And The Drunkest City In America Goes To…Boston!

A mug from Cheers in Boston, Mass. (Jesper Rønn-Jensen/Flickr)

A mug from Cheers in Boston, Mass. (Jesper Rønn-Jensen/Flickr)

BOSTON — In a finding that may or may not be surprising, Boston has been ranked No. 1 in The Daily Beast’s list of the “25 Drunkest Cities” of 2012. It’s the second straight year that the city received the Beast’s No. 1. ranking.

Comprised of data from Experian Marketing Services and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the ranking measured an adult’s average number of alcoholic drinks per month in each metro area, as well as the percentage of residents who are classified as binge drinkers and heavy drinkers.

So how exactly did Boston score in all of this? According to the data:

The average number of alcoholic drinks consumed by the adult population in Boston per month is 15.6 drinks.

The percentage of Boston’s population classified as binge drinkers is 20.1 percent.

The percentage of Boston’s population classified as heavy drinkers is 7.4 percent.

It’s worth noting that the CDC defines a binge drinker as someone who has “a pattern of drinking that brings a person’s blood alcoholic concentration to 0.08 grams percent or above.” They go on to explain that this will usually occur at 5+ drinks for men and about 4+ drinks for women, over the course of two hours.

For men, the CDC defines “heavy drinking” as consuming an average of over 2 drinks per day, and for women, over 1 drink per day.

In 2012, Boston also took a few other “best of” rankings, including the smartest city in North America, the best city in the country for recent college graduates, and the best city in the country for walking,

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  • Scott Harrison`

    best city in the country for recent college graduates and the most drunk, the two have nothing in common…

    • steenkinbadges


  • Guest

    The best city in the country for walking???? Have the raters been anywhere else?

    • reinzig

      Hmm. Actually, it ISN’T Boston. It’s Cambridge. Well, at least that makes slightly more sense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/OutdoorsJim Jim Plouffe

    So, if you are a smart college graduate who likes to drink and walk, this is the place to be! Beautiful!

  • Sarah

    It’s only a good place to walk because it is a terrible place to drive, especially with all the alcoholics running around. I mean walking around.

  • Gohomejoeybagodonuts

    To much alcohol can turn anyone into a Masshole.

    • steenkinbadges

      Why would anybody with any sense of self-respect put a bumper sticker on his car that says, “I’m a MASSHOLE”?

      • aksnfskdn

        you’re clearly not from massachusetts.

  • Mike


  • steenkinbadges

    Lots of Irish, lots of college kids, lots of sports fans. Put ‘em all together, add alcohol and stir, and you get Massachusetts.

  • soozyq88

    all the coffee brandy drinkers, from maine, go down there for many sporting events and concerts…whoops, no coffee brandy in boston, so they drink beer….and walk…

  • Jason Miller

    And the other 24 cities are…?

  • jimjogs

    Denver Colorado can’t be far behind.

  • ericahavens

    So that’s why the left wingers always sound so incoherent.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Colin-D-Garland/1037976811 Colin D. Garland

    Best city in the nation. I love my home town.

  • RaymondCarver

    Not a fair fight; too many colleges. I would’ve put my money on Philly

  • T

    Does this list take into account that a significant amount of alcohol is consumed by underage college kids and would not be considered part of the ‘adult population’?

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