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Fung Wah Barred From Operating At South Station

BOSTON — The Fung Wah discount bus service from New York to Boston has been shut down after the Boston area’s transit authority barred it from operating out of a city bus terminal until further notice.

On Tuesday, federal regulators ordered Fung Wah’s entire fleet of 28 buses off the road for safety inspections after Massachusetts inspectors found problems, including cracked frames.

But Fung Wah continued to operate using chartered vehicles and three buses that passed inspection.

On Wednesday, the service was shut down, following a letter dated Monday from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. The letter said the agency was suspending Fung Wah’s right to operate at South Station, citing safety issues.

A woman who answered the phone at Fung Wah’s New York office confirmed the service was not running.

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  • gadflyonthewall

    you will never convince me that these ‘inspections’ are the result of a bribe from greyhound.

    it is important to recall that prior to the advent of the ‘Chinatown bus’ service, greyhound & peter pan merged and gouged prices big-time! the round trip cost of a trip to NYC shot-up to >$90. fung wah restored competition to the route and everyone’s prices came back down to earth.

    i have never had a bad experience on either Chinatown carrier. for one thing the bus drivers know where they are going. i contrast that with the greyhound buffoon who took us to boston via albany (8+ hrs). he pulled over to a NY thruway rest area in kingston, ny to consult the giant map they had on the wall. going the other way, one driver had us half-way to philly. we all told him he was going the wrong way. he told us to shut up, that he knew where he was, and then pulled over to call his dispatcher. next, he attempted to take the bus onto the Garden St. Parkway!

    then there was the time the greyhound driver announced “i think we could all use a cigarette break!” and stopped in emergency lane of the CT. Tpke!

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