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New England Groups Push For Immigration Reforms

BOSTON — A coalition of New England immigrant advocates has launched a bus tour in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to highlight the impact of deportation on families.

The tour is part of the “Keeping Families Together” campaign sponsored by the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, a coalition of organizations promoting support for immigration reforms in 30 states.

The New England campaign began Saturday morning when the bus left Boston Common for Nashua, N.H., where immigrants and their supporters will gather at St. Louis de Gonzague Church to share stories illustrating the trauma of family separation caused by deportation. In the afternoon, the tour will stop at the Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation in Worcester.

The tour will also stop in New Haven, Conn., and Providence, R.I. on Sunday before heading to Brockton and Boston on Monday.

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  • Vinnie G

    Obama gave the Dreamers a “crumb”, to keep the Illegal Immigrants quiet with all their squawking, in order to get himself re-elected and the Democratic Party re-elected. People really are naive and stupid. Illegal Immigrants 30 plus million of them will never get Amnesty or anything else. What the USA needs to start doing is seizing the assets of the Illegal Immigrants, their families and Countries’, in order to pay for their detentions and deportations. What Obama and the US Government should be doing is stating publicly that Illegal Immigrants need to all be removed from the USA and that their parasitical behavior is a drain on the US economy and that the their children born in the USA will no longer receive the US Citizenship. Let’s then see how wages go up in unskilled jobs and how US Citizens and Legal Residents will find jobs and the entire economy of the USA will get a huge boost when we finally rid this great nation of all these Illegal Immigrants.

  • Vinnie G

    Illegal Immigrants don’t want their families separated? Then obey the Laws of the USA and don’t come here Illegally. Illegal immigrants are themselves to blame for their families being seperated and no one else. What the US Government needs to do is whenever these Illegal Immigrants congregate we need to detain and deport all of them with none of their creative excuses to be accepted. Illegal Immigrants are not just some humble workers who are just here to feed their families. Illegal Immigrants are vicious and aggressive and will stop at nothing to have your job, house and good life. Stop being fooled by all these do gooders when it comes to Illegal Immigrants. Illegal Immigrants are a National Security Threat to the US economy, socially and every aspect here in the USA.

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