Local Groups Mobilize Support For Israelis, Palestinians

BOSTON — As violence continues in Gaza, local groups in Boston are mobilizing to support Israelis and Palestinians affected by the violence.

More than 40 local groups plan to rally on Monday night in Newton to show their support for Israelis caught up on the recent violence in the Gaza region. Gov. Deval Patrick says he plans to attend that rally.

“I’m going to go, as I have in the past, to express my support for the community and to express my concern for the innocents on both sides who are caught up in the violence,” Patrick said.

Several Boston-area Jewish leaders have arrived on the ground in Israel and are planning to give away more than $100,000 in aid to Israeli victims of the fighting.

Ahmed Moor, a student at Harvard and member of the Palestinian Solidarity Coalition. (Kassandra Sundt/WBUR)

Ahmed Moor, a student at Harvard and member of the Palestinian Solidarity Coalition. (Kassandra Sundt/WBUR)

“The Boston Jewish community is mobilizing to support efforts to deliver immediate services and assistance on the ground,” said Jeremy Burton, who works with the Jewish Community Relations Council, “including trauma counseling, financial assistance, portable bomb shelters and other initiatives to move children out of harm’s way.”

For Palestinians supporters, getting assistance to the Gaza Strip is more difficult.

The United States classifies Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, as a terrorist organization. Ahmed Moor, a Harvard student with the Palestinian Solidarity Committee, says this makes it hard to show the same kind of financial support.

“Because the U.S. government doesn’t recognize the groups that are in control in the Gaza Strip, sending them money or aid is impossible for a U.S. citizen,” Moor said.

Moor has family in the Gaza Strip.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misidentified Jeremy Burton. We regret the error. 

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  • John V. Walsh MD

    WBUR’s and NPR’s coverage of this is little short of a grand lie.
    1.  Noam Chomsky correctly calls this not a war but murder so great is the asymmetry.  As Jimmy Carter says, Israel and the territories it controls, the West Bank and Gaza and the Golan Heights taken from Syria, constitute an apartheid regime.  
    2.  There have been numerous protests in Boston against the mass murders Israel is wreaking in Gaza, but no mention of them until the Zionists decide to carry on a support rally for the genocide.  And even now there is no mention of the numerous protests at Park St. or other places.
    For a little bit of  truth see this coverage at Antiwar.com, by the libertarians Justin Raimondo and John Glaser.

    • Bob


    • Wmao_1

      I have told my friends that if there are any protest to support suffered Palestinians, I would go even if I had to take a day off. I only heard the news about the support of Israelis. I am angry with the media!

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