In Outbreak Wake, Patrick Proposes New Compounding Pharmacy Rules

BOSTON — Gov. Deval Patrick is proposing tighter regulations on compounding pharmacies following last year’s deadly meningitis outbreak linked to a Framingham company.

Patrick said Friday he’s filing a bill that would require compounding pharmacies to obtain a special state license, create whistleblower protections for pharmacy workers, hire more inspectors, and enforce new fines and penalties for compounding pharmacies that break the rules.

Patrick’s bill would also mandate licenses for out-of-state pharmacies that do business in Massachusetts, and require compounding pharmacies report to an overhauled 11-member oversight board whenever they come under investigation by other states or the federal government.

As part of the overhaul, Patrick wants more professional perspectives on the Board of Registration in Pharmacy.

“The board’s governing authority has not kept up with an industry that has evolved from corner drugstores to the types of large manufacturers that have been at the center of so much harm,” he said.

“Together these changes can ensure that the significant harms that we have seen from substandard compounding never happen again,” Patrick said.

The outbreak linked to the New England Compounding Center has been blamed for 39 deaths and hundreds of illnesses nationwide.

The pharmacy is demanding its cleaning contractor take legal responsibility for the outbreak.

With reporting by The Associated Press and the WBUR Newsroom

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  • Dave Seaman

    In 1977 there was an epsiode of “Barney Miller’ in which Sgt Wojohowiczh noted that the issue of the future was no longer the red telephone on the President’s desk; it was not the threat of Nuclear bombs but rather the fact that a test tube, complete with a cracked and fragile cork stopper, filled with meningitis or small pox or any number of things could be dropped onto the platform at grand Central station and within a week the entire eastern seaboard would be infected and waiting to die. The Center For Disease control in atlanta has seven vaccines for small pox because in 1941 they destroyed all but three samples of small pox, so seven vaccines against it seemed realistic, i suppose.
    Between “Barney Miller’ and now, the small pox vaccine has increased to well over a thousand viles, most corked with brittle stoppers and our next crisis will not have our children hiding under their desks nor will any of our modern hospityals be able to handle it. the best we can hoipoe for is that once the vile is crushed on platform B that the bridges and tunnels leading in and out of manahattan be closed off and then, like a piece of Science Fiction from the Col War, an unnamed project to eredicate the infected area will take place.
    in the meantime, the united states can make laws and have checks and balances, but short of closing her borders in both direct6ions to all – including it’s citizens – there is nothing that can be doine about this particular atomic killer.

  • http://twitter.com/ChrisHartman Christian Hartman

    Governor Patrick’s Special Commission on Compounding released: http://mhalink.informz.net/mhalink/data/images/13-01-04advisorycompoundingpharmacyreportattach.pdf

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