release her personnel records.”

Q2, on job creation, was a draw. Both tossed around data and legislation. She established that he opposed three jobs bills. He fell back onto standard GOP rhetoric about “regulatory and tax uncertainties” holding back business. She challenged his “made-up numbers.”

Q3 was on avoiding tax hikes under “taxmageddon,” but it quickly became about energy sources and she won it handily. He lapsed into repetition on an “all of the above” approach to meeting energy needs. He said oddly if she wants to pay more to the government she should do so on her state income tax form.

Q4 on abortion went to Warren because Brown’s defense for his votes for the Blunt Amendment and against “equal pay for equal work” was, “I live in a house full of women.” He said he’d been fighting for women since he was 6 when he fought an abusive father. We knew this but it seemed like TMI. He repeated “stop scaring women.” She scored points on his opposing the Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan of Massachusetts. His response — “I’m sorry if I didn’t vote for your boss” — was snide and condescending.

Q5 was on leaving Afghanistan. Again, advantage Warren. He raised his military background and she trumped him by noting that three of her brothers were in the service. Brown snuck in traveling to Israel and accused her of having “a nuanced” (read: soft) position on Iran’s nuclear arms potential. She sided with President Obama as commander-in-chief. Brown never said Mitt Romney’s name once.

Q6, I give to Brown; it started on the high cost of college, which he blamed on Warren and her husband for making three-quarters of a million, plus housing and other perks as Harvard law professors. Seemed too personal. Brown shifted the discussion to her role in engineering a settlement for Travelers Insurance against victims of asbestos poisoning. She had no answer and punted with “fighting for working families.”

Q7 was whether climate change is real. Easily Warren’s round. Brown signaled his ambivalence by saying it’s both man-made and natural, went on a rant about the Keystone pipeline and union jobs, and said Cape Wind, which she supports, was something Ted Kennedy opposed. She caught him flatfooted by saying the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts matters nationally because the Republican who would chair the Senate Energy Committee is James Inhofe, who calls global climate change “a hoax.”

To recap: Warren 5, Brown 1 and 1 draw.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ronald-Ojeda/100000477653988 Ronald Ojeda

    For me…..”No Thank You” Scott and F You!!

    • Peter Combs

      Nice, very civil of you…real manners are learned. Its a shame you missed out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Boy-Bib/100003293916830 Boy Bib

    Brown showed he was UGLY (on the inside.)
    I encourage Ms. Warren to tell Brown’s staff THAT was the LAST debate he’s getting, foul race baiter.

    • Peter Combs

      Race baiter? She’s the person who played the Native American card…she’s the Race Panderer…and she got caught.  Brown will be ahead after tonight, and will win if the next debate is a repeat.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KWMCTLJJ2FHD3NPDJG6TAD467I Jesse Fell

        She has a Cherokee ancestor, as do lots of people in Oklahoma.  Should she have denied the fact when asked?  There is no evidence that she was ever hired, for any job, because of this ancestry; certainly, you don’t get hired to be a professor at Harvard Law School unless you know enough to stand up in front of classrooms filled with some of the smartest — and most aggressive — students anywhere to be found.  And has she ever asked the people of Massachusetts to vote for her because she is part Cherokee?   What then is she guilty of?  Only of having a little pride in her ancestry, as did Will Rogers, who said that he didn’t have ancestors on the Mayflower — just ancestors who greeted it when it arrived.

        • Marxist Hypocrisy 101

          “She has a Cherokee ancestor”

          Right. She’s just completely unwilling or unable to produce a shred of proof.

          If this had been a Republican who abused this system of helping minorities the collective left would be calling for his head. instead, it’s a Lefty, so we have to pretend that it’s true.

  • Peter Combs

    Warren offered very little other than her caned replies she’s used all over the state..

    Her support of Obama’s plan in Iran have been widely knocked by political analysts as ineffective and a watered down version of Bush Policy’s. Warren had NO response when he pointed out they had maintained the low rates on college tuition  without raising taxes, nor did she answer Brown’s point that most of the  Chapter S Corps are not Millionaires and Billionaires, something she seem almost Pavlovian on with her reply’s.Warren’s election would only mean more log jams in DC, Brown has a demonstrated ability to meet int the middle, Warren has no such inclinations. Were it not for Browns vote Obama’s big JObs bill in 2010 would not have passed…Brown won and I frankly thought Ms. Warren would have had more to say…

  • Digitocalypse

    Hey “Peter Combs” I am glad you are stock full of GOP-approved talking points and a healthy supply of angry white man rage-serum. Darlin’ Scott Brown played the race-card in an attempt to make people like you angry. Scott Brown is asking for — wait for it — documentation, which unless you have been hidden from this civic discourse (and your awareness of GOP-approved talking points shows this is not the case) you should be well aware of this racist dog-whistle game.

