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Mayor Menino Seeks $15M For Lab Fallout

BOSTON — Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is seeking $15 million from the state to deal with the release of potentially hundreds of prisoners due to the state lab scandal.

Menino had already announced plans for handling the inmates’ release, but hadn’t put a dollar figure on the request until a letter Monday.

Menino plans to increase police overtime to prevent crime. He wants to give newly released inmates information on jobs, health care and education. He’s also planning to beef up emergency housing assistance and mental health and drug abuse services.

The Patrick administration said it would review Menino’s request.

Chemist Annie Dookhan is accused of falsifying results at the now-closed state drug testing facility, and officials say she may have compromised 34,000 cases. As many as 600 inmates in Suffolk County could be released.

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  • said

    so where’s the 15M coming from?  Annies pension?

  • Can’t believe it.

    And I think that Mayor Menino should get every penny.  That woman committed an unbelieveable crime.  Can her mess ever be undone???  Is it know whose samples were mixed together?  Why Why Why did she do such a foolish thing?   Did she really think that her creative chemistry would remain hidden forever?  When one thinks about it…her neck looks pretty good!   

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