Vine: Friday’s Winter Storm In Six Second Clips

As the winter storm moved across Massachusetts, Vine users took to their phones to upload six-second video clips of their snow days. Here are the ones we enjoyed.

If you’d like to contribute your own Vine, just tag @WBUR with your Vine, or include the hashtag #6secondsnowstorm.

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  • Dave Seaman

    What a remakrable job of news reporting. It is creative, clever, sincerely expresses the early winter storm attitude of Boston and the producers, directors and editors are to be congratulated. as a lifetime resident of Boston now living in The Finger Lakes of New York, I look at the difference in weather patterns here as well as the difference in how it’s accepted. Snow is a constant here; the first flake that falls in mid October is the last to melt in late April. The Road Department is a force that could beat the army in a football game and to the residentws it is a mere inconvenience. We lose power more than Bostonians- it is so rural that the pumps in our wells cannot bring water. The electrical switch on our firnaces cannot turn them on and the tanks in our toilets do not refill. The silence of a blackolut is complete. As a musician, John Cage’s 4:22 2would sincerely be silent- there is no music. the snow muffles any sounds from outside and the only sound I could hear was the explosive sounds of the sweep hand on my wall clock. Each second an audible click that fought to bring my heart into rhythm. Every twenty minutes I heard the plow and sand trucks pass by (In the Finger Lakes salt is not used) and the housand empoty acres that surround my home means that the snow will remain white and will not have to be trucked away. This is as God intended, but more so, this is how my great great great grandfather must have lived in this very same hgouse. Given the severity of Global Warming and the fact that it is too late, this is ;likel;y how myu descendents will live as well, sorry that so many books, music and movies were electronically stored by their grandparents, the ostriches who refused to believe during the turn of the 21st century. Me? I shall print everything. in the meantime, a blizard is the perfect opportunity to bond with your family and friends. Don;t forget those neigh npors who are too old or sick to shovel out. This is when you pretend you live in a small village. Check on people. If you’ve a snow blower, do your neighb ors. If your neighbor lives alone, drop in and check on her.If you are married and have three teenage kids, just think of the difference that you can make in the lives of the people in your neighborhood. For today, pretend you live in a Village. I am confined to bed, but sometimes in the nexty few hours my neighbor will come down with his plow and do my driveway, the barn driveway and will not stop in because after me, he does the widow Pierce a mile up the road from us.

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