    Honestly, I know I am not going to convince you of anything, and most likely you are a hired hand. At least that’s what I see from your discus profile. (Never taunt a Redditor.)

    • Marxisthypocrisy101

      “Never taunt a Redditor.) ”

      You’re a self-aggrandizing idiot too stupid to comprehend the irony of your words, has to call everyone “racist” because he can’t debate his way out of a weet paper bag and who thinks he’s a big shot because he posts at an echo-chamber for adolescent morons.

      How’s that?

      • Digitocalypse

         Sir, you’re style of “debate” is a mix of overgeneralization, cartoonish overstatement, and intentionally inflammatory word choices. So I will treat you like a troll, yet debate you.

        “has to call everyone ‘racist’” — prove to me that the Affirmative Action dogwistle is not race baiting? I am all ears, if you have a legitimate response. Otherwise it is pretty disgusting of Scott Brown to push this. After you prove it, prove to me that you aren’t an angry white man. I want documentation!

        “repeat the same misinformation we’ve heard for the past year even after its been shot down like some twisted Orwellian mantra”

        Details, details, details. So were the Clinton tax rates an Orwellian mantra? I do not remember the country sinking into a slab of communist dark matter when those were in place. What “freedom” are you so afraid of losing? The right to openly call women ‘shrill’? Prove to me you are not sexist. Show me documentation!

        Or are you going to attempt to tie our debt and deficit to some crude corollary attempt to freedom? I can have that debate too. Right now, borrowing money is cheaper than it has ever been — low interest rates lead to companies expending more resources on R&D for a reason, low-cost and high future rewards. why should our government act any differently? Actually, for that, I have documentation.

        No, sir, all you have is anger. You are angry at Elizabeth Warren for leading the polls, you are angry at me for pointing out your anger. You are angry because your vision for this country is a frail and histrionic one, and it is the loosing side. Most importantly, you are angry because you think you are right.

        • Shalimar

           He’s a Republican, so being an asshole is a plus, not a minus. Of course he is going to think Brown did well. No point arguing with him.

        • Mike ellis

          Warren is the racist. She knowingly prevented a deserving minority a chance to move up, by lying about her heritage. Only in Mas could someone like Warren get elected.

  • Marxist Hypocrisy 101

    If you like your debater to squirm, flail her arms about, come off as a shrill authoritarian, repeat the same misinformation we’ve heard for the past year even after its been shot down like some twisted Orwellian mantra, then by all means, Warren is your Big Brother.

    She did horrid, absolutely miserable. but PLEASE, go on pretending she was great out there, Warren is her own biggest enemy and the disconnect from reality that she and her drones exhibit will do more to defeat her than anything Brown could.

    • Egnarts

      Ehem,  it’s “she did horridly, absolutely miserably”.  

      • Nick Sophinos

        Them Republicans just can’t get their dang adverbs right.

  • TR

    I appreciate when posters use handles like “Marxist Hypocrisy” because it lets me know everything that follows is going to be done tinfoil-hat insanity. I can just skip it.

  • fred249

    Dan Payne gave the best analysis of the debate I have read.  Sorry Scott Brown fans, it is what it is.

  • Shdrickson

    Brown shot himself in the foot, and possibly the head when it comes to getting independent votes.

  • RD

    Great observation on Payne’s part.

  • Maoriora

    Cutsie-pie apple polisher Scott Brown got taken to school by the professor.  She’ll teach Wall Street a thing or two yet.

  • GOPlover

    Right on. Agrees with my perception 100%

  • M40

     - No matter how many times Brown referred to her as Professor Warren, both she and ‘moderator’ Keller refused to use the term ‘senator’ when speaking to him.
     - Warren refused to release any records from the disgusting Cherokee race scam.
     - She wouldn’t comment on the fact that she testified (for big money) on behalf of insurance companies to keep asbestos victims from getting settlements.
     - She had no answer for the fact that she’s making MILLIONS in her cushy Harvard teaching role while whining about the ‘high cost of education’.
     - She can’t deny that she’d be the among the most partisan senators, and thus 100% unable to accomplish any meaningful legislation.
     - She can’t deny that Brown is a respected BIPARTISAN legislator who has accomplished more in his partial term as senator than many senators accomplish in a whole career.
     - She made several provably false accusations based on Boston Glob hit pieces.
     - She kept hitting Brown about voting against bogus bills that even most of the Democrats voted against (proving yet again that she’d be USELESS and accomplish NOTHING as a senator).

    …and Dan Payne is a hack.

