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Brown Won't Release Full Client List, Aides Say

BOSTON — Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren are wrangling over each other’s work histories as lawyers as the two candidates in Massachusetts’ hard-fought U.S. Senate race gear up for their third debate.

Part of the sparring has been over how much information each campaign will release about their candidate’s former clients.

After saying they were compiling a full list of Brown’s clients in response to media inquiries, Brown campaign officials on Tuesday refused to make the list public, demanding Warren release a full client list first.

The decision came despite Brown saying last week he would release the list.

The campaign said Warren “has failed to match Scott Brown’s level of transparency at every turn.”

“When Elizabeth Warren matches Scott Brown’s disclosures on tax returns and personnel files, and releases a truly complete list of her legal work, then Scott Brown will be happy to do the same,” said Brown spokeswoman Alleigh Marre, referring to Brown’s demand that Warren release her personnel files since taking a job as a professor at Harvard Law School.

Warren’s campaign said she’s already released far more information about her clients than Brown has ever released during more than two decades as a public official.

It said Brown’s refusal to release his client information means voters can’t know whether there have been any conflicts of interest between the Republican incumbent’s legal work and his work as a public official.

“(Brown) has never disclosed the services he provided for specific clients or if that work posed a conflict of interest with his work in the state Legislature,” Warren spokeswoman Julie Edwards said Tuesday.

Warren’s campaign has released details of Warren’s past legal work but not a complete list of all the cases she’s worked on.

The list includes more than a dozen cases the Harvard Law professor helped argue in federal courts going as far back as 1995. They include six cases Warren worked on before the U.S. Supreme Court, four that went to the U.S. Court of Appeals and three that went to U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

The campaign said those cases could all be found on public databases. The list didn’t include all the cases the Democrat worked on as a consultant.

Warren’s legal work since 2008, when she was tapped to head the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, has also been made public.

Brown has said he worked as a title agent for Fidelity National and First American and worked with smaller mortgage companies and banks including Middlesex Savings Bank, Wrentham Cooperative Bank and Hyde Park Cooperative Bank. He said he worked on real estate closings, but he’s never done any foreclosures or any subprime mortgages.

Brown also serves as an officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, or JAG Corps.

One reason both campaigns are cautious about releasing more details is the fear of giving the other side political ammunition.

Brown has criticized Warren for working for Dow Chemical in the 1990s when its subsidiary Dow Corning filed for bankruptcy after being sued for manufacturing breast implants that women said made them sick.

Brown’s campaign accused Warren of advising Dow about how to limit its liability but offered little documentation to back up the claim, which a Warren spokeswoman called “flat-out wrong.”

Warren’s campaign said she worked on the case but noted that she is an expert in the creation of trusts to make sure victims are compensated. One result of the bankruptcy was the creation of a $2.35 billion settlement fund for thousands of women who received the implants.

Brown has also pointed to another case Warren worked on for Travelers Insurance in which she helped defend the company against asbestos poisoning settlements.

An ad released by Brown’s campaign last week said Warren helped Travelers limit the amount of money victims of asbestos poisoning would get.

Warren released a pair of response ads from the families of asbestos victims defending her work.

In one, Kingston resident Virginia Jackson says her husband died in 1990 of mesothelioma – a cancer linked to asbestos – after he was exposed while working at a Quincy shipyard.

Jackson credits Warren for going “all the way to the Supreme Court to try to get more money for asbestos victims.”

Warren has also faulted Brown for refusing to release the names of lobbyists he’s met with since winning the 2010 special election to fill the Senate seat left vacant by the death of longtime Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy.

The two square off Wednesday in Springfield for their third televised debate.

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  • BostonPeng

    Once again Scott Brown wants to hold Elizabeth Warren to a higher standard than he’s willing to follow himself unless she does it first. He complains about President Obama’s leadership? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. This just makes me want to ignore everything he says until I see proof he’s willing to set a standard that he meets before insisting anyone else meet his standards. Is it a wonder so many of us hate politicians with the heat of a thousand nuns?

  • gardenia

    Scott Brown  turns out to be just another slippery Republican.  He may be “cute”, but he is not a truly honest reliable person and should not be representing Massachsetts in Washington.

  • Pdwturner

     Scott Brown is who he says he is and does what he says.  So you know what you’ll get when you vote for him.  His mission is not to spout the party’s political line, but to serve the interests of the people of Massachusetts and our country.

    • BostonPeng

      My problem (in this case) isn’t a difference between what he says and what he does, it’s that he says other people should do something yet he won’t do it himself until the other person does it first and basically forces him to do it as well. If he wants Prof. Warren to release a list of her work as a lawyer why won’t he set the example and do it himself? Then he can talk about how he did it but she won’t, but now it’s just another pol setting a high standard that he won’t hold himself to.

    • Diane Boover

      He seems like a player to me. The first time he ran for office he clearly set the tone with his truck and charisma to not disparage each other by ads that mislead. This election, he has done nothing but mislead voters. The native American issue was shown to be overblown from the beginning of the campaign season when Harvard executives said that they knew nothing about her heritage. The legal issues for mesothelioma victims has been debunked by victims themselves, yet he continues to pound away at that dead horse. I question not only his credibility but his integrity, and reasons for continuing with these negative ads.  he is showing himself to be exactly what he criticized in his first campaign. He is in fact spouting the party line a la Carl Rove. Keep throwing negative information out there and some of it will stick whether true or not. 


    I thought a list of an attorney’s clients would be confidential. It seems to me it would be professionally unethical to make such a list open to the public. Have times changed so much? I guess most people must think privacy is either dead or a limited privilege. Perhaps I am mistaken about this issue, and please inform me if I am. I am a psychologist, and you would need both a judge and a gun to get a list of clients from me.  

    • BostonPeng

      Thank you. This question has been in the back of my mind the whole time Sen. Brown’s been using this method of attack. The mere fact that he’s asking something of such questionable ethics should prompt a very important question about his own ethics, and I’m sure I’ll be raked over the coals for even suggesting the junior senator’s own ethics aren’t above reproach.

  • joealbiani

    The fact that Howie Carr and the right wing rag the Boston Herald spend almost every issue attacking Elizabeth Warren and praising Scott Brown, almost never on any substantive issues, is enough to tell me where Scott Brown is on almost every issue. He will vote for Mitch McConnell for Senate president and the Head of every committee will be one of an assortment of Neanderthals that oppose almost everything. All he can do is parrot their ridiculous Native American questioning as if there is any doubt that Elizabeth Warren is as smart as they come. Does anyone think that she ended up arguing before the US Supreme Court on major issues was because of who her great grandmother was? Is that why she took on Wall Street to such an extent that they got all their GOP  water carrying lackies in the Congress to put the kibosh on Elizabeth Warren to head the watchdog agency she created. Does anyone, other than Howie, the Herald and Brown, think she would not have risen as far and fast as she has on her own obvious abilities?
    We would be lucky to have such a voice representing us in the Senate.

    • CL38

      I found it highly hypocritical that white male Republican Scott Brown, backed by Citizen’s United special interest money, has constantly attacked Warren for being Native American.  Though these charges were found to be false, he made accusations that she benefited from her ethnic status.  

      I ask you, even if she HAD benefited, so what???  Fifty years ago, every male American was entitled to what the sociologist R. W. Connell called a “patriarchal dividend”— a lifelong affirmative-action program for men.

      The size of that dividend varied according to race and class, but all men could count on women’s being excluded from the most desirable jobs and promotions in their line of work . White male privilege hasn’t changed nearly enough. 

      The curtailment of such male entitlements and the expansion of women’s legal and economic rights have begun to transform American life, but they have hardly produced a matriarchy. Indeed, in many arenas the progress of women has actually stalled over the past 15 years. 

      Women make up 52% of the population. Until we have equality in political representation, not much will change for women and families.

  • Jcentaur

    Didn’t she lie about being a TRUE Native American.

    • Diane Boover

      Please read the reply to PDWturner below. When you here the negative ads on tv from Scott Brown, follow his references and read what was really said about Elizabeth Warren. She is not a liar, he is a fabricator at the least who picks comments out of context leaving the whole truth for you to find if you follow his own references. 

  • CL38

    What a load of nonsense.  Scott Brown’s transparency in releasing his client list has nothing to do with demanding she release hers, first.   How old is he–five??  Just another attempt to hide and put the focus on Warren.

    Brown tries to play the victim, but truth be told,  he’s another privileged white Republican male who uses every trick in the book to attack Elizabeth, whose record of standing up for the middle class far exceeds Brown’s record (even in his wildest fantasies).

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