Mass. Board Approves New Regulations For Compounding Pharmacies

BOSTON — The state will start more closely tracking operations at compounding pharmacies, like the one in Framingham blamed for causing a nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak.

The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy on Thursday approved new emergency regulations so the state can monitor whether specialty pharmacies are operating more like drug manufacturing facilities that require licensing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The board also approved stiffer penalties for violations.

The Patrick administration has said the Framingham-based New England Compounding Center may have misled regulators about the scope of its operations.

So far, 28 deaths nationwide are linked to tainted injections produced there.

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  • X-Ray

    Typical; closing the barn door after the horses have run off. Where were
    the inspectors and the regulators before the “obvious” mold and contamination
    products were shipped and killed patients? Where were the State administrators
    when the pharmacy labs were in violation of their license? There are calls for
    prohibiting the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from practicing again in
    the State. Where are the calls for the State Inspectors to be prohibited to work
    in the State? Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

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