    • JSM

       I will not argue matters of opinion with you, but I can say that if you watch the debate on CSPAN you can clearly see that Warren refers to Brown as Senator first at 3:20 and then most every time thereafter.

  • Joealbiani

    Warren trounced Brown and showed herself to be an excellent debater. Brown tried to get out of the debate by a phoney need to vote in the senate and I can see why. He knew she was good. Then he tried to throw her back on her heels with the Native American issue, drummed up by Howie Carr and the Herald. That didn’t work because she was clearly ready for the attack. Who really cares who her great grandmother was?
    Brown came off more snide and snarky than I have ever seen him while Elizabeth Warren seemed cool and confident. While Mitt is a losing cause the idea of another vote for Mitch McConnell (if Scott Brown is elected) for Senate President is scary. Warren was right when she said this election was for the control of the US Senate. We have had the past few years to see how the Senate Republican have filibustered more important bills than ever in history and their clearly stated goal was the defeat of President Obama. We don’t need 4 more years of those robots.

  • JN

    Excellent debate analysis. This was a great debate and was moderated well. Debates should reveal positions and people. Warren did a great job doing this without personal attacks. Warren looked and sounded senatorial, Brown was unprepared and condescending to Warren and other women. Even the remark about HRC being a “bright star”was condescending. When will people realize the days of smart women voting for men on looks are OVER? Two last words….voting record.

    46 yr old Woman Veteran, ROTC college graduate, married suburban mother of three, rape and molestation survivor.

  • Nicolestk

    This is the analysis of someone predisposed to Warren in the first place. I am a Democrat leaning toward Brown because I find her combative, focused on one note, and unable to engage at a deeper level. I worry that she will be totally unable to lead or legislate
    When she was asked about her salary at Harvard and the rising costs of college- which are due to administrative costs and insane salaries, she replied that we really have to focus on the costs of the “public universities”. She refuses to look at anything that she is a part of. She also refused to be senatorial in any way – for example, he made a point of saying that he respected her brothers’ service, and honoring President Obama’s approach on Iran. You can say it’s phony, or you can say it’s good politics, which is part of the job. I’ve seen what bomb-throwers, like Barbara Boxer and Bernie Sanders, can accomplish in the Senate – nothing.
    And the person below is right that he was NEVER once referred to as Senator. He is treated derisively by the left. I am on the left, and I don’t like it.

    • JN

      I am an independent and waited for the debates to make my choice.

    • Call out the trolls

      You are not on the left – you keep repeating it like its a badge of honor that you still cannot believe.  You spout the same talking points as Brown.  You say she was not senatorial in any way – how, by not pledging to block anything, by saying no to things that will help the country …

    • Papakim

       Scott Brown signed the Grover Norquist No New Tax Pledge- do you agree with the terms of the pledge? Norquist who is a hyper partisan, non elected leader of the anti tax right…a man who wants to drown the US Government in the bathtub. Pledge signers like Brown, refuse to consider ANY revenue (closing loopholes and emergency revenue, taxes on the wealthy and big oil subsidies). Brown can’t claim that he is a bipartisan problem solver AND a pledge supporter. We can’t solve problems with folks who sign this pledge when revenue cannot be part of any solution.

      Warren’s successful establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is but one example of her considerable substance. I find Brown to be unimpressive. He never leads but rather puts his finger to the wind before taking last minute positions. He has never held a town hall meeting in the district that I know of and I call his office frequently;  they can never explain his position with any credibility.  His comments about wanting to talk to Warren’s brother were absurd and pandering. His attempt to be folksy was transparent and came off as phony. I’m surprised he didn’t drive the truck onto the stage. We get it, you have a truck and a barn jacket. His votes are what should matter to any Democrat. His votes matter. Look at them before you decide who will get your vote.  The concerns about GOP control of the Senate are substantial and numerous. Tax cuts for the wealthy and gutting regulations were the factors in our economic collapse and the only solutions offered but the GOP. Brown is not so different from his GOP cohorts and if reelected, he will be another vote for a radical GOP agenda. Getting caught up in how somebody was addressed at the debate is the wrong focus in my opinion. Votes matter, philosophy matters, leadership matters.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S65RBEEMYRFYVMJZMRRADQMMAI gardenia

    Hooray Elizabeth.  You are miles ahead of Scott Brown in his cute little pick-up truck.  I am not sure he even knows what is going on in the rest of the world.  Does he also think reports and evidence of Global Warming are hoaxes as the Republican Senator James Inhofe claims?  Get this fool out of Washington,now!

  • MsLaurio

    Brown bested Warren over nd over again.  If you were coaching even a high school debate team, you would advise team members to NEVER say “I don’t understand”, something I heard Warren say numerous times.  You would also advise a debater to loose the annoying head bobbles and lost little dog look.  On substance, I found Warren to be weak and repetitive and unsure of her remarks.  Her criticisms of Brown’s record bordered on outright lies and many were certainly misleading.  Brown won this one hands down, sorry. 

