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Video: Sen. Brown Backers Yelling War Whoops

BOSTON — Staff members for Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and the Massachusetts Republican Party are seen shouting war whoops and performing tomahawk chops in a new video.

The actions are an apparent reference to Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren’s claims of Native American heritage.

A Massachusetts Republican party spokesman confirmed one of its field coordinators, Brad Garnett, is seen leading whoops and making tomahawk gestures.

State Democratic officials identified another individual making tomahawk motions as Jack Richard, a member of Brown’s U.S. Senate office.

The Brown campaign wouldn’t say if any campaign staffers were involved and did not return calls and emails.

The video was posted online by the Democrat-leaning Blue Mass Group, which said the video was taken at a Brown rally Saturday.

Brown told reporters Tuesday he hadn’t seen the video, but it’s not something he’d condone.

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  • Mike ellis

    Wow. Lets try and spin Warrens dishonesty and lack of ethics into a negative story on Scott Brown.

    • SSyd

      Scott Brown is questioning Elizabeth Warren’s heritage because his record in Washington sucks. He went to Washington and became the sweetheart of the Republican party from Mass. He didn’t bring any new money into Mass during his term, he says he’s for the “average guy,” but refused to sign an extension on unemployment, for those “average guys” who couldn’t find jobs and needed money to feed their families. He then subsidized big oil companies. IS THAT REALLY SAVING MONEY? And now he claims he supported jobs bills, but that’s probably only because he was called out for NOT voting on three other jobs bills. Republicans aren’t even voting for jobs bills for vets returning home from 3 and 4 terms. He’s grasping at straws when he brings up Elizabeth Warren’s heritage. He’s desperate because he knows that she has a very real chance of taking his job. Since when is being a Native American an advantage in this country? They’re forced to live on Reservations and a great many of their concerns are ignored by government.How is being Native American more beneficial than being white in America? His whole argument is nothing short of rediculous and now he’s brought the racists out of the wordwork. Making tomahawk actions, and Indian yells….REALLY? How very ignorant. I’m an Independent who was on the fence, he helped me to make my decision about who will get my vote and it will not be Scott Brown.

      • Mike ellis

        first: Native Americans are not forced to live on reservations.

        second : The real racist is Warren. By checking the box she prevented a deserving minority a chance to move up the ladder.

        third: and really most importantly Warren lied. She was dishonest.  To this day she still seems to be claiming that she is a native American. There is zero proof to support her claim. This speaks  to her character or lack thereof. Unfortunately it also sais alot about many of her supporters.

           If a republican had tried to pull off some of the crap Warren has this station along with the Globe and most other news outlets would have screamed bloody murder. Brown would have been forced to pull out of the race.

           Since Warren is a darling of the left. the right thing to do is excuse or ignore her behavior.  Having done this, we can now with a little journalistic gymnastics turn this into a story  that will some how paint Brown as the bad guy.

        • jefe68

          No the ignorance is his staff’s behavior, period. I might add it’s all to revealing how low your right wingers will stoop, it really is the height of adolescent male behavior. That you would support this kind of thing says a lot about you as a person who is most likely as immature as the people Scott Brown has in his employ.

          She made a hash out of the explanation but it’s a none issue as she never used it to get into Harvard according to their records.

        • SSyd

          Lets’s keep it real Mike you can say whatever you want but Republicans are no angels. I’m not trying to paint anybody as a bad guy, they do a pretty good job of that on their own. Throw in a few Tea Party idiots and you’ve got a country in gridlock just because they don’t happen to like the President. What ever happened to respect for the office?
          They’re far too childish and self absorbed to think about what’s best for everyone, not just a chosen few. You can sing Republicans praises all day, until they show me something other than gridlock and simplemindedness, you can have them. They won’t get my vote and it isn’t about what they’re doing so much as what they aren’t doing. Take a look around MIKE, when Clinton left office this country was in the black. When Bush left office we were on the brink of disaster.

          I’m not a Republican or a Democrat but I think it’s shameful and immature the way people try to attack and blame President Obama for everything, including dinner being late. It’s become that rediculous. How is this President or any other one suppose to generate jobs and stimulate the economy when you have a bunch of self centered simpletons acting like children who can’t have their way. Don’t preach to me, preach to your stupid party and wake them up before they lose the election.

        • SSyd

          For your information Mike, there are areas in this country where Native Americans ARE forced to live on reservations. They don’t have the freedom you do.

    • jefe68

      Really? This is your answer to this kind of behavior? How white of you, really.

  • wareinparis

    What is Scott Brown, three years old? And the folks out their making fools of themselves by ridiculing Native Americans? If you want to take issue with Ms. Warren, find something real to talk about. This is an election about who will best serve us in the Senate, not about whether Ms. Warren made an unsubstantiable claim about her heritage; the matter is irrelevant.

  • J__o__h__n

    Does Brown have a problem with his supporters calling her Granny too?  That should help him with the women voters.

  • Sanignacio

    This action by the Brown employees reflect the racist approach that he has taken in addressing Native American Heritage. He should be called out on this and on the remark that he made during the debate. At that time he noted that Warren did not look like a Native American or a minority. I ask “What does a Native American or minority look like?”

  • Pam

    Scott Brown’s senior staffers seem to have lost all  judgement and common sense,not to mention decency.Is this who we’re supposed to call for constituent services? Good luck !!!

    Elizabeth-we need you !!!

  • Birddog2012

    This smacks of the infamous Dade County Court House riots lead by Bush Jr’s chief henchman, Karl Rove, that disrupted the recount of 2000 presidential election in Florida…

  • SSyd

    This is Scott Brown judging a book by its cover. At the end of his debate with Elizabeth Warren he says “look at her she’s no Native American.” Why isn’t she Native American, because she’s not a redskin? How utterly racist, uninformed and just plain stupid. Native Americans,  just like African Americans and Latinos come in a variety of shades from the whitest white to the deepest dark brown. I’m sure you’ve heard of Carol Channing, the very pale, blond broadway star. Carol Channing’s father is a black man. It’s in her autobiography. I’m sure Scott Brown would look at her and say she isn’t black too, but he’s be quite wrong. Those who can are not above passing if for no other reason than to enjoy the benefits of white priviledge. The ability to work where you want and live where you want without reservation (no pun intended.) And the list of benefits goes on. I certainly don’t see any white people trying to pass for black because of the perks.

    His political ad claims her lineage doesn’t find any evidence that she is Native American. Well all I have to say is that, that was an idiotic statement since most whites did not consider Native Americans worthy of documentation anymore than they did black slaves.  Very few slave ships deemed record keeping relevant. Let’s keep it real. This country has a shameful history where minorities are concerned and it still exists today.  Scott Brown opened this can of worms and by doing so probably effectively lost the Native American vote, as well as some African Americans and Latinos and quite honestly, he can use all the help he can get.

  • jqm

    If this is all Scott Brown has… his campaign is toast.  There are far too many important issues that are affecting the middle class to debate than this stuff.  He should be ashamed.

  • blucat2000

    You know I think this was initially done in light hearted fun as a joust between campaign groups on the field of battle. If you watch the whole video, there’s a fair amount of back and forth. Then it get’s a little carried away, you know how people get.

    Having said that, it does of course reflect poorly on the person shown in the picture and on people in general as we always have those amongst us who are insensitive to minorities. I certainly in no way condone this type of activity, it’s offensive

    I also do believe this strategy of challenging her heritage is about to blow up in his face, this particular event being the catalyst. I also hope it has the same effect on those people who still think this type of stuff is funny. It really has no place in our society in either regard.

  • Jasoturner

    To all of those with native American blood out there (including me), this is what your Senator and his campaign think about our heritage.  Something to mock people with.  Would they mock an Irish politician as being a drunk as a joke?  A Jewish candidate as a money lender?  If not, why not?  What’s wrong with being native American?

    Frankly, this is rather repulsive.  And the Brown campaigns unwillingness to comment on is speaks volumes.  The pretty boy dope just doesn’t know how to do the grown up thing and call this crap out.

    Thanks for backing us up, Scott.

  • Stayceepearl

    so bad.

  • Dennis Naughton

    What has happened here is that Senator Brown has enabled the overt practice of bigotry against a minority–Native Americans. The news media has failed to challenge him on this, which has emboldened him and his supporters to do it even more. What does Scott Brown have against Native Americans anyway?

  • Hiikyan

    I don’t know Brown…I’m a west coast native….but I’m ashamed for him and his supporters…ehhh

  • PWC

    If this is the best Scott Brown has to offer against his bright, dedicated opponent, it looks like the election is over.

  • Steven Coffey

    Scott Brown was not the one making these “war whoops” (love that term!), nor does he condone it, so don’t judge him by the actions of some of his supporters.  Let’s keep our eye on the ball. Scott Brown is a moderate independent who strongly supports the people. 

    Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, worked for the insurance industry to deny claims to those who suffered from asbestos poisoning, and, with her college professor husband, earns over $700,000/yr. as a college professor herself, then claims to want to make college more affordable for people!  Liz Warren is not part of the solution, she’s part of the problem.

  • WorriedfortheCountry

    If you are upset by this don’t tune into an FSU game on Saturday or you will hear 80,000.

    The political correctness and faux outrage is stunning.

    What about the Warren supporters ripping Brown signs out of women’s hands?  That sounds much more outrageous.

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