What’s Next For Scott Brown?

Sen. Scott Brown, during his Election Night concession speech (Dominick Reuter for WBUR)

Sen. Scott Brown, during his Election Night concession speech (Dominick Reuter for WBUR)

BOSTON — U.S. Sen. Scott Brown says he doesn’t know what’s in his future, now that he has failed to win re-election. On Tuesday, he lost by 7 percentage points to Democrat Elizabeth Warren. His term ends in January. And everyone is speculating about what this popular Republican politician will do.

Brown dropped several hints about his future on Election Night. One was in his concession speech: “There are no obstacles you can’t overcome, and defeat is only temporary,” he said.

The cheering dissolved into chants of “Go, Scott, Go.” After the speech, when he greeted supporters, he told many of them, “I’ll be back.” But when asked directly about his plans, he shrugged off suggestions of running for office again.

“Listen, I’m not even worrying about that,” he said. “I’m going to have a couple of Coca-Cola’s with people and relax.”

In a statement, Brown said he plans to spend time with his family when he gets back from Washington in January. But in reality his adult daughters aren’t around much. Ayla is the official National Anthem singer for the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and Arianna is a pre-med student at Syracuse University.

Brown might not be idle for long. It’s no secret that if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leaves her post, Sen. John Kerry is a leading candidate to replace her. That would prompt a special election for the Senate seat and get Brown’s former colleagues on Capital Hill thinking of him again.

“If that happens, I think [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell would have him on speed dial calling him immediately,” said Jessica Taylor, a senior analyst with the Rothenberg Political Report in Washington.

“I think he’s still seen as a rising star within the party,” she added. “Massachusetts is a blue state, it’s hard to break, but in a non-presidential year it becomes much easier for him to win.”

Many Bay State Republicans believe Brown will stay in politics.

“Scott Brown is a talented guy,” said Peter Blute, the state party’s deputy chair. “He’s a great U.S. senator. He’s made a lot of friends in Washington on both sides of the aisle. He’s very popular back here in Massachusetts, so I think he has a lot of options.”

Blute also suggested Brown could run for Senate again, either in a special election if Kerry is named secretary of state, or against Kerry in 2014. He also noted the governor’s office will be up for grabs in 2014.

“As a person Scott Brown is very competitive,” observed John Sivolella, a conservative commentator who has advised Senate candidates. “And I think he actually liked the process. He’s been campaigning for his U.S. Senate seat really nonstop for like three years. So he’s probably tired but he is a competitor. And there’s a little bit of ego involved, too, so he’s going to definitely be back somewhere.”

If he were to run, Sivolella says Brown would need to repair his “good guy” image after running negative ads about Warren’s character. But, Sivolella says, he’d be a strong candidate for any statewide or federal office.

“He’s going to remain a pillar of the party, along with [former gubernatorial candidate] Charlie Baker. It’s really right now Scott Brown and Charlie Baker are the two quality people with pretty big followings. Neither one is going to go anywhere.”

Brown is a lawyer and colonel in the National Guard, two professions he could fall back on. But few believe that path will interest him as much as politics.

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  • LeonardNicodemo

    Coca-Colas, sure. 

    • FrancisMcManus

      He was loaded when he gave his concession speech and not one journalstic account has said so.  It goes back further. Sen Trucky McBarncoat went on the wagon after trying to get Ms. Hillary Chabot of the Boston Herald drunk saying “I’ve seen you in bars” and later “we’ll have her dancing in the back of the truck.”   Coca cola’s my arse.

  • Gardenia

    Goodbye Brownie.

  • StephenO

    I wonder if governor is  the better option than senate for him to consider

  • FrancisMcManus

    From Sen Trucky McBarncoat’s perspective, senator is the best fit. 

    We know he knows the job and he has an advantage over any competition except Deval Patrick and John Kerry, neither of whom are likely to oppose him

    Governor is hard work. You really have to know what you’re doing, and Scott Brown has never held an executive position.

    • Kristina Klein2

      Does Gov Patrick know what he is doing?

  • John_of_Medford28

    I think Scott Brown does have a future in politics here in Massachusetts.  His best chances would be in a special election or an off year election.  Like FrancisMcManus, I suspect a Senate or even a House seat would be a better fit for him versus the Governor spot.  I don’t see anything “executive” in Scott Brown.

    I think Republicans in Massachusetts will continue to have a problem of being elected to Congress unless the Republican party dramatically improves its national image and brand.  That is an open question at this point.  Unless the Republicans embrace the rapidly changing demographics in the United States, they will continue to wither.

    • Stephanjones

      Yea, they need to buy those inner city votes.

  • http://profiles.google.com/phyllis.craine Phyllis Craine

    I voted for EW but I’d vote for him for governor no problem I think it’s the perfect role for him.  He knows everyone in State House, he knows how Washington works, he’s from MA and he’s a very skilled politician.

    • Sinclair2

      He demonstrated during this election that he lacks the political skills to hold national office.  Governing is an executive position where he certainly doesn’t belong.  He’s better off working as a lobbyist, one-on-one with other people like a car salesman.  

  • Bruce_Bensetler

    For myself, I lost a lot of respect for Scott Brown during this campaign. Initially my general opinion was that he was a decent person who was a reasonable moderate. Compared to extreme Republicans in other states, he was a tolerable voice for alternate positions, though I did not personally agree with many of his votes or the concessions he extracted to go along, i.e. Banking Reform.

    His turning negative early and waging such an attack campaign was not what I had expected in light of his pre-campaign positions. It only served to highlight that he really didn’t have much of a record of accomplishment to run on or any suggestions for solving the many problems we face. 

    In the end, he simply ended up looking like Romney – all slogan and no substance. 

  • comment

    How about that special place as a Fox commentator?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MNICWGS5JXS2ZFQEATWRPHUVVA fred

       Too many defeated Republicans are competing for any open spots.

  • maraith

    I was ambivalent about Brown and started out disliking Warren.  I ended up liking Warren very much and disliking Brown very much.  The more I looked into his record, I found he was a “go-along, get-along” type.  He had no substance to his campaign at all and was out of state promising to help the extreme right wing of the GOP.  He voted against a Massachusetts candidate for the Supreme Court just to curry favor with the right-wing of his party.  Brown has demonstrated no integrity and his campaign, focused on silly stuff rather than issues,  just highlighted that.  I hope he fades away.

    • Kristina Klein2

      Koolaid drinker

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=550199192 Michael Harper

        Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Info

    I was disappointed that Brown didn’t seem to do much to reign in the nastier impulses of some of his supporters. As just one example, I got a flyer from the Massachusetts Republican Party which attacked Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage. The tag line was, and I’m not kidding, “Jig’s Up, Cherokee Liz!”

    I could never support a candidate or party that favored racist arguments over policy ones. I also thought this reflected badly on the party, in that they seemed to believe their constituents would be receptive to a racist argument. I’d be pretty offended by that, if I were a member of the Republican party. 

  • Clb247

    Years ago I lived in Wrentham, Mass., and Scott Brown was a lawyer there, specializing in real estate transactions.  Although it was nearly impossible to know when or if he would keep his appointments, he did manage to get houses moved from one owner to another.  Maybe he should go back to that.

  • Peter Taylor

    There’s no need to speculate about what Scott Brown will do.  He will drive his pickup around and do the kind of work he did with his truck before elected to the Senate.  (Not sure what kind of work that was, but I am sure he has individual initiative to make a living and does not need anyone else to worry about whether he makes it).

  • Lucy Catone

    I don’t care what he does as long as he doesn’t run again in Massachusetts

    • Kristina Klein2

      Enjoy your ultra liberal Liz Warren who wants to give illegal aliens driver licenses. Be careful on the roads.

  • Bernadette Ferriter

    Somewhat into the future but …what a great US President Scott Brown would make.  He has the brilliance and charm to easily bring congressional members together and he does not have to make himself into something he is not (like the “Native American” with no genealogical records to confirm it – my great grandmother was born in Massachusetts and with its excellent family history sites, I was able to easily find records).
    Furthermore, he was a gracious loser, just as Mitt Romney was.  I am a Republican who is disappointed that the GOP did not give Scott the support and recognition he should have had. Scott Brown will definitely be back.  I only wish we had him in California!  

  • jojo

     I wish he had spoken a bit more compassionately about his mother who obviously had some mental, financial and emotional issues back when she was younger bringing him up. I read his book and that was when I decideded NOT to vote for him. Bill Clinton had it rough when he was young but didn’t bash his mother as Scott Brown did. I felt that he seemed too full of himself and his born attributes. Someday I could vote for him. But not now not this time. I believe he needs more maturity.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XFQOTNKGFIQTTHOKDWI5YTUOH4 STX11

    As a moderate with fiscally conservative views, I would be very pleased to see Brown make an entrance into US Presidential politics.

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