Analysis: Closely Contested Congressional Races In Mass.

BOSTON — Thursday night, the candidates in one of Massachusetts’ most closely contested congressional races faced off in a fiery fourth debate.

Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. John Tierney sparred with his Republican challenger Richard Tisei for the 6th Congressional District.

Democratic analyst Dan Payne and Republican analyst Todd Domke joined WBUR’s Morning Edition for some analysis of that race and others across the state’s congressional map, including the 4th and 9th districts.

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  • Shlebs

    I don’t begrudge Domke his conservative views, but his condescending tone is really grating.

    Mr Domke, if you read these comment boards, please consider your tone when you talk about democratic candidates, progressive issues and the liberal voters in Massachusetts. Every concession you make about things the drift to the left seem to be accompanied by some statement that attempts to belittle or trivialize what your observing. You may not agree with liberal dogma or policy, but that doesn’t mean that well intentioned, honest people on the left aren’t deserving of your respect. It speaks poorly of you, and actually makes you less compelling – unless your only intention is to incite some controversy or ire among liberal listeners. I could make some assumption about that being a cynical, intentional act – but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    In my good faith attempt to be neutral in my observations, I don’t see Payne engaging in this behavior with either the frequency or intensity that Domke does.

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