Weld Endorses Brown; Caroline Kennedy Endorses Warren

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown speaks with reporters as former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld looks on after Weld endorsed Brown in Boston Friday. (Winslow Townson/AP)

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown speaks with reporters as former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld looks on after Weld endorsed Brown in Boston Friday. (Winslow Townson/AP)

BOSTON — The U.S. Senate candidates are touting dueling endorsements.

On Friday, Republican former Gov. William Weld endorsed GOP U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, and Caroline Kennedy endorsed Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Weld, governor from 1991 to 1997, called the senator “moderate” and “independent” at Brown campaign headquarters in Boston.

Weld, who now lives in New York, said Brown has stood up to his own party and shown a willingness to cross the aisle on critical votes.

“One of Scott Brown’s first votes as a U.S. senator was for a Democratic jobs bill,” Weld said. “That’s really all the proof you need that on the crucial economic needs of the day, Scott can and will work with anyone of goodwill to get the job done.”

In contrast, “Elizabeth Warren can’t name a single Republican she’d work with,” Weld said, referring to the Senate candidates’ debate on Monday, “and the one she finally named is retiring. That’s deeply concerning.”

Weld also jumped into the controversy over Warren’s American Indian heritage by suggesting the law professor ask Harvard University to release her records.

“And if in the context of this issue there are personal records, personnel records that exist that would answer the question, that’s the obvious place you go to put an end to the uncertainty and answer the question,” Weld said.

Warren campaigned Friday with Kennedy and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

Kennedy’s endorsement is the first public event a senior member of the Kennedy family has held to endorse Warren. In Charlestown, where her father, President John F. Kennedy, began his political career, Kennedy compared Warren to her uncle, Edward M. Kennedy, who held the seat Brown now holds.

“And I know that in the United States Senate, Elizabeth will fight for seniors, for middle-class families, just like my Uncle Teddy did,” Caroline Kennedy said.

She said Warren worked with Republicans when overseeing the Trouble Assets Relief Program and setting up the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

With reporting by WBUR’s Fred Thys, Martha Bebinger and The Associated Press

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  • tired of the lies

    So tired of Brown harping on Warrens ancestry. Why doesn’t he talk about what he intends to do as a senator if voted into the office? Its because he wouldn’t get the votes he needs if he does and he wants to make no commitments that would be thrown in his face later. Classic case of the stove calling the kettle black – Scott just be honest for a change!!! 

  • comment

    Why on a day when Caroline Kennedy endorses Elizabeth Warren in the name of her father President John F Kennedy and her uncle Senator Ted Kennedy is the story lost under a picture of Scott Brown and a story line that is all about the Brown campaign spin? 

  • FrancisMcManus

    Why does Brown get six paragraphs and Warren get four?

    It seems to me Carolyn Kennedy’s endorsement of Warren for her uncle’s old senate seat is a pretty big story in the Bay State, the state that loved Ted Kennedy as the liberal lion of the senate.  Carolyn Kennedy spoke for a while at the podium.  What
    else did she have to say?

    It seems Bill Weld is happy the Republican tea party primaried moderate Richard Lugar so he could say Warren couldn’t identify one Republican she could work with. In fact, that was the point Warren was trying to make when David Gregory interrupted two times in order to ask the question three times.  Mourdoch, who beat Lugar in the primary, is running on the tea party  no compromise platform, so strike Mourdoch from her potential list. I wonder if Warren will find common ground with climate change denier Inhofe or Legitimate Rape Todd Akin.  Warren is results focused.  I’m pretty sure she’ll seek and negotiate common ground wherever she can find it.  That’s what Ted Kennedy did, with people like Orin Hatch no less.

    Bill Weld has but one compliment for Brown, that he voted yes on one jobs bill.  Weld doesn’t mention the other 3 jobs bills Brown joined Republicans to block. By the way, without Scott Brown’s 41st vote, Republican could not have executed the obstruction strategy to make Barack Obama a one-term president. 

    In May, Brown jumped on the birther wagon with his campaign manager Jim Barnett, a Karl Rove protege.  Brown’s attacks on Warren are attacks on her strengths; competence, character and professionalism.  Classic Rove.  

    Brown doesn’t talk about his record or what he wants to do with six more years. Am I the only one who’s noticed that?

  • Karwag59

    God I would love to see Caroline Kennedy run for office!

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