  • Ken

    Gee,  This is a surprise.  A man who works for the Democratic Party gives the debate to Warren.  I’m shocked!!   WBUR impartial?   What a disgrace.

    • John

      If you actually bothered to listen to WBUR or read the site you would know that they regularly go to Dan Payne (Democrat consultant) and Todd Domke (Republican consultant) for dual commentary/analysis.  The only disgraceful thing here is your lack of comprehension

  • Florian Menninger Jr

    You know what it comes down to in the final analysis? Which candidate has the power, charm, charisma, influence, know how, and credibility, to convince colleagues in the government to cast votes to benefit the people and not protect their jobs

  • maraith

    When I grew up, my family told me that a great-aunt almost took the Titanic from Ireland but changed ships at the last moment.  This was a story I loved and re-told many times.  Recently, our geneology search discovered she came over in a different YEAR from the Titanic.  So it was a family myth.  But I’d passed it on as true.  That’s the story with Warren.  Just one of those things that happens in families.  Republicans who hired her say they didn’t even consider her heritage in hiring her.  Continuing to try to make an issue out of this is making Brown look desperate.  And based on his angry looks and kooky remarks, he should be because he is losing this race. 
    My big concern is that he seems to vote with the Catholic Church rather than for his constituents.  Women in Massachusetts use contraceptives – Catholic women as well as non-Catholics.  Senator Brown wanted all employers to be able to say they opposed medical coverage for contraceptives on “moral grounds” and not cover their cost.  This just invites the employers to suddenly be “moral” because it saved money.  This amendment (the Blunt Amendment that Brown co-sponsored, not just voted for) was not limited to religious organizations but to any employer with a “moral” objection.
    I can’t wait for Senator Brown to be just Mr. Brown again.

  • Dana Shetterly

    Unfortunately “undecided” people vote for the candid they saw last on TV or heard on the radio before pulling the lever. 

    The average voter is dumb as a box of rocks and think the election is a horse race in which you try to pick the winner.
    I can say that because I’m not running for office.

  • Pam

    A Democratic commentor or writer has every right to give a positive assessment of another Dem in analysis or opinion.
    The pressure to do otherwise has created a scenario where so many media commentors are frantically trying to cast everything in false equivalancies and horse-race terms,often dwelling on minutea-afraid to even tell the truth.
    This is true for the MSM and public media.

  • Gatbsweet

    Mrs Warren was professional and deliberate.  Mr Brown was uncomfortable, less than honest and disrespectful.  His reference to her native ancestry by looking at her was unbelievable.  Mrs Warren won the debate.

  • Eric C

    I agree with the earlier comment that WBUR has damaged any shred of neutrality by publishing commentary from its regular, Democratic commentator. What’s worse is that Mr. Payne’s commentary displays the very smug and snide tone  that he accuses Senator Brown of displaying.

    Anyone who watched would have seen that on the abortion question, Professor Warren quickly changed the topic to equal pay, and despite Brown’s cogent response, she repeated the same tired charge at least two additional times for no apparent reason.

    Mr. Payne neglected to mention the Senator’s valid point about the Professor’s work for Travelers Insurance, to which she offered no meaningful response other than an empty retort that she would go to Washington to “fight for the people”, or something along those lines.

    I could go on critiquing Mr. Payne’s biased analysis, but what was left unsaid was how ineptly this debate was moderated and produced. The moderator failed to keep the candidates on topic, but worse yet, allowed each question to be discussed until each of them and repeated their arguments two or three times. I found myself repeatedly wanting to change the channel after watching them talk past each other. Also the split screen was poorly executed, with the camera zoomed in more tightly to Warren than to Brown, amplifying her habitual head bobbing.

    Finally, in my opinion both of these candidates gave weak performances in their first debate, like two boxers who could throw punches but were unable to mount any good defense / counterpunches. Let’s hope that they can learn from their performances, since any way you slice it, one of these two will be representing the Commonwealth in the US Senate next year.

    • John

       You realize that WBUR also posted an analysis by its regular, Republican commentator Todd Domke, right?

      • Eric C

        This is true — Mr. Domke wrote a rather objective piece while Mr. Payne made no attempt at balance.

    • Anon

      Brown was desperate. He had to resort to allegations and half-truths by the end. He lacks substance and relies on rhetoric, name-calling, and shout outs.

      • Eric C

        If you watched the debate, you would see that distortions were flying from each candidate. Brown was able to speak to some specific votes, and in many cases offered more specifics and details than Warren, so I don’t think this response carries much weight.


    By claiming to be a Native American, she took the slot for a “real” minority applicant.  I think everyone can agree that, regardless of how you feel about affirmative action, that’s a MAJOR no-no.  Except for some vague references to obscure family lore, she has NEVER laid out the facts or released her records to disprove this blunder.  Personally, I think this is really going to hurt her. 

    • Bake123

      It was claimed decades ago – the Brown camp put it in the ‘slot’ for her. As she has said, the question was asked and everyone that knows her answered the question. Its not a blunder – it is what it is and Brown is playing politics/race with it. Much like the Obama/Kenyan/Birth Certificate silliness.

    • Anon

      If you think it’s going to hurt, you’re in a fantasy. Brown is only exacerbating racist points of view. He is adding to the problem of racism in this country because he;s using race as part of his political platform.

    • Lama

       As a woman, she is a “REAL” minority candidate! 

    • A.Lincoln

       ” she took the slot for a “real” minority applicant. ”

      Not according to any of the schools who hired her,
      Cite your source for this slander you keep repeating.


    I also am a little surprised that Warren claims to represent the little guy, but she lives in a house worth OVER $5 MILLION. 

    I thought only the 1% lived in houses that big?!?

    • Bake123

      Her success has nothing to do with this – its what she does with the success. She isn’t hiding money in tax havens, for example and releases her returns.

    • Guest

      Seriously, WHO cares? Bitter People?
      My parents bought a house decades ago for under $20k and today’s it’s worth more than $1 million. Does that take into account the hundreds of thousands of dollars they put into the upgrades?  Of course not!  Does that take into account that the town decided to grow in that direction? Of course not!

      I am not even going to start to tell you the good fortune I have amassed. It’s not luck; it’s hard work.   Stop your whining! NO, I DID NOT INHERIT ONE DIME. I EARNED it by getting advanced degrees and working hard.  TRY IT.

  • Butler

    Define worth?  Did you see an appraisal?  What do you think Brown’s house if worth??  Most importantly, who cares?

  • RD

    I see GREA’s many posts here result in –

    1 Like

    – must be some self-Like’n going on.

  • Rmfreidin

    Sen Brown took on the mantle of ‘the only one in the room who can reach across the aisle. His voting record shows that he has indeed voted with the Democrats on some issues. What is not know is of the votes he cast with Democratic sponsored bills, in how many were the results of the vote already determined before Sen Brown cast his vote. Voting ‘across the aisle’ behind the shield of a predetermined outcome, is not reaching across the aisle to work with the Democrats, but, voting for his own record with a vote that he knew would not change the outcome before casting his vote.

    That is not leadership. It is voting for your own record. In Sen Brown’s case, to claim something that he reached across the aisle is true, but the reaching did not effect the outcome of the vote. It is cowardly hiding and then asking credit for his ‘bravery’ .

    Ralph Freidin
    Boston, MA

  • Guest

    Dan, what debate were you watching last night, your comentary is so off base…   The only person dodging the questions was the wishful ‘indian’

    • Try an Education

      Did you see a DNA test? It sounds like you are jealousy! So Pitiful! Perhaps if you had put your efforts into an education, you could actually debate the issues.

  • Guest

    She won the debate on Afganistan?  Are you kidding, she’s siding with a foreign policy that handed Lybia and Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood; Iran is within months of having a nuclear weapon, Isreal on on it’s own, we’re losing the war in Afganistan, and i don’t know if she’s keeping up with current affairs but last i checked, almost all of our embassies have been attacked over the past couple weeks.  Are you kidding?

  • Estengel10

    While I wish Warren had lightened up just a bit on Brown’s pro-tax votes – it got predictable, I ws offended by Brown’s beginning his answer on abortion rights with “I live in a house full of women.”  It doesn’t explain why he got the endorsement of the major antichoice org or why he voted for the Blunt amendmt.  I’m sure his house full of women supported that vote, however he explained it to them

  • Dickerson Birgitta

    I have a multiracial background (including Native American, African American, and Mexican heritage), and, like Warren, have family stories about our Native American ancestors.  I do not think Scott Brown would be able to “tell by looking at me” what my ethnicity/heritage is, and am disappointed that he thinks he can (or should) easily categorize people by a quick glance.  Both she and Brown are living the American Dream — they came from modest households and worked hard to become the successes they are ; they both should be celebrated for that.  But that’s where the similarities end.  Warren is a tremendous (and challenging) teacher (I know, I was a student of  hers), she has a keen intellect that can grasp, analyze and explain complicated issues.  Warren has integrity, empathy, and grit — rare qualities in most politicians.  Brown comes across as petty, patronizing and not very interested in resolving the issues that matter to Massachusetts voters (the economy; women’s health issues and skyrocketing health costs; climate change; supporting veterans); he’s too busy trying to show how “white” Warren is (or isn’t).  If Warren wins this fall, it will be because voters see Brown for what he is, and find him lacking.

    • JeanBHall

       A very thoughtful and articulate view.  Bravo!

      • Po’sMom

        Jean B Hall—Thank you. I apologize for parts of the post being repeated. When I posted the comment, they told me there was an error and to repost. Obviously there was a tech glitch.

    • GCREA

      I’ll say it again…By claiming to be a Native American, she took the slot from a “real” minority applicant (i.e., someone who actually may have been dis-advantaged due to the color of her skin).

      Regardless of how you feel about affirmative action, that’s a MAJOR no-no. Does anyone disagree?

      • Guest

        I totally disagree.  Obviously you know nothing about Cherokees. Go look some up and you will see that the skin color is VERY light.  They were not raped by the Spanish and do not live in the sun baked area of the S/W.

        Please quit being so ignorant and HATEFUL.

        • smokeysmoke

          they looked back into liz warrens heritage, and her great grandfather was one of the  “whitemen” who forced indians to march on the trail of tears to oklahoma and the reservations… her haritage is not only NOT CHEORKEE, her family forced them onto reservations… why the hate GUEST

      • Carl J. Britton, Jr.

        Yes, I disagree.  The only way in which Professor Warren’s minority status could have prevented another minority applicant from being hired by the law schools at which she has taught is if (1) her  minority status had played a role in HER being hired, and (2) if the schools that hired her employed racial quotas in their hiring decisions.  

        There is absolutely NO evidence that ANY of the schools that hired her used her minority status in their hiring decisions.  The only use to which her minority status ever seems to have been put was for the schools themselves to use it to bolster their claims of faculty diversity AFTER they hired her.

        And I hope you aren’t implying that Harvard and UPenn use racial quotas when hiring their faculty, and that they would not hire another female with Native American heritage because they already had one…

      • Po’sMom

        GCREA —You can repeat your comment all day, but Elizabeth Warren never got a position
        at any College or University, because of her heritage. Harvard used the
        information long after she was hired, for their own purpose. Do your research,
        it was well stated by Harvard. Elizabeth Warren was never granted any special
        minority status, not did she eve claim any.

        Setting all of that silliness aside, this
        seems to be the only talking point of Scott Brown. I receive his e-mail and his
        votes are very disturbing to ma as a MA resident. His claims of bi-partinship
        really has only one vote where it mattered, he choose his votes carefully to
        make that claim. His votes show that when he cast an opposing vote it had no
        value, because of the 60 vote rule.
        I find him to be a complete empty suit, with
        very little knowledge. His claims to have been so busy talking to Queens and
        Kings, as well as the claim that the leaders were calling him constantly to be
        nothing bu his puffery and lies. Those statements have had to be reconstructed
        by the campaign to get Brown out of the holes he dug for himself not once but
        many times. The word retroactively come to mind.
        I don’t care one wit about ones heritage, I
        do care about what our Senator will do in the future, when in the
        After 2+ years Brown should have known we
        give Billions to Oil Subsidies, he denied it at this link. http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2012/07/11/514825/scott-brown-oil-companies-dont-get-subsidies/

        Setting all of that silliness aside, this
        seems to be the only talking point of Scott Brown. I receive his e-mail and his
        votes are very disturbing to ma as a MA resident. His claims of bi-partinship
        really has only one vote where it mattered, he choose his votes carefully to
        make that claim. His votes show that when he cast an opposing vote it had no
        value, because of the 60 vote rule.

        I find him to be a complete empty suit, with
        very little knowledge. His claims to have been so busy talking to Queens and
        Kings, as well as the claim that the leaders were calling him constantly to be
        nothing bu his puffery and lies. Those statements have had to be reconstructed
        by the campaign to get Brown out of the holes he dug for himself not once but
        many times. The word retroactively come to mind.

        I don’t care one wit about ones heritage, I
        do care about what our Senator will do in the future, when in the

        After 2+ years Brown should have known we
        give Billions to Oil Subsidies, he denied it at this link. http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2012/07/11/514825/scott-brown-oil-companies-dont-get-subsidies/

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Russell-DeMello/100002300456616 Russell DeMello

        You’re asserting facts not in evidence.  In fact, the evidence thus far is that she did not use her heritage as a means to get the job but you are acting like it has been proven that she did.  All of the people who made the hiring decision in her case have stated that her heritage was not an issue in hiring her. Some of these people who have stated this are republicans, and at least one of them voted for Scott Brown so this means that even the republicans who know the facts agree that she did not cheat the system. Even a Scott Brown supporter who knows the facts says she did not cheat the system. So give me a break.

        In a nutshell, you’re lying.

  • Isabel Best

    The Cherokee Indian Nation encourages Americans who can claim even a small part in its considerable heritage to wear that distinction with pride. In such cases you can’t tell by appearance that the person is of mixed race (this is also true of many Americans with African or Latino blood). Elizabeth Warren’s family accordingly made her proud of her mixed heritage, by what they told her about it, and she sees no reason to conceal it when asked. People who insist that this means she exploited it to gain employment are perhaps telling us more about themselves than about her.

    • GCREA

      No reasonable person would object to her being proud of her 1/32nd ancestor.  The problem stems from the fact that she claimed to be a “minority” based on this very distant and unproven claim. And by doing so, she took the slot from a “real” minority applicant.  Regardless of how you feel about racial quotas and affirmative action, this is a MAJOR no-no. 

      • Lama

         Brass tacks, are you for affirmative action or is this just some logic trap that you think will force the “stupid lib fools” to go against her?  Are you, yourself, a minority?  If not, you’re screed is baseless and you should stop.

    • GwenB
    • GwenB

      So she basically lied when she said the school didn’t know about it, they published her minority status…so they knew about it….

  • Bostguy45

    Did you watch the same debate Brown won every topic so Warren middle clad family makes $750,000 a year middle class, she helped the insurance company keep millions at workers expense, energy plan she has none my god please keep it real!

    • Joe

      How much does the Huff-Brown family earn?  If I recall correctly they own five homes, between their primary, rental and vacation properties.  That’s not so middle class.

    • Fred Fnord

      Well, now we know how the debate went down with the illiterate set.

    • Justhoping

      And Brown’s wife makes how much?  She was a news anchor.  You think she made squat?  And Brown benefited from that.  So you point is Brown can’t be for the middle class either because his wife makes kudo bucks and it supports his butt!

  • Julemry

    Doesn’t everyone have questions about their heritage? My husband’s family always thought they were French. Then an aunt did some research and it turns out they are Hungarian! My grandfather emigrated from Yorkshire, England, but he gave his children Welsh names. Are we Welsh or English? So Scott Brown is just a jerk with nothing to offer by starting off the debate this way. He sounds scared. HA!

    • Sarah

      I heard with my own ears my great grandmother tell me her mother had come over from Holland.  We were Dutch!

      Or not.  Doing some geneological research my aunt discovered my great-grandmother failed to specify she meant Holland, Massachusetts.

  • Kevalyn1

    I agree with most of your perceptions but I believe that her mentioning of Scott Browns voting against 3 pro-American jobs bill in this countries worst recession as most revealing to the voter who must be made fully aware of this fact.

    Brown seemed angry,phony,stiff and closed minded. He was worried too much about protecting the wealthy as America experiences the worst recession in its history. This argument will not hold any weight except with those able to purchase $50,000 dinner plates at Romneys pow wows while they all blame the unfortunate,struggling and unemployed American for the economy.

    Romney is stuck in corporate attack mode on the citizen!! He wants to continue to crush the hard working American and Scott Brown is voting against pro-American jobs bills. It is time to get rid of the self righteous protectors of the wealthy and to allow hard working Americans job opportunities once again.

  • Anne Fisher

    I live in Arizona, not the most advantaged place in the country for thinking and rational discourse, and I have from the beginning been a supporter with my dollars and my interest and active support for Elizabeth Warren.  I have appreciated her willingness to make her self available to fight the Banking industry which is among the most corrupt industries in this nation and at the lead in taking this country down the rabbit hole in 2007-2008 time frame, and sadly taking the nation into a depression of huge proportions effecting almost everyone I know.  I think that on the basis of what she has done to bring into the light of day the business practices which have sent most of the leading nations into something close to depression, and actions which will protect the person on the street she has engineered she stands head and shoulders above this twit, Brown, and would be a significant improvement in Mass. representation in the National Governmental Body for which she is running.  If the Republicans win a majority in the Senate, James Inhoff, who thinks ,we have as humans, no role, in global warming as head of that committee are asking for trouble which will send us into a spiral of ignorance and I do not want to see that happen.  Democrats need to get the message, REPUBLICANS HAVE LOST THE ACCESS THAT THEY USED TO HAVE TO THEIR CAPACITY TO THINK.
    FOR THE SAKE OF THE PLANET, AND THE FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN, WE NEED TO ELECT ELIZABETH WARREN, AND OTHER CLEAR THINKING AND RATIONAL DEMOCRATS TO POSTS IN HIGH OFFICE.  Please I feel we face a crisis of  monumental proportions at this time, all of us who do want to move away from the edge of this particular cliff need to do what ever we can to bring logical solutions to the problems we face at the national level.  

  • A.Lincoln

    Jon Keller prompted Brown to deploy his “fake Indian” attack – which is calling Warren’s deceased parents liars. Brown and Keller – partners in scumbaggery. Warren should’ve bitch-slapped them both for attacking her parents!

    • McKenzie

      Agreed. Keller transparently picked a lousy question about what the candidates thought of each others’ characters to give Brown a soapbox for the Republicans’ red herring about Warren’s heritage.

  • not-that-simple

    Brown’s repetitions demonstrate to me that he is not smart enough to be my US Senator.  I have spoken to him in person, when he was a state rep.  Then, he spoke in bumper stickers, sound bites.  He doesn’t seem to have the intellect to handle complex issues.  I think his constant references to “Professor” Warren, as such, is a back-handed insult.  It’s a subtle way to suggest she is an smug academic, out of touch with the common folks, probably too liberal.  Well, he seems to have drunk his own kool-aid, and now he’s frightened because she’s smarter than he is, so he has to repeat his simple ideas, in hopes that there are enough simple minded people in the Commonwealth to elect him.  Not again!  The tea party “sent it’s message to Washington.  OK, don’t shoot the messenger, just retire him.  

    • McKenzie

      I also found the “Professor Warren” comments by Brown to be insulting and if he wanted to make her look smug, the idea backfired (he looked smug). His use of the “Professor” prefix was aimed at people who are intimidated by education, are maybe jealous or resentful of the highly educated, and who don’t think a well-educated person or an employee of higher ed. can relate to them. It just so happens that Brown has a JD, just like Warren.

  • Go Warren!

    Why is it so horrible that Warren has Native heritage?!?!  The senator kept saying”obviously she isn’t Indian.” Why is it so obvious to him?  He has some “magic” way to see what her DNA is and what her family is? If that doesn’t make you sick I don’t know what will.  Maybe his cheesy references to his truck, ugh.

    Game set and match to Warren.

  • TJohn76051

    Brown is a fraud. I counted 28 political ads showing women fawning over him in a 6 hour tv period. If he is so lovable, it’s a complete opposite of his observed behavior as he smirked, snickered and thundered his way through his part of the debate while referrrening to his opponent as she-her and professor.Either the ads are fraudulent ot he is fraudulent- your call!

    Of particular note was his attack on her successful defense of a corporate client (Travelers?). I thought lawyers were to work for their clients to come to agreements, or to judicial agreement about the facts in a case. She apparently did that. Isn’t that what successful  lawyers do?

    Ther is an angry little boy in there senstor, and you are very wary that the professor will take away your favorite narcissistic plaything- the US Senate,

    Tom Johnson

    • Standridgeartz

      Yes. My gut feeling was the same–he came across as angry and purposely rude in a way that signals to me that he gates women, particularly those with any power over what he wants.

      There are many people with these kinds of predjudices, but they have learned to act gentile. I.e. to have manners.

      You should read his autobiography in which he boasts a lot about his successful shop lifting exploits as a teenage–amazing that he would write that stuff…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7CNXZ5C4DB2MKQBCMTWTRXJXZM L.CYPHER

    Warren is the biggest phony out there, when asked about her heritage all she did was play dumb, “My family told me” How is it that she won the debate?

    • Standridgeartz

      Since when is it a crime to be part Indian? BTW geneologists have found MUCH Cherokee/Anglo race mixing in Oklahoma during the late 1800s and the 1900s. Who else but one’s family is going to reveal these things to children. Also, to “not look Indian ” is ridiculous not to mention racial profiling. The President of the Cherokee Nation “looks white “

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Russell-DeMello/100002300456616 Russell DeMello

    I think Warren did a surprisingly good job.  I have been discouraged by her campaign so far but she did good in this debate.  I thought her only weak spot was that she didn’t explain her role in the asbestos, although I have read about it since the debate ended and clearly she did not do anything wrong, and she was trying to help asbestos claimants.  The company was able to pervert the system found a way to keep from paying the asbestos claimants but the final word on this matter has not been rendered.  The legal matter is pending a final decision from the Supreme Court.  The asbestos claimants may ultimately win everything they were supposed to win, thanks to Elizabeth Warren, when the Supreme Court renders its’ final decision.  Elizabeth is going to have to explain her role in all of this, her reasoning, and that the asbestos claimants may still win, thanks to her involvement, and I think she can explain it to the satisfaction of Mass voters. I’ve researched the situation and she hasn’t done anything wrong so she has the ability to overcome Senator Brown’s allegations, and if she does so, then the takeaway from this debate is that she really did best Scott Brown. 

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