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Mass. GOP Wants To Make Tax Hikes Harder To Pass

BOSTON — Massachusetts House Republicans are proposing new rules that would make it harder to pass tax hikes or dip into the state’s rainy day fund.

As part of a package of rules changes, the GOP wants to require two-thirds votes for all tax increases or withdrawals from the stabilization fund.

Currently both only require simple majorities to pass.

Republicans also want to ban the House speaker from casting votes unless there is a tie.

Republicans, who hold a small number of seats in the overwhelmingly Democratic House, argue that Democratic members often take their cue from how Democratic House Speaker Robert DeLeo votes.

Republicans also want to lawmaker to decide by March 15 each year how much local cities and towns will receive in local aid to help municipal leaders write their budgets.

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  • Flitzy

    Tough; go away Massachusetts republicans, we don’t want you nor do we need you. Basically they just want to do the same thing the national Republican party is doing – scream ‘no’ and stop all progress.

  • J__o__h__n

    Do the Republicans think that how the Speaker votes is the way he shows what he wants? That is a simplistic solution even for them.

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