BU President’s Pay Tops Chart At Over $1M

BOSTON — Boston University President Robert Brown is the highest paid president of a private college in Massachusetts. Brown earned $1,141,330 in 2010, according to an analysis of the most recent tax year available conducted by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Massachusetts Private University President 2010 Compensation

Top 10 compensation packages of private university presidents in Massachusetts. (Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education)

The breakdown shows three private university presidents in Massachusetts broke the million-dollar mark. Northeastern University paid Joseph Aoun $1,069,510. MIT paid Susan Hockfield $1,006,969.

The average annual compensation was $482,241.

“Well, they keep going up,” said The Chronicle’s Jack Stripling of the salaries. “I mean, they’re not going up by huge amounts but there’s no indication to me that [private university] boards are pulling back on this.”

The top Massachusetts salary fell far short of the top private university president pay in the country. The New School’s J. Robert Kerrey earned $3,047,703 in 2010.

Four Massachusetts private schools paid their presidents less than $40,000 each: Boston College, College of the Holy Cross, Emmanuel College and Stonehill College, all of which are Roman Catholic schools.

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  • S. M.

    The presidents at the Catholic institutions are clergy; hardly apples to apples.

    • JonFrum

      Last time I checked, BU and BC were both apples.

  • sjw81

    just as greedy as wall street scum bags. these college presidents force us in the middle class to take out loans, that the fed gov keeps increasing each year, so the schools can charge $50k for thier overpriced degree, and keep paying thier over bloated staff of deans vps and admin and of course thier star univeristy presidents and coaches millions per year…this bubble will soon burst, just like the housing market. very comparible in level of utter contempt.

  • student_1

    I love how they keep raising tuition but then make out like bandits with this kind of salary…

  • http://twitter.com/_hillary hillary

    It’s a bit misleading to say that those “four Massachusetts private schools paid their presidents less than $40,000 dollars each” – only BC is close to that mark; the president’s salary at Emmanuel is $8,546, and the salary for the other two presidents is listed as zero. (This is referenced in CHE’s footnote: “Some religious-affiliated colleges offer little or no compensation to their executives as reported on their 990 forms.”)

    • BC prof

      It’s also misleading because the presidents at those institutions making less than 40k want for nothing

    • jefe68

      You forgot the million dollar house in Brookline that the Emmanuel president gets to live in. Not mention all the perks. Emmanuel college is now about 49K a year including housing. This is absurd.

  • MA_parent

    The trustees of these not-for-profit institutions are clearly not operating them in the manner in which the tax free status was intended. Doling out excessive salaries at the expense of students and their parents is unacceptable. We all know that the institutions will not police themselves. It is time regulations are put in place capping salaries at a merely wealthy $500,000.

  • http://twitter.com/GregorySegarra GregorySegarra

    This is why they are raising a billion dollars in an endowment. It is a new way to steal. This is why I do not to give any money to BU. They don’t need it.

  • katemcc

    This makes me so incredibly angry. Boston University is run by some of the greediest sacks of shit I’ve ever had the incredible misfortune to encounter. Not only that, but they’re completely inept at effectively running their school. What is this compensation for? Certainly not hard work and a job well done. AWFUL.

  • jefe68

    Something is dreadfully wrong with this picture. If the presidents of these institutions want to make such huge salaries they can work in industries that provide them.

    It’s disgusting that the average adjunct at BU makes 20k a year if they are lucky.
    Professors make out better but when you compare it to the salaries listed in this article it’s pretty clear why tuition is going up so much.

  • PissedOffStudent

    This is absolutely disgusting. As a current BU student I’m appalled that Brown is being paid so much while tuition keeps rising and financial aid keeps decreasing. I have multiple close friends who are being forced to transfer out of BU into state schools in order to pay for them, and Brown’s salary easily could have helped them out. THIS IS A DISGRACE.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mmvgermano Meredith Marie Germano


  • jtilbe

    Oh, that REALLY makes me want to skip giving to the University!!!

  • NamePick

    There is big money in “non profits”. Check out the $268,491 salary of Catherine D’Amato President,CEO of The Greater Boston Food Bank. Silly me for working in the “for profit” sector. Anyone want to pay me hundreds of thousands a year to be a Good Samaritan?

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