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Upper Crust Pizza Chain Seeks Bankruptcy Protection

BOSTON — A Boston-based gourmet pizza parlor chain that has struggled with labor troubles, financial problems and ownership disputes has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Upper Crust, which defaulted on its loan to TD Bank in late September, said it owes at least $3.4 million, including more than $500,000 to a Brookline construction company, and $229,000 to former Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas Reilly, who represented the business after leaving office, according to a list of creditors filed last week with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Massachusetts.

The Chapter 11 filing, which seeks protection from creditors while Upper Crust reorganizes, comes several days after the company shuttered its Waltham location.

A lawyer for the chain told The Boston Globe that Upper Crust’s remaining 16 locations will maintain normal operations during bankruptcy proceedings.

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  • J__o__h__n

    I stopped eating there when I read how they treated their workers.

    • somenerd

      Evidently, so did a lot of other people.

    • KJ

       and god bless you for that show of compassion.

  • Nick Sophinos

    Damn good pizza, but yeah the bad publicity was the nail the coffin.

  • Setscovitz

                 I think their pizza is way overrated.

  • M Rose

    I heard from a Sweet Tomatoes employee that the owner of Upper Crust stole their pizza recipe. Maybe this is Karma. I wont patronize this place- even though it is more convenient than other pizzerias.

  • gardenia

    Upper Crust pizzas are not worth a penny.  Their toppings are scanty.  Very slim pickins.

  • KJ

     i used to work there, actually at the one around the corner from the WBUR studio on comm ave (now closed, replaced by ottos). it was pretty bad. they pay minimum wage for counter and less for drivers because they are supposed to make tips, but the drivers dont make tips because they only have one person driving at a time and therefore every order is extremely late no matter how insanely you drive (believe me, i tried real hard). also the illegal immigrants in the kitchen work around 70 hours a week and i dont think they ever got overtime while i was there. sadly i dont think they knew the difference. wonder if the upper crust ever paid taxes on them. or their overtime. wonder also if they ever checked immigration status for workers because i knew people there who were working illegally. the guy who onws the chain was always taking cruises and i wonder how much (not if, how much) he was embezzling from the organization. good riddance if this awful place goes out of business. dont ever eat there if you care about your fellow humans or working class people